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2014-01-05, 11:58
Hi all,

I've written a simple DSF / DFF to WAV/DoP converter that can work as a regular converter in the media server's convert.conf.
I wrote it for my own use and I'm not intend to continue developing it on a regular basis or support or enhance it in any way. You may do whatever you want with the code and I remove myself from any responsibility regarding this code or its side effects.

You may download the code from
There is a precompiled executable there for ubuntu 13.10 64bit you may use.
Instructions on installing are available at:

- Only works with the enhanced digital output model.
- Does not support setting volume - make sure your volume is set to 100%
- almost supports random seeking - didn't have time to check it out
- Does not support reading tags. can someone help with this?

Best regards,