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2014-01-02, 04:57
I am trying to power a touch over PoE, and I assume all the devices use similar voltages so I put here in general.

The touch has a yellow tipped EIAJ connector, and is 5v.
My PoE splitter has a black tipped EIAJ connector for 5v.

They look exactly the same.

The black one will not fit in the touch :confused:


Has anyone tried this before? is there a special adapter one needs?


2014-01-02, 08:56
I don't know if this will help you at all, but it's probably worth a look: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?67420-Squeezebox-Touch-Wall-Mount-Pics

2014-01-06, 03:04
Thanks, I looked at that first which sort of game me the idea, and as I am networking a new house, I want to get a PoE switch installed.

Until then I really wanted to check proof of concept by doing this, and the other thread does not specify the type of power jack that is used.

I just can't find the power supply specification anywhere :-(

2014-01-06, 03:47
The Touch power supply is a Phihong PSA15R-050P - the spec sheet is here http://www.phihong.com/assets/pdf/PSA15R.pdf include dimension on barrel connector.

Measure the connector on your own PSU to see if it is the same.

You need to check dimension inside barrel, outside barrel and barrel dept as well as polarity and whether the PoE can supply 3A over the cable length without voltage drop.

2014-01-07, 13:23
The jack on the Touch is 5.5mm (outer) and 2.5mm (pin) dimension. The other size in common use is 5.5 x 2.1.

If the plug you are trying to insert into the Touch has a 2.1mm inside dimension the 2.5mm pin of the Touch will not fit.

John S.