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Paul Webster
2014-01-01, 08:19
I hope that the original author (jf02) won't mind me posting this here - but I thought it might interest a few here.
It is a portable UI for touch screens - aimed initially at Raspberry PI users. I know that there are other ways to do it but I thought this looked interesting as the first(?) QT-based interface.

original posting to RaspberryPI forum.

Source is at:

2014-01-01, 08:47
Hi Paul!

As I said on the RaspberryPi forum, I'm glad you shared my post on this forum!

I don't know if there are other similar (QT) interfaces, but I didn't find any that met my requirements.

You said that there are other ways to do it. What do you mean? You think that I choose a strange way to realize my project? I would be interested in your opinion!


Paul Webster
2014-01-01, 10:29
Hello JF,

Other ways include:
SqueezePlay (from Slimdevices/Logitech) that provides the interface on the Squeezebox Touch and is run on a number of other devices with touchscreens - e.g. The O2 Joggler/Openpeak device

JiveLite I don't think this has a touch interface - but (if I understood correctly) can/will be controlled via HDMI CEC (the TV remote)
- http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?98156-Announce-JiveLite-cut-down-squeezebox-control-application

2014-01-01, 10:53
Yes, you are right, other projects exists, and work well. But I wanted an UI designed for touchscreen, which I couldn't find, that's why I started programming Touchradio.

I don't know JiveLite, I'll have a look at it.

Paul Webster
2014-01-01, 11:02
See also this posting on RPi forum where someone has JiveLite working on RPi with a USB touch screen.