View Full Version : LMS on Raspberry Pi can't see USB stick

2013-12-31, 08:32

I'm having problems. And I don't know enough to solve them I'm afraid.

I've installed LMS on a Raspberry Pi, and everything has gone smoothly - except the LMS can't see either my USB stick or my goflex home drive. Both are mounted, and I can see them in the terminal and the GUI, and can copy files over onto the SD card, from where I can play them.

I've installed LMS twice, via two different methods, and am having the same problem whichever method I use.

First, I installed a clean Raspbian image from here, http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian_latest, then copied the instructions at All Things Pi, here: http://allthingspi.webspace.virginmedia.com/lms.php

Then, after I couldn't see the USB stick, I tried a different way. I installed squeezeplug v 6.02 from here http://www.squeezeplug.eu/

During the setup for squeezeplug, I mounted the USB stick. It said it was mounted fine, and I checked that I could see it in the terminal. But when I navigated to it via LMS, it couldn't see it.

Presumably, it's something to do with the permissions. But I can't work out how to give squeezeboxserver the correct permissions. Any idea what's causing this?


2013-12-31, 12:05
Have you looked at this? http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Music_on_Linux_USB_hard_drives

2014-01-01, 11:05
Thanks, I've not seen that. I'll have a look once my New Year's Day hangover goes away.