View Full Version : Web interface - Viewing debug window

2004-11-26, 09:01
When SlimServer starts, the web interface comes up. That
interface includes a "Debug Window" item in the View menu.

When I close the web interface without stopping the server,
the only way to get it back (AFAIK) is to use the Web
Interface shortcut in the program menu, which opens in the
default browser, or type the proper location into the
address bar of an open browser. Of course, the browser
doesn't include a "Debug Window" item in the View menu, so
the debug window is inaccessable. This also means that the
debug window can only be seen on the computer that is
running SlimServer.

Is there another way to bring up the "original" interface
once it has been closed, and can it be started on another

Thanks. -:- dbls