View Full Version : Wearable LMS?

2013-12-30, 06:17
Who will be the first amongst us to have a wearable LMS by (if possible) installing it on the following headphones?
http://www.electronista.com/articles/13/12/27/headset.can.stream.over.bluetooth.wi.fi.store.musi c/

2014-01-03, 14:30
Damn it! I need to patent some of my ideas or something!

When the Controller came out I thought you could take the internals, drop the screen, reduce the specs a bit (because you didn't have the screen or a UI to deal with) and have a set of Squeeze Headphones that just steamed your music over your wireless network. I think it would have been fairly trivial to do.

I also thought about Google glass years ago, but that's anther story :D