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2013-12-29, 03:31

I'm using LMS on a synology NAS with a squeezebox touch. I also have network players (ayon NW-T) that can use synology server or minimserver. I wonder if LMS, which is one step forward in terms of flexibility and functionalities compared to minimserver and synology, can be used with other renderers like the ayon ?

Thanks for your support.

2013-12-29, 04:45
Non SB players can use LMS as DLNA players only.

2013-12-29, 04:47
Hummm it's a pity :-)

2013-12-29, 08:17
Well it does depend on what you want it to do.

I use the DNLA plug in with LMS to serve a few different devices with my music library, the menus to browse local music are the same as you get under My Music on a Touch. So Artists, albums etc, including Music Folder.

Attached is a screenshot showing the music menu on a DNLA app on my tablet


On my PS3 (and an old ROKU Soundbridge I've since donated to my father in law) which don't support FLAC I can play FLAC files so LMS is transcoding (to PCM according to the PS3 display) and using music folder via DNLA will also scan and add albums that have been added since a rescan.

However it doesn't go any further than that so extra stuff and plug ins don't do anything via DNLA but simple local music and browsing does work very well.

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