View Full Version : Would like to sync music from Itunes library up to squeezebox server.

2013-12-20, 22:32
Are there any applicaitons out there that can be used to load music from an itunes library, or even an Iphone to the squeezebox?


2013-12-22, 08:03
If I understand your question correctly, you can have LMS read your iTunes library by using the iTunes integration plugin that comes with LMS. Look for it on the Plugins tab in the Settings page of the LMS web interface.

Alternatively, you could simply point LMS to the folder on your computer where your iTunes tracks are stored. Often that is less problematic than using iTunes integration. As far as I know the only thing that iTunes integration gives you is access to your iTunes playlists, including smart playlists.

2014-04-13, 10:29