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Kevin Walsh
2004-11-26, 07:41
Simon Turner [simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk] wrote:
> Procedure:
> Reboot machine and wait until everything has settled. Turn off any task
> bar unwanted stuff (MSMessenger, Nokia Sync, Norton AntiVirus)
> Open SlimServer, wait until cpu usage goes down and stabilises
> Select Browse by albums.
> Then select an album starting letter (F in my case) that does not appear
> on the first album listing screen.
> The number of listings per page is set as default (100).
> Slimserver always takes 10 to 11 seconds to list the initial lot of albums
> and another 8 to 9 seconds to list the next lot of albums (starting with
> F)!
I have to say that this is instant on my setup (346 albums with a
total of 5,481 tracks - all 320Kbps MP3). I've not noticed any
slowdown at all between releases, although I usually play from a bunch
of playlists I have set up.

I'm running the latest CVS version of the SlimServer, which I update
several times per week.

> My set up is this:
> XP SP2
> 1.5ghz PIV
> 512mg fast RAM
My setup looks like this:

Gentoo GNU/Linux (2.6.9-gentoo-r6)
Pentium II 450Mhz
128MB memory
200GB IDE disk (ATA100 disk running in ATA33 mode - 52GB used)

The machine is a pile of junk, but it runs GNU/Linux and the SlimServer
without any drama. I doubt that MS Windows run on it at all.

I should also point out that this server is left switched on 24/7
and is dedicated to running the SlimServer. I have not installed
the X Window System and there are hardly any other services running
(only SSH etc.). There is no keyboard, mouse or monitor attached.

Oh, the machine is running the distcc daemon (distributed C/C++
compiler), so it helps out with compilation jobs started on other
servers every now and again. Even this is not enough to affect
playback or general performance.

> I understand that an SQL database is being developed and that this will
> decrease memory usage and improve performance generally. I'm very much
> looking forward to it, especially as my memory usage can exceed 100mb! I'd
> also like to see the program become multi-threaded as I believe at the
> moment that it all runs in one thread which is why so many people
> experience problems like drop outs when scanning or a refresh of the
> track listing page is occurring. I find the web front end quite
> amateurish too. The refreshing of the track listing page is just
> irritating.
An SQL database facility would be interesting, but I'm happy with the
speed I get from the in-memory database.

The slimserver.pl process is currently using 30% of the 128MB memory
and is idling at 1.3% CPU usage.

13004 slimserv 6 -10 41300 36m 5084 S 1.3 30.0

If I play a track on one of the clients, the report looks like this:

13004 slimserv 5 -10 41300 36m 5084 S 12.3 30.0

The CPU usage jumps 5% or so between tracks, but this is quick (and low)
enough for me to not notice without the help of performance monitoring

If I start a second client then the report looks like this:

13004 slimserv 6 -10 42508 37m 5084 S 24.1 30.0

I have no problem with the above, and can add more memory if required.

I suspect that any performance problems are purely MS Windows-related.
It would be interesting to hear from both MS Windows and GNU/Linux users
on this matter - without starting a war :-)

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