View Full Version : @-Tunes SB+ - no power?

2013-12-18, 07:37
Just got a @-tunes SB+ (Patrick Dixon 2 box thingy) that I bought off ebay and have connected it all up but there doesn't appear to be any power?

There is a very faint hum from the power supply when I first switch it on at the back, but that dies away quickly and then it's basically silent. The control box with the display shows no life at all - tried using the power button on the remote but that has no effect?

I've tried the connecting power umbilical both ways round and have done everything I can to make sure the DIN connectors are fully in (the locking metal sleeves are definitely secured at both ends).

Before I start screaming and shouting at the seller is there anything I might be doing wrong?

2013-12-18, 08:59
On mine the Power Supply box has a small light on the front. Any sign of life there?