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Simon Turner
2004-11-26, 03:27
> > I'm running a duel Celeron @ 400Mhz Linux box with 384MB of RAM, and I
> > too have noticed a slowdown with the latest release, especially when I
> > browse folders. Despite running a web, ftp & e-mail severer, no swap
> > space is being used.

Slimserver web front end has always run very slowly on my Windows XP machine
but I'm pretty sure it is now running more slowly than ever. I have always
use the Java based Softsqueeze and the remote as much as I can in preference
to the SlimServer interface as I find both more responsive (but still not as
fast I would expect them to be).

I've just done a couple of tests to illustrate just one way in which
SlimServer works unacceptably slowly.
I've reduced my music folder to just files based on a local disk (recently
bought 250gb WD Caviar), so no network access involved. All files are flac.
The albums are very carefully ripped, named, tagged and sorted (I'm sort of
anal about this). There are no cue files and each album has a m3u file in
the same directory. No shortcuts involved at all.
I am now reading only 255 albums with 2861 songs by 408 artists. I wiped the
cache to force a clean rescan.

Reboot machine and wait until everything has settled. Turn off any task bar
unwanted stuff (MSMessenger, Nokia Sync, Norton AntiVirus)
Open SlimServer, wait until cpu usage goes down and stabilises
Select Browse by albums.
Then select an album starting letter (F in my case) that does not appear on
the first album listing screen.
The number of listings per page is set as default (100).

Slimserver always takes 10 to 11 seconds to list the initial lot of albums
and another 8 to 9 seconds to list the next lot of albums (starting with F)!

Note: I do not run the page length as default generally (although I imagine
SD think that performance should be acceptable with the default settings). I
usually run a page listing length of 25 items, which currently takes a mere
6 seconds to list!

My set up is this:
1.5ghz PIV
512mg fast RAM

Note that performance with large programs like Photoshop 7 and the latest
Cubase is absolutely fine on this machine.


It's about time I mentioned that I was quite disappointed to see that the
latest upgrade was "all about radio and RSS feeds". I (like Mr Free Lunch)
would have much rather seen an upgrade based upon performance and

I understand that an SQL database is being developed and that this will
decrease memory usage and improve performance generally. I'm very much
looking forward to it, especially as my memory usage can exceed 100mb! I'd
also like to see the program become multi-threaded as I believe at the
moment that it all runs in one thread which is why so many people experience
problems like drop outs when scanning or a refresh of the track listing page
is occurring. I find the web front end quite amateurish too. The refreshing
of the track listing page is just irritating.

I think I'd be happy to pay a certain amount to see the core functionality
of Slimserver contained in an application that worked much better
(especially in Windows). I'd like to see the program performing it's main
function (getting music from my PC to my hifi) in the neatest, quickest,
most responsive, reliable and useable way and which doesn't hog my machine's
resources. RSS and coloured boxes are nice but reliability and performance
is fundamental.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK