View Full Version : Musicip on QNAS loads ok, then terminates

2013-12-14, 13:06
I have MIP on 2 x QNAP working just fine on one, and will not stay up on the other.
Both installs done using SSOTS 4.14 on LMS 7.8.

QNAPs are 569 Pro, and 670 pro (Intel Atom and i7)
On the 670, MIP installs ok, and I can load the server page on port 10002, but as soon as I try to do anything in MIP, it stops working. Is there a Log that I can go to for information on what is failing? I suspect it is security related but MIP id is created ok by SSOTS and I am changing nothing.

I have tried removing MIP, restarting, and re-installing several times, but no change. Any ideas please?

2013-12-20, 17:30
I made some progress - it seems that there was an issue with the MusicIP cache file - I restored an earlier version and updated and MIP runs now, but is still not visible from within LMS, and for the life of me I cannot see why.

I install LMS and MusicIP using SSOTS, and I can go to mynas:10002 and all looks ok. If I create a Test Mix this works correctly. MIP is on port 10002. I removed LMS completely, and reloaded LMS 7.8 (Logitech Media Server Version: 7.8.0 - 1386246861 @ Sat Dec 7 19:17:56) and MusicIP as the only additional plugin. I can see MIP is configure on port 10002 in LMS. I run a scan and it runs ok including MIP import

Discovering files/directories: /share/Multimedia/Music (33496 of 33496) Complete 00:00:54
Scanning new music files: /share/Multimedia/Music (30902 of 30902) Complete 00:39:10
Discovering playlists: /share/Multimedia/PLAYLISTS (18 of 18) Complete 00:00:00
Scanning new playlists: /share/Multimedia/PLAYLISTS (16 of 16) Complete 00:00:16
MusicIP Import (30568 of 30568) Complete 00:02:05
Pre-caching Artwork (1831 of 1831) Complete 00:03:32
The server has finished scanning your media library.
Total Time: 00:45:57 (Wednesday, December 18, 2013 / 1:24 AM)

I run LMS debug logging on MusicIP and this has no errors. But 'create MusicIP mix' never shows on a LMS menu. It's fine on the windows installation (which points at the same NAS music directory)

Can someone advise what I should check next to do further problem determination? It's as if LMS does not know MIP is installed..

2013-12-21, 17:06
Well I discovered the problem, and in the interest of helping others am posting here. Thanks to Charles of Spicefly for his troubleshooting guide http://www.spicefly.com/article.php?page=spicefly-sugarcube-troubleshooting
The Musicip library and the LMS library have to be specified exactly the same. In LMS, during setup when browsing for the music folder, I selected Share/Multimedia/Music. It now appears that this is an Alias, and when SSOTS installs MusicIP, it uses the full path which is Share/MD0_DATA/Multimedia/Music. Thus when LMS checks if the album or track is in MusicIP, it does not find the path and therefore does not offer the "Create MusicIP Mix" option. I went into LMS settings and changed the library path to be the same as MusicIP, reran the scanner and it now works.

It's not ideal - I'd have preferred to have MusicIP use the Alias path (easier and more straightforward), but I can't seem to find where this is specified. For now it is working. It seems a number of others have struggled to get MIP working on a NAS, so hopefully this will help some.