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2013-12-13, 06:03
Last night, 4.30am or so, the display on the SB3 in the bedroom lit up. "Connecting to server" it proclaimed. Now, I'd been fast asleep until then, but that was the end of that. I wasn't so pleased, and neither was my wife. Ho Hum - just another disturbed night's sleep!

But really I could do without this. I put it in the room as part of a player re-shuffle about 3 or 4 weeks ago. It was a used Ebay purchase, so I had done a factory reset, which would have cleared any alarms? Also, it's the first time it's done this, so I'd expect to have come across any alarms previously.

I could take a low-tech approach, and just put a cover over it in case it happens again, but does anyone have any pointers why this might have happened? If it was some sort of scheduled event at the PC end (not sure I'd know how to check - and I'm on my lunch break at work at the moment) would that make the players fire up as LMS started? I'll admit I didn't go wandering around the house at 4.30 to try and see if others had done the same.

Sleep is too precious around our house to have it disturbed by random collisions between rogue electrons, so I'll either need to figure out what happened, or put a cover over the display, or switch the player off each night.

Not the biggest issue - it still connects and plays OK this morning - just a bit of a pain in the ***e.

Thanks in advance....


2013-12-13, 06:27
It happened because it lost its connection to the server and was trying to reconnect. When you went to bed, was it connected to your local LMS, or to mysqueezebox.com? If it was LMS, it could be because the computer running LMS went into sleep/hibernate/shutdown. Or it could have been a temporary hiccup in your electricity that caused the computer running LMS or your router to restart. Or a few other possibilities.

Short of covering the player, you could also turn down the brightness on the SB3. There are four levels, including completely dark, with separate settings for playing, on, and standby. Although to be honest I'm not 100% sure if the brightness settings apply to "interruption events" such as the one you experienced.

One sure way to be sure it won't happen again is to unplug the SB3 in the bedroom.

2013-12-13, 07:10
Maybe your ISP shuffled your ip adress at that time and the SB3 reconected to mysb.com ?

2013-12-13, 07:46

thanks for the replies. Have come back home, and checked the LMS log. This is what I get for the relevant time (seems I didn't wake up straight away after all!)
[13-12-13 03:00:14.5331] Plugins::SrvrPowerCtrl::Watchdog::OnWakeupWatchdog (647) Wakeup Call in EOD!!
[13-12-13 03:11:14.1807] main::init (354) Starting Logitech Media Server (v7.7.3, 1375965195, Mon Aug 12 11:14:33 CUT 2013) perl 5.014001
[13-12-13 03:22:10.0057] Plugins::SrvrPowerCtrl::Util::SystemExecCmd (851) SrvrPowerCtrl executing command: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /C start /B scpowertool.exe --standby -q --log=C:\ProgramData\Squeezebox\Logs\srvrpowerctrl.l og

.. which looks to me like SvrPowerControl started to do something at 3am? I've just checked the SvrPwrCtrl settings, and as far as I can see the 'start of day' is set for 7am. Alternatively one of the players took a wee notion to itself to send out a WOL 'magic packet'??

Referring to your replies. I do have an mysb.com account, but almost never use it. Recently it's only been for test purposes, to check if issues were to do with the player or local LMS/network.

99.9% of the time the player is connected to a local LMS and playing my own music, or streaming Radio Paradise. I'll switch it off when I turn the lights out, and I presume the server and system hibernate themselves later.

SVrpowercontrol is set to hibernate the server after 00.30hrs, but last night I did notice a message saying that the server was being suspended quite a bit earlier than that:

[13-12-12 22:38:12.0096] Plugins::SrvrPowerCtrl::Util::SystemExecCmd (851) SrvrPowerCtrl executing command: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /C start /B scpowertool.exe --standby -q --log=C:\ProgramData\Squeezebox\Logs\srvrpowerctrl.l og

Though I have to confess I'm not exactly sure what these log extracts are telling me, if anything?

The screensaver for 'player off' is set to 'off'. I didn't know that you could have individual settings for the screen brightness, I'll need to look into that.

Actually, electricity hiccups isn't that unlikely either, we do seem to get more of those than I'd consider our fair share.

So, switching it all off might just be the way to go though!