View Full Version : Any playback for Chrome in the hopper

banned for life
2013-12-10, 13:53
I have started using Acer Chromebook c270 and it is very useful for everything except PS and Office.

I would love LMS playback.



2013-12-10, 14:24
Shouldn't SqueezeLite work?

banned for life
2013-12-10, 17:11
I am flummoxed by how to install anything that does not come from the "store"

The Chrome-in-a-Box I had been playing with had bash...


2013-12-10, 17:18
But SqueezeLite can be installed through the web interface in case your server is running on that ChromeBook.
Look for the "LocalPlayer" plugin.

Ah, reading your post again it's probably not....

banned for life
2014-08-28, 13:52
If any progress has been made lately


2014-08-28, 14:42
As an experiment I've built a port of Squeezelite with supporting codec libraries (except ffmpeg) and libsoxr as a Chrome Portable Native Client ( see https://developer.chrome.com/native-client) but haven't done any serious testing of it. Chrome Audio only support 16bit 44.1/48khz and I'm not sure what sort of support there is for USB DACs. I've only tested on a x86 Chromebook - I'm not sure how well it would perform on a ARM based chrome / chromebook.

Because the client will be doing its own TCP socket communication - its installation needs to be explicitly authorised by the user. To be installed by an ordinary user (i.e. not the developer) , these sort of clients apps are usually packaged as a Chrome App and also needs to be put into Chrome Web store - a process I'm didn't want to initiate.

I've proved to my self that the port works but it needs some sort a user interface (e.g web page with basic player controls using SqueezeJS and possibly some sort of visualiser). A followup experiment would to make sure the player supported GoogleCast.