View Full Version : PSA: 'One Day Only' Logitech EU 30% off sale. (2013-12-10)

2013-12-10, 04:22
For anyone who gets the regular emails from Logitech about their online store, they are doing a one-day 'buy two get 30% off' sale today (10 Dec), so check your inbox/spam folder to see if you got one.

You get a unique code that you apply at the checkout. You must buy two (and only two) items to get the 30% off. It's a one-time use code. Email says the offer is only open until midnight, I assume it's EU only or possibly even limited to the UK.

I picked up two UE Radios (which will be immediately upgraded to Squeezebox Radio firmware) for a total of 150. 75 for a Squeezebox Radio is a pretty good deal.

EDIT: Looks like I read it wrong and you don't actually need to buy two things. Just that the limit is two. Hmmm - would probably not have ordered the second radio in that case but too late now to change the order and I can always eBay it if it's surplus to requirements ...