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Experimental Data Institute
2004-11-25, 21:10
While all of the new cool features in SlimServer are great, I think what
made SlimServer particularly useful in the first place is that it did a
basic thing very well. Therefore, I think it makes sense to keep the "slim"
in SlimServer and make any enhancements optional as plugins. Alternatively,
release an ultraslim version of slimserver for those who like to keep it
lean and mean for lesser platforms.

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> Subject: [slim] significant slowdown after upgrade
> I'd say, having upgraded to 5.4 from (5.3.1 I believe) I'm
> getting way more
> dropouts--like one every hour or so listening to FLACs over a
> wired network.
> Also, ram consumption is up by about 15%-20%. These are just my
> estimates.
> I really like the RSS reader plugin, but I do feel that performance should
> be improved. I was going to say I think performance should be put at a
> higher priority--but I think it already is pretty high. In any event, it
> could get better. I've seen older builds that performed better.
> Thanks,
> Phillip