View Full Version : Dead SB3 - Now back in business

2013-12-04, 19:30
First thanks to everybody in the forum for their usual kind assistance.

My SB3 classic was showing no signs of life. At the beginning the remote didn't work anymore, and then the unit itself crapped out.
Seems I'm not the only one, judging by the many dead SB3/Classic posts I've read. Those posts suggest two remedies = loose wireless card or bad power supply.
I opened the unit up, and the wireless card seemed to be rock solid. So I ordered a new power unit from ebay and sure enough the lights are back on.
I bought it from hotdogtec@aol.com, because the PSU was Logitech branded, and they sell a lot of Logitech peripherals.
I couldn't convince myself that the problem was the power unit, because the red light was on inside the SB3, but what do I know?
Anyway mission accomplished, and thought I'd share.
Happy listening!