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2013-12-01, 13:19
I am likely to be getting a Surface 2. What suggestions are there for a Controller app? I haven't looked at the app store, but doubt that there will be a Surface-specific app, given the SB status.

The Surface 2 runs a Win 8 variant, Windows RT. The Surface 2 Pro runs standard Win 8.1. I am guessing I may be stuck with the pricey Pro, given my requirement for SB control.

No comments on my choice of tablet please. I am very aware of the options.


2013-12-01, 13:44
Been using Squeeze Remote for more than a year.

It had some crash issues in an earlier version, but that got solved last summer.

He originally made a version for Windows Phone 7.x and 8.x

2013-12-01, 13:58
Thanks. I had just been to the app store and saw this, was going to ask about it.

I was a little concerned when I followed the link in the app store to the author's website and there was no info on the Win 8 version, only Windows phone.

Glad to hear it works. Any obvious deficiencies?


2013-12-01, 14:48
The biggest issue is that you can not run it on the server itself; this should be a limitation with the platform...?!

Other than that I have used it with both touch and mouse; of cause there are things in the user interface that one would like differently... personal preferences/taste... well there is a trial periode so give it a spin, and if you see errors write the developer he usually responds in 24 hours.

2013-12-01, 14:52
Good to see there is at least one option.

I have been out of touch. Are there other Windows-based controllers that would work on an 8.1 tablet?


2013-12-01, 17:28
I would guess on the Surface Pro you could use SqueezePlay. It's UI is much the same as a Duet controller and the Touch UI. On RT you could always use a web browser. I actually quite like using a browser where I have enough screen real estate.

2013-12-02, 07:15
How about controlling it through a browser with this plugin: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?98186-Announce-Alternative-Web-Interface-%28beta%29