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Phil Fernandez
2004-11-25, 15:33
So it works on Squeezeboxen...but anyone (everyone but me?) have MP3Pro
playing on Slimp3?


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Phil Fernandez wrote:
> I have long been playing Live365 stations with this "do it yourself"
> method, all working fine pre-5.4 and with 5.4, and I have the same
> problems that others have reported with the plugin. So we're all in
> same boat :-)
> My follow-on question is about MP3Pro streams from Live365. So far, I
> have been able to play any standard MP3 stream from Live365 by
> the steam URL, but never an MP3Pro stream. With Pro steams, sometimes
> get a pop or two; sometimes silence.

> The FAQ includes a note that MP3Pro is supported through some sort of
> backward compatibility, but that sound quality is poor. For me, it's
> VERY poor :-)

> My setup is XP SP2, and Slimp3. Is there a chance that MP3Pro works
> on
> Squeezebox but not Slimp3? I haven't been able to find any discussion

> of this in the archives.

> It seems like Live365 is moving pretty rapidly to stream more and more
> stuff in Pro, so getting Live365 to work without also getting MP3Pro
> work (with good quality) seems like it's going to be ultimately

I've played MP3pro streams without issue with Softsqueeze, Squeezebox,
and Squeezebox/G. The sound quality is about what I'd expect from a 64k
MP3 stream.

For what it's worth, MP3pro's statement of "128k quality at 64k" isn't
supported by blind listening test. Google has a great many resources on
the subject.