View Full Version : Replacement for MusicIP - Chromaprint / Picard? Compatible with SpiceFly?

2013-11-21, 08:25
I've noticed that the MusicIP server has been down now for several days. Has anyone played with using Chromaprint and Picard for this functionality? Any other ways to use it other than Picard?
Is it compatible with MusicIP and will it work with SpiceFly?


Oops... looks like apples and oranges...

Does anyone know of another solution to replace MusicIP?

2013-11-25, 04:02

Its always the track selection piece that is missing, there are many track matching products (mainly aimed at tracking and charging) and some cloud solutions but none have the acoustic track matching technology working from your own local music. I have tried many times over the years to contact MusicIP asking about licensing their IP but they've never responded.

My maths isn't strong enough to write my own analysis piece and I only got so far with reverse engineering the m3lib data file (parts of which seem to be encrypted?) and wasn't sure if it was legitimately covered under UK's Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1998 or not.

If you ever find anything drop me a line :)