View Full Version : Sync/rebuffering problem

2013-11-17, 15:38
Yesterday I started experiencing frequent rebuffering when my Radio and Touch are synced. Never had the problem before. Individually the players are fine. The Touch is connected via Ethernet and the Radio via WiFi. I do the sync using iPeng.

I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting this...any suggestions? I'm running LMS 7.8 on a Mac running OSX 10.9, and that configuration has been working fine...no changes before this started happening.

2013-11-17, 20:01
Wifi ?

What kind of files ?

2013-11-17, 20:22
WiFi for the radio, Ethernet for the Touch. It has happened with ALAC files from my library and internet streams (jazzradio.com). None of this has been problematic in the past.
I guess tomorrow I will reboot the network starting with the router to see if that helps.

2013-11-17, 20:37
The server is that Ethernet to ?

Wifi ,you can probably investigate wich channels that afe in use by neighbouring networks with some tool like inSSIDer or similar .

2013-11-18, 02:34
Try switching both players to MySB.com see if problem continues, both Sync'd and not.