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2013-11-16, 05:02
Hi folks,
I've recently added to the 'SB' family, and it's meant some relocating of players.

One of them, an SB1, seems to go through the setup routine OK, until a stage when it says it can't get an IP address for the server and that I need to add that manually. (It then says 'setup complete', but when I press the right arrow again it says it can't contact the server.

The IP address on the SB is, when I come to the PC itself, and check the IP address in the 'network details' tab, I get This IP address is also the one displayed when I open the 'Netgear Genie' software which allows me to look at the network map (Windows won't create a network map as it says the response from some devices is delayed or there's an incompatible router.) Although there are a few extra 'zeros' in the IP display on the SB, I'm assuming that it makes no practical difference?

For info, if it helps, I'm running a Windows 7 machine. Here's the info on the LMS install:
Logitech Media Server Version: 7.7.3 - 1375965195 @ Mon Aug 12 11:14:33 CUT 2013
Hostname: MacNeill-PB
HTTP Port: 9000
OS: Windows 7 - EN - cp1252
Platform: 8664
Perl Version: 5.14.1 - MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
Database Version: DBD::SQLite 1.34_01 (sqlite
Total Players Recognized: 3

..but - it's been working fine and very stable for ages, so I don't think it's a LMS issue. In an ideal world there would be 5 players recognised + a Controller. This post relates to the SB1; my next job is to go and wake the Controller and another Boom to see if they get picked up.

Finally, where I think the real issue might lie is the network itself. We have a two-storey house. The floorboards have a metallised bubble wrap insulation underneath which I've felt has been causing wireless issues. So, I've got a Netgear powerline extender network in place. A couple of wi-fi extenders, and a couple ethernet only. The SB1 is wired into one of the ethernet ones, which is a new install. The netgear genie software shows the extender, and the lights on the extender are all green - but the player just isn't picking up the server.

Any thoughts at all?

I'll also say I'm one of those "just like it to work" people, not really comfortable or knowledgable in the guts of computer settings. Not an idiot (by my own reckoning!) just not something I get involved in often enough to retain the stuff I do learn on occasion.

Thanks is advance!


2013-11-16, 05:25
Can you see what address the SB1 gets for itself ?
(I hope it's not, since it looks like this is the address used by the SBS server.)

Assuming the SB1 gets an address ok, and since the server seems to be a Windows machine, have you checked that the firewall is relaxed enough not to reject an incoming connection from the SB1 ?

2013-11-16, 05:39
Hi epoch,

Thanks very much for your reply. I have made a bit of progress. Apologies too, because I realise that folk posting questions, then doing some of their own problem solving and basic checks must be a pain.

I took the SB1 - it's IP address is by the way, so not the same as the SBS - and plugged it into a different ethernet extender in a different location, and it picks up the network and the LMS/SBS fine.

I've also got it to find the Controller and the 2nd Boom - so all good as far as the Squeezefamily is concerned. The issue is obviously something to do with that particular netgear extender.

I'll try netgear support next, but if anyone has any experience with netgear powerline extenders, I wouldn't mind a hand.

So, as I say, everything's good with the music!



2013-11-16, 09:09
Just to confirm your assumption: additional leading zeros in parts of the IP address are not significant.

Regarding your netgear stuff: I don't have experience with that, but I understood you have several of them. Did you try to exchange positions already?

2013-11-16, 15:02
Hi Reinhold,
After I got the SB players all recognised and talking to the server, I started checking out the netgear kit and their forums. It seems that when it works it's OK, but that some of the stuff can be a bit flaky. I'm sure it can't be the best answer to networking the house, but running CAT5 cabling everywhere just isn't practical.

I'm going to have to think about the best way to go forward. I'm considering a vortexbox appliance of some sort, and might be able to hard-wire 3 or 4 of the players, to try and make the set-up as 'bombproof' as possible, but there will be a couple of locations where getting cabling in just wouldn't happen without taking the walls down.

back to the powerline stuff, it just seems as if some power sockets work with the kit; some don't; unfortunately if you find that 3 or 4 "poor" sockets are just where you want to locate your equipment, then there doesn't seem to be much you can do.