View Full Version : Audible pops when Squeezelite sync'd with SB3s

2013-11-15, 08:41
I currently sync Squeezelite (running on a newish Win7 PC running SBS 7.7.3) with two SB3s, one hard wired and one wireless. I find I get little pops especially when listening to the SB3s. I am guessing this is part of the syncing but not sure. Any ideas how to stop it? I listen to BBC iPlayer and flacs.

2013-11-15, 09:11
Any sync with a software player such as SqueezeLite will be problematic at best. There are too many variables regarding the buffering and latencies for the system/drivers/sound card and etc. that LMS cannot know about and correct for. It simply isn't possible to sync software-based SB emulators reliably.