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2013-11-10, 10:37
Just to say I've been pleasantly surprised by the Libratone Zipp speaker. Quite powerful, but adequately detailed audio.
With the SB3 (connected via line-in) it just works (and sounds best, I think.)
With iPeng over Airplay, audio dropouts can happen when the speaker has less than good wifi reception.
Compatibility with my SBs and iThings is enjoyable overall.

The speaker can be battery powered and will last a few hours playing, however the thing is more transportable than portable; It came in heavier and larger than I thought. And its base does not detach, so you need to unplug the power cord from under the speaker when you want to move it around. Build quality looks fine. I found the Libratone app for audio setup to be not perfect but adequate and simple enough.


2015-05-20, 11:29
To anyone interested, I just bought myself a Libratone Loop Mk 2, that's about twice the Zipp in every respect.
I got it because I wanted an Airplay speaker that would reasonably lip-sync when I use my iPad. (The shairplay plugin is very fine, but there is unavoidable delay between video and audio.)

Of course I tried connecting the thing to an SB3 (analog mini-jack) and lo and behold, something happened since I last tried doing that. For now the Loop Mk2 (and other speakers I guess) does support auto on/off over line-in, and uses the volume setting on the speaker as a master.

Connect an Airplay (or DLNA, I suppose) client and it takes control of the speaker and volume control. Shutdown the Airplay client and the Loop falls back to master volume setting on line-in. You can control the volume over an SB with the good old remote. If you pause, stop or power off the SB, after 5 or 10mins of inactivity the Loop goes to sleep mode. And it wakes up if you start playing on the SB3 (or an iPad, obviously.)

The thing also has USB-in, but none of my players care for that. Line-in is not digital, analog only.

I got mine from their webstore, refurb section, the unit is as new and value is much improved IMHO. And that's what I thought before I discovered it can be such a good companion to an SB.