View Full Version : Regarding the recent request for new features

2004-07-06, 13:49
Hi All,

Hopefully the 'new feature request' thread is still relevant - here are my
current irritants:
1. I would REALLY like to be able to have something like a
playlist-specific shuffle mode.
For example, I frequently alternate between a large audiobook
playlist (full LOTR - 45 cds :) ) and a medium-sized (~500 tracks) music
playlist. Obviously, the audiobook playlist is best played in 'no shuffle'
mode, but I like 'shuffle' for the music - but since changing the shuffle
mode actually runs the shuffling, it gets a little laggy response-wise.
Best (for me at least) would be if a given playlist could have assigned a
shuffle mode. I haven't seen any provision anywhere for embedding a
comment/tag within a m3u which could be used for such a purpose, though...
(I did however find a modified 'playlist.pm' which Felix Mueller did as of
v4.2.2 on his website -->
http://www.gwendesign.com/slimserver/development.htm#no_shuffle but this
depends on adding a custom comment tag to each mp3 file which is desired
to be exempted from a shuffling) - any thoughts?

2. Speaking of shuffle modes (and also speaking of Felix :) ), he also has
created custom symbols
(http://www.gwendesign.com/slimserver/development.htm#sym_rep_shuffle) for
repeat/shuffle mode which are to be displayed in the 'Now Playing' screen.
I think this would be very nice to have ported into the official baseline
- less button presses to find the current mode, plus no extra churning of
the playlist...

Also really looking forward to Shadow Play (Felix - you rock :) )
Thanks to everyone for all their hard work...