View Full Version : No sound from Squeezebox (possibly Softsqueeze issue)

Simon Turner
2004-11-25, 03:42
FYI Richard I have just been listening to Squeezebox and one Softsqueeze
synced. I closed down Softsqueeze via the little x button mid song and the
music from my Squeezebox instantly stopped. I then went and unsynced
Softsqueeze from Squeezebox and when I selected a new song the Squeezebox
played it correctly (i.e. I could hear it!).

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> Simon,
> I have also seen this, usually when syncing Softsqueeze and a
> Squeezebox, but also on occasion between Squeezeboxen. Sometimes when
> Softsqueeze is closed the slimserver continues to attempt to sync the
> players, even now one of the players is missing. If you close
> Softsqueeze using the x button on the main window this won't happen as
> the player disconnects cleanly, but using the close option on the
> taskbar or turning off your pc with Softsqueeze running will trigger the
> bug. When you get no audio from your Squeezebox try unsyncing from your
> Softsqueeze player in the Settings menu on the Squeezebox.
> I think you should file this as a bug (http://bugs.slimdevices.com).
> Regards,
> Richard
> Simon Turner wrote:
> >I've posted about this at least twice before and learnt that
> this is a bug
> >that SD have some knowledge about but no advice... so far.
> >
> >In this instance...
> >I was using Softsqueeze synched to my Squeezebox. I closed down
> Softsqueeze
> >and all sound stopped emitting from my Squeezebox. It appears to be
> >working... i.e. progress bar is progressing... but there is no
> sound (I've
> >tried headphone output in case it's my Dac that has a problem, but it's
> >silent too). Other times I've had this problem I was not running
> Softsqueeze
> >at all... but it seems easier to achieve silence when I have been running
> >it.
> >
> >I can only recover by restarting the Slim server service.
> >
> >Details:
> >XP SP1. Slimserver 5.4 with associated Softsqueeze and firmware, digital
> >out, java 1.5 beta 2....... although I experienced the same problem with
> >earlier versions of SlimServer and Softsqueeze.
> >
> >At the possible expense of ruining my chances of tech help I do
> think that
> >SD should be a little more keyed into Windows support. Windows
> users account
> >for well over 90% of the target market. I'm sorry Kevin... I do very much
> >appreciate your help, it's been very useful indeed over the last
> few months
> >(year?).
> >
> >Simon Turner
> >Brighton UK
> >
> >