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2013-10-27, 10:46
I recently moved my router and now I'm paying the price with terrible signal strength to my Duet, and I'm considering getting a range extender. The posts in this forum on the subject are a couple of years old and I wondering if there are any new recommendations from the group on the pros and cons of this, as well as compatible hardware. Thanks!

2013-10-27, 11:17
I recently moved my router and now I'm paying the price with terrible signal strength to my Duet, and I'm considering getting a range extender. The posts in this forum on the subject are a couple of years old and I wondering if there are any new recommendations from the group on the pros and cons of this, as well as compatible hardware. Thanks!

have you instead considered ethernet over powerline. I've had very good luck with these:


2013-10-27, 14:53
I have had good luck with Powerline Ethernet. I recently needed to also extend my wireless signal so I purchased a Powerline Ethernet kit which also included a wireless access point. Works great for me. I have the Squeezebox wired to the adapter via ethernet cable and am able to get very good wireless signal on my tablet.

I bought it at Best Buy for $90. The model # is: XWNB5201-100PAS.

2013-10-27, 15:31
Thanks. I'll check these out. I miss my music badly.

2013-10-27, 17:52
If you have a spare wireless router you may be able to set that up in range extender mode

2013-11-20, 14:03
I would go with powerline as everyone suggested. The problem with wireless extenders is they use one radio to transmit back and forth between the router and the client, which really hurts your bandwidth. They also seem to be very affected by neighboring wireless. SmallNetBuilder just did a "roundup" on a bunch of the most popular extenders.


The suggestion to use an old router as an AP is also very sound. Connected by Ethernet is best in that case, but you could also connect by powerline up to the AP.

2013-11-20, 16:04
Good ideas ,having an ap conected to the power line adapters or reuse an old router as ap .
But hardware the duet anyway .
You have to consider the controller too , it does not need that much bandwith as it does not play the music .but you don't want it to,lose conection allo the time either .

You could also,consider actuall Ethernet cables it's not that hard to pull , the obstacles can be the house itself thick concrete walls etc.

2013-11-20, 16:05
Or place the router where it always was and use the power line stuff ( or Ethernet cable ) and extra AP to conect whatever new stuff made you move the router in the first place ?

2013-11-20, 17:55
Does anyone know if there's any limit to the number of powerline devices that can be used?

I'm having some success with them myself connecting the various Squeeze devices. I have the adapter that feeds the signal into the power cables; two 'remotes' that do wifi and ethernet; and I thought I'd use two more ethernet only ones exactly like the ones Gary linked to above. One of them works, one just seems not to, despite trying it in several locations.

Does anyone know if there's a limit to the number that can be used, or is it more likely one's a "dud"? I had a look on the netgear support forums, and it seems it's not so unusual to get faulty ones.

grateful to hear of anyone else's experience using multiples of these.



2013-11-20, 18:58
Cannot comment on the range extenders per se but can give some input on my recent experiences with wireless. I live in a 100 yr old frame house with brick basement walls. I had been using a Netgear WNR2000v2 on the 2nd floor to send signals to my 2 Touches- 1 on the 1st floor and the other in the basement. I would often have issues w connection especially in the basement. I recently thought my modem had died and during conversations w AT&T tech support was convinced to switch to Uverse which was a free install/router modem etc. The signal I now get is in the area of 50% better than I got w the Netgear router. It just works w signal ranging from ^65-90% on the 1st floor and 45-70% in the basement. I am not plugging AT&T, just feel that their equipment is better than what I had. A look at different routers may alleviate ones issues. I also had to fiddle w the Netgear router positioning quite a bit which is not the case w the current setup.

2013-11-22, 01:40
Hi thanks,
I think I posted in another thread somewhere that one of the issues might be other stuff blocking wifi signals. In particular, it seems that all the flooring on the house came pre-fitted with a metallised 'bubble wrap' insulation underneath. I assume this must be affecting wifi somehow? Either in the outgoing transmission, or on the return info from the devices. For example one of my booms is downstairs, just 10/15 feet from the main router at most, but it seems to get a poor signal, and if my memory is right, gets a wifi strength readout of 55% or so.

I can imagine that there might be similar issues with foil-backed plasterboard (drywall?)?

I could probably Cat5 2, maybe 3 of the players, but certainly not all without an unrealistic amount of building/decorating work.


2013-11-22, 10:16
Currently I have 5 dLan AV200 devices in the house. The house was built in the earkly 60s (in the UK) and the main supporting wall is not very wifi friendly.

I have 1 in the study connected to a switch and then onto the router; 1 in my daughters bedroom, 1 in the conservatory and 1 behind the TV in the living room all for streaming video and TV / BD player internet access. The one behind the TV has 3 ports and works as a wireless access point. I also have one in my 'music' room with the Squeezebox connected.

I have never experienced any problem that I have put down to the powerline kit. I have probably had 2 streaming video sessions and music playing at the same time with no issues. Standard Def video mind you...

Although the AV200 are rated as up to 200 mps (mbps ??) they only actually provide up to around 22 in my house. The conservatory is lower as the mains power there is a spur taken from the main ring.

Hope that helps?



2013-11-22, 12:29
thanks Andrew,

It does help - UK also here - and reinforces my thought that one of the devices I've bought is probably broken out of the box, but it was used/new off ebay and pretty cheap by comparison to the new price, so not really a problem.

If you're managing to run 5 of them, that probably gives me confidence to try a couple more if I can get them at a good enough price.

Apart from getting better connectivity between the various players, I'm hoping to increase my wi-fi security level. At the moment, because the SB1s only have basic wifi security ability (as i understand it) I've had to leave the whole network that way. If I could wire them via powerline ethernet, i'd be able to make things more secure. We live in a relatively rural location so it hasn't been a big deal, but... might as well sort it if I can.