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Jeff Allison
2004-11-24, 21:43
Further to this...

Running the Slim server in a DOS box, here's the output:

C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server>slimserver.pl
2004-11-24 20:28:59.1562 initialising Win32::OLE
2004-11-24 20:28:59.3281 hookiTunesUpdate() engaged, iTunes Updater V0.2 activated.
2004-11-24 20:29:06.1250 Creating new PlayerStatus for Squeezebox (00:04:20:05:02:92)
Can't call method "id" without a package or object reference at C:/Program Files/SlimServer/server/Slim/Utils/Prefs.pm line 441.

C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server>

As you can see, the server exits at that point. Digging around the list archives it looks like a few other people have seen this or similar problems, but I don't find any resolution. There were a couple of notes about "phantom clients," which seem to relate to running the server with no clients connected. But I do have a Squeezebox connected (you can see the MAC address above).

I searched the bug database and found bug 300, which seems to relate to this but is still open.

Obviously people are running 5.4, so there's something in my setup that is causing this to surface. Anybody have any ideas?


- Jeff

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> Subject: [slim] 5.4 upgrade attempt
> I attempted to upgrade to 5.4 last night and didn't make it.
> Actually I first tried to use the 11/23 nightly because I
> wanted to try out the new screensaver behaviors. I loaded it
> up and it started fine. But it reported only 330 songs out
> of my collection of ~6K. So I hit rescan and the server just
> went away. Restarted, same behavior. I figured that it was
> something with the nightly, so I grabbed the official 5.4
> release and tried that. But it behaved exactly the same way.
> It reported 330 songs by one artist, all lumped under
> "unknown album," and it died when I did a rescan.
> I didn't have time to debug this last night, so I rolled back
> to 5.3.1, which is working fine. I plan to have another go
> at 5.4 this long weekend...any thoughts about what to look
> out for here?
> Setup is Windows XP SP1 (no firewall enabled!) with iTunes.
> Slimserver runs as a service.
> - Jeff