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Eric Schurr
2004-11-24, 17:52
It would be cool to be able to access Internet radio via the web interface.
My SB is located downstairs in my whole-house audio equipment center, and I
typically operate it via web interfaces on various computers throughout my
house, so the only practical way I can make use of Internet radio is if I
can do it via a web interface.

eric (AT) schurr (DOT) us

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Eric Schurr wrote:
> Should I be able to select/operate Internet Radio stations via the web
> interface? They're listed on my SqueezeBox but the only ones I can
> see via my web interface is "ShoutCast Recently Played."
> I'm running SS 5.4 on Windows XP Pro over 100mb network. Connection
> the web is via Linksys router.

I'm not aware of any integration between radio plugins and the web

I had written the rudaments of a PERL script that could be associated with
the .pls and .m3u file types on a computer for a "Play through Slimserver"
kind of integration. It should work in concept for playing a radio playlist.
It was based on some code someone else posted a while back, but theirs only
supported one player (I have two) and Slimserver had to be running on the
local machine (which mine isn't).

I'll need to dust that off and see where it stands.