View Full Version : Encode to MP3 from line in (OT?)

Biro, Stephen G.
2004-11-24, 13:25
I have been thinking a little more about streaming audio from "line in" thru
ss to my sb. I am hoping someone could give me some guidance on hooking
this into the codec config in ss. It seems like LAME is where I would be
headed? I have seen the topic touched in discuss@. I have also found many
windows based (free and $) tools - but nothing I see as cmd line.

Question 1:
In the convert.conf file, the decoding of live wma streams has a file as
input to wmadec...but I don't understand where this source file is coming
from, and how can it be a file if it is a live stream -- or is this file
just growing until you stop listening to the stream, at which point it is

Question 2:
Is there a command line tool that simply listens to the windows audio device
that could be piped to LAME? [In linux, I could see where you would likely
just connect lame to the audio's logical device file -- I am no linux guru
tho -- and then point ss to the output of lame]

Question 3:
How would you specify this type of stream in convert.conf? Or would the
default mp3 config do? How would ss know that this is an mp3?

The logical setup I see is:

LineIn->[windowsAudio2STDOUT util?]->|LAME->|SS

With a convert.conf setup as (eg. Wau for windows audio, waa2so for the wau
to stdout:

wau mp3 * *
[wau2so] | [lame] -x --resample 44100 --silent -q 9 -b $BITRATE$ -

Is what I am looking to do already done somewhere or impossible?

Thanks so much for any pointers!!