View Full Version : SyncOptions functionality question

2013-10-09, 19:21
Using the SyncOptions plugin, if I set the "Unsync At Power Off" switch to Yes, and I also set Player-->Synchronize-->Synchronize Power to Power on/off with group, shouldn't one expect that turning off the power for any synchronized device would:

1. Turn off the power for all other devices in the same group as that player then...
2. Subsequently unsync each of those players from the group per the SyncOptions flag as each player automatically powers off?

Item 1 is working, but item 2 is only unsyncing the device from which power off is initiated, not the other devices that are simultaneously powered off. Is this what happens on others' setups? Can someone test this? I know I had this configuration turning off and unsyncing all devices with this configuration before upgrading to 7.7.3. Even after downgrading back to 7.7.2, I still can't replicate that desired behavior. How does LMS treat the order of operations for these events?

If I power off each player separately, they unsync from the group. But if I tell the system to power off all players simultaneously, they do shut down, but SyncOptions ignores this event and the players remain synced.

Would be willing to donate to the original plugin author or anyone else who can edit the plugin to make it unsync the entire group. I have 15+ devices and this functionality is critical for me to stay with this ecosystem. Sad part is, I know I had this working before, and it was wonderful.

Thanks in advance for any help.