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2004-11-24, 10:54
We get questions about this on the list every week. Why am I getting
dropouts on my wireless network? The number of things that can cause the
problem are enormous (wireless channel, PC load, firewalls, router packet
loss, etc, etc, etc, your neighbors microwave, etc, etc, etc). Slim Devices
has some good info in their FAQ but I think that a truly comprehensive
troubleshooting guide is needed to assist with these problems. New users
with the problem can then refer to the guide and see if the various things
fix their problem.

I also have another suggestion. I troubleshoot Voice over IP for a living
and something that is used in our industry for these types of issues is RTCP
(Real Time Control Protocol). It should be possible for Slim to set up the
Squeezebox Firmware to provide real time diagnostic information via RTCP
back to the server so that it is possible to get an idea of what might be
going on with the drops (packet loss, jitter, out of sequence delivery,
signal strength fluctuations, etc).

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Thank you Simon,

I actually changed the wirelss channel from 6 to 11 and for some reason it
solved my problem. I canīt emagine why it helped but it did so right now Iīm
happy again.


Magnus Ignberg

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I also had this problem too (although was only experiencing one 1 to 3
second drop out very three or four songs or so) and one day I noticed it had
stopped. The only thing I had done in the is time was upgrade the last
Windows 98 machine in my home network to Windows 2000 (not the one that ran
SlimServer). I've never mentioned this before as I couldn't really think of
any reason why this should have cured my problem. My network now only
consists of Windows 2000 and XP machines and I only ever get drop outs if my
SlimServer machine (XP based) does something intensive (i.e. disk scan by
SoulSeek). I mention it now because you seem pretty desperate, but it is
clutching at straws!

BTW. Although I ran Squeezebox via wireless the Win 98 machine was connected
via cable to my Slimserver computer

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> files.
> I had this problem, exactly as you describe on a Windows PC. I was
> running ZoneAlarm; turning it off allowed me to play lossless files
> without a problem (for some reason, MP3 files didn't mind either way).

> Don't know if this applies to you, but it might help. Good luck,
> Julian.
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> Subject: [slim] [Squeeze]Sound-drops playing any loss-less or wav
> files.
> The issue of Sound-drops when running Squeezebox wirelessly has been
> discussed before but as far as I can see, no solution have been
> presented to solve the problem. The Sound-drops appears only when
> playing any loss-less format like ogg or flac and wav files and
> setting the Squeezebox bitrate limiting to "no limit". The sound-drops

> appear every 4 to 5 seconds and last
> for about one second.
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