View Full Version : Analogue output Quality

Rod Savard
2004-11-24, 08:50
> time-bounded process, i.e. it's not critical that every byte of the file
> you are downloading should arrive at its destination precisely 1/44,100 th
> of a second after the previous byte (assuming CD sampling rate)

Why would bits arrive out of order or with messed up timing? The speed of
light through any given medium is fixed.

Audio CDs use 44.1khz sampling, 2 channel, 16-bit audio. If my calculations
are correct, that means a toslink cable must be able to handle 1,411,200 bps
(1.4 Mbps). That's nothing! Optical computer network cable can handle
1,000,000,000 bps (1.0 Gbps) without any problem. (Nowadays 10 Gbps
network cards are available.)

Personally I don't believe there could be a tangible difference in audio
quality between optical and coaxial digital cables (assuming you are not
using some cheap $2 cable that loses bits). Anecdotal evidence doesn't hold
much weight. I'd have to see a double-blind study to convince me that
there's a difference.

There should also be a way to set up a completely objective test to compare
digital vs coax with custom hardware. Send bits from one device to another
using each connection type and compare the "quality" of the received bits.