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2013-10-06, 05:47

So my Squeezebox installation have been running stable in what seems forever. (LMS 7.7.2)
However, yesterday I started having issues with two of my SB Classics. The screen on one was blinking and the other one kept crashing.

I rebooted the SBs + server etc. but the issue kept coming back.
During one of the SB reboots, I noticed that it got a wrong IP, (All my SBs are registered in my DHCP server and run with a “Static DHCP assigned IP”).

I then started looking into the issue, checked my DHCP server, tried both wired and wifi – but the one SB kept getting the wrong IP.
I then tested the other SB, same issue got a wrong IP – and the same IP as the first SB!!

I then tested with wireshark, and sure enough, both SBs were giving off a wrong MAC address.
For some reason these two SBs have decided to identify them self with a wrong MAC address.
They were supposed to have 00:04:20:07:--:A8 and 00:04:20:07:--:9C but now they both uses 00:04:20:ff:--:01

I have tried a factory reset, and I have tried downloading the firmware from the server again, but the issue still exists.

Any idea on what might have caused this, and more important how do I fix this?

Thank you in advance.


PS - Both SBs work, as long as only one is connected to the network at a time.

2013-10-06, 06:53
This old thread might (or might not) be helpful:


2013-10-06, 07:33
This old thread might (or might not) be helpful:


Thank you for your reply.

Since I had already tried the different firmware version that I had lying around, I thought I could give "mysqueezebox.com" a try.
When connecting the player to mysqueezebox.com it gave me the message "Your player needs to have its mac address reset, contact support".
Goggling that error lead me to this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?94015-Your-player-needs-to-have-its-mac-address-reset
that had the answer.

So thank you :)



Mark Miksis
2013-10-06, 07:43
I've seen this happen to my SB2's after a power glitch where a byte or 2 of the MAC will flip to FF. You can set the MAC address in the firmware menu.

2013-10-06, 10:37
You should edit your post that contains Mac addresses to remove them. People can cause you problems by using those Mac addresses inappropriaely. .