View Full Version : Songs skipping to next before end

2013-10-05, 20:48
I just upgraded firmware on Touch. Now all of a sudden songs are not playing to end and skipping to next.

Anybody else seeing this?

2013-10-06, 03:49
It's not happening to me. What version did you upgrade to? Are you running LMS on an external computer or NAS, or are you using the Touch's built-in server ("TinyLMS") with a USB drive?

2013-10-06, 06:32
LMS running on my laptop. Wireless double hop - which works for me I know it's not optimal. It wasn't doing this until I did the upgrade.

Actually this morning the Touch had upgrade message again. So maybe it didn't take? I just started firmware download again. Let's see.

2013-10-06, 11:07
Let it upgrade again and now working fine.