View Full Version : Auto Sync/Unsync at Power On/Off

2013-10-03, 19:34
Used to have this working flawlessly with 7.7.2, but can't get it to work with 7.7.3:

Using a combination of SyncOptions 2.2.0, TheSynchronizer 0.10.0, and the Synchronize options within the Player tab for a bunch of Squeezebox Radios, I was able to power on several radios in a customized sync group by using The Synchronizer in the Extras menu, listen to some tunes, then power off and automatically unsynchronize that entire group by pressing the power button on any of the radios in the group. That way, the system would be ready for my next session to turn on any one radio via its power button, listen to some tunes on it alone, and turn it off (without having all of the other radios turn on or automatically start playing what I wanted to listen to on the single radio).

In 7.7.3, I can replicate all of this functionality except when I power off a radio within a sync group using its power button, all of the other synced radios power down as expected, but only the radio whose power button I press actually unsyncs from the group. This leaves all of the remaining radios synced (but powered down), meaning when I turn one back on to listen to it alone, all of the other ones turn on with it and play as well. Anyone have any thoughts on what I am missing? This workflow met all of my use cases perfectly, and I'm struggling to get it back since upgrading.