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  1. Announce: puddletag...a native Linux tag-editor similar to mp3tag
  2. Identifying files before and after renaming - mp3 format finding end of id3v2 tags
  3. Compilation Woes :-(
  4. My "complete" guide to digital audio
  5. Idiots guide to tagging
  6. Foobar - How do you clear the library?
  7. More than one genre?
  8. Batch retrieval of album art
  9. Editing 24/48 WAV file
  10. Playing FLAC files in windows
  11. same files show up 2x after updating server
  12. The best 'compromised' workflow
  13. A simple tagging issue
  14. Metadata for artist in classical music.
  15. HDCD decoding?
  16. Curating Artwork on Mac
  17. Linux rip to flac
  18. WAV to FLAC Conversion--Should I do it?
  19. FLAC tracks to single MP3
  20. Replacement for WMP
  21. How to tag an Album
  22. another windows curio, char length and mp3tag
  23. FLAC tagging questions for SBS
  24. Ripping Audio Tracks From Blu-ray
  25. mp3tag question, create folders, and move file, based on AA tag possible?
  26. Copy protected CD :(
  27. DVD Audio - to keep or to discard?
  28. FLAC Albums with the same title are treated as a single album
  29. Jaikoz Music Tagger
  30. How many genres do you use
  31. WMV audio streaming?
  32. Backing up Flac files to external hard drive
  33. EAC hacked?
  34. Q: Ripping audio from DVDs on Mac
  35. Anyone using flactag?
  36. m3u stream problem
  37. New DVD Drive Giving Problems
  38. How to setup playlists for Squeezecenter & MP3 players?
  39. My convert.conf isn't being updated...
  40. Foobar2000 TPE2 question
  41. 20/48 WAV playback supported?
  42. Native formats is AAC one?
  43. 'ALBUM ARTIST' or 'ALBUMARTIST', Does it matter?
  44. Sb3 + 24/96?
  45. Automated batch tagging has arrived!
  46. Have you used puddletag?
  47. Apple Lossless Woes & Re-Ripping
  48. Replaygain settings within cue files
  49. Simplest encoding method for streaming (...that supports metatags...)
  50. Single album displays as 2 (tried many taggers..)
  51. hi-res ALAC files show up as 16-bit on Squeezebox v3 (SB3)
  52. New User: How to Tag Albums that are "Unknown"
  53. WAV vs FLAC
  54. How to tag musicals
  55. What is the "flc flc transcode *" entry for?
  56. convert.conf taking precedence over custom-convert.conf
  57. Two sox binaries on a Linux box - which is used?
  58. Problems setting up EAC and FLAC
  59. dbPoweramp R14 has been released
  60. Track-artist tagging confusion
  61. Compilation Tagging
  62. Problem with playing vlc recorded files (timeshifted)
  63. Using replay gain for random playback, but not for album playback
  64. ReplayGain for DTS tracks - a solution
  65. Jaicoz - a very helpful tool
  66. Ripping pre track 1 gap & FLAC to WAV
  67. DVR Type software?
  68. album split into multiple albums (SOLVED)
  69. no artist...delete
  70. Bset software for manual and or automatic playlist creation
  71. how to transcode?
  72. Tagging Compilations to work for SBS/iTunes/iPhone?
  73. dbPoweramp vs. Winamp Conversion
  74. How to know if 24 bits/96 khz true or not
  75. Timing problem while ripping CD
  76. where do you source your tag metadata?
  77. Replaygain batch editor?
  78. I'm stumped
  79. Help w/playlist problem with 24/88.1/96 files
  80. Cannot figure this one out
  81. re-joining split files, how to?
  82. Audio Enhancer android app (vibrant) ?
  83. DVD Audio ripped FLAC VBR files won't play
  84. very odd comp tag question
  85. album art
  86. SB says I've got 25K songs, Windows says I've got 48K
  87. Best way to rip dvd to flac
  89. Mp3tag playlist question
  90. How to downsample from 192 kHz to 96 kHz on the Mac?
  91. new EAC out, v1!
  92. Album sorting help please
  93. can't find track to add to playlist
  94. MusicIP - what am I doing wrong?
  95. Weird: MP3Tag Works from Thumb Drive Against Vortexbox files, But Not Hard Disk!
  96. Album Art FLAC-> MP3
  97. Multiple artists showing for one album
  98. Classical Music, Cue-sheets and FLAC files
  99. Media Monkey's trancoding of FLAC to MP3 for iPod Sync?
  100. can i do this?
  101. Artist "moe." is not being tagged correctly since getting Touch
  102. "Forced" and unwanted volume adjustment
  103. PNG or JPEG for Artwork
  104. Been using Eac for ages want to use dbpoweramp now help
  105. how to find where scanning fails?
  106. fake musicbrainz id for trackstat
  107. Genpuid advice
  108. Ripping 24/96 DAD
  109. Don't know what I am doing wrong
  110. Difference between WAV and MP3 files
  111. FLAC to Apple Lossless - should I ?
  112. album cover art not displaying
  113. Flac music sites
  114. Tagging problem
  115. Album should show up for 'Artist' not the 'Performing artists'
  116. Tagging question
  117. Need help with 'My Music'
  118. songs double after scan
  119. How to make a split between Classical and Pop library?
  120. Custom Browse showing everything twice
  121. Error message when converting FLAC to MP3
  122. PC to Mac: can I transfer my EAC settings?
  123. Album art being derived from COPYRIGHT URL
  124. Can't rip flac
  125. Multy-CD sets - how to rip and organize? - help is needed
  126. dBpoweramp for non-CD's?
  127. Mp3tag changes not recognised by Squeezebox
  128. EAC Hesitation
  129. Album Artist Sort
  130. Streming flac+cuesheet image vs individual files
  131. Squeezebox not recognising file changes on NAS
  132. CUE based splitting & tagging
  133. Squeezebox displays two artists as being the same
  134. M3U files??
  135. Artist vs Album Artist
  136. setting
  137. Free Program to Scan CD Cover Art
  138. FILETYPES supported
  139. dBpoweramp FLAC to MP3 conversion speed?
  140. why why why
  141. OT -- WMP and M4A
  142. Priorities
  143. Rip Multi CD sets into 1 via dbpoweramp
  144. FLAC to CD burning program for Mac?
  145. ALAC to FLAC transcoding half the bitrate ??
  146. Is there a way to Merge Flac Tracks of Album into 1 Flac
  147. Any advantage to encoding Flac to Compression Level 1 as advised by Soundcheck?
  148. Rating files...
  149. TrackStat backup?
  150. sox Broken Pipe Error
  151. .9624 filwe extension
  152. Newbie tagging classical questions
  153. Streaming services and replay gain?
  154. Musicbrainz tagger which retains file modification date??
  155. Composer Tag - Anybody using on non-classical music?
  156. Robert Palmer - The Tag ??
  157. Multi Disc Sets - Inconsistent issue with Split albums
  158. Best way to boost levels?
  159. RePlay Gain question
  160. FLAC to mp3 utility / id3v2.3
  161. How manage CD-singles
  162. Problem with MP3 "Discnumber/TPOS" Tag
  163. Repair corrupted Flac files?
  164. replaygain debate, track vs album, random mix
  165. Google Images - A change?
  166. Rip and Tag with FLAC on a Mac
  167. Newbie Tagging Question
  168. Last.fm Genre tags?
  169. Puddletag problem
  170. iTunes Music Store / SBS question
  171. Vinyl transfer
  172. Transcoding 24/44.1 and 24/96 for use on portable players
  173. LINN FLAC Downloads : Poor Tagging
  174. CD to FLAC and back again
  175. Classical Box Sets
  176. Plan for sorting albums by year
  177. clipping...?
  178. Album Cover Size
  179. Album Art Finder program for Mac ?
  180. Get album date tag info?
  181. FLAC or Apple Lossless ?
  182. OS X Service to Add Album Art to FLAC
  183. Album / Album Artist - tagging problems
  184. Ripping AAC with iTunes problem
  185. "Track 01" to "Track N" comments
  186. Don't throw out your ancient CD-ROM drives!
  187. Problem with tagging
  188. "Various Artists" in Artists
  189. Splitting one big FLAC file
  190. Is SBS case sensitive where artists are concerned?
  191. Artist Menu - Listing by Surname
  192. Problem with year tag on one album
  193. converting wav > flac...artist="flac"
  194. Trouble with albumartist tagging
  195. I need help please
  196. Changing Artist tag...
  197. Classical music metadata
  198. advice needed : bottleneck for CD ripping
  199. Multiple tracks to a single FLAC?
  200. Want to help preparing for the future, automatic metadata ?
  201. flac to lossy for mp3 player
  202. Strange Various Artists Issue
  203. make playlist of songs tagged both Genre1 AND Genre2, but not just Genre1 OR Genre2?
  204. Tagging tracks with "featuring" artist
  205. Comments in Tags
  206. Eac ripping damaged discs
  207. positive replaygain
  208. mp3 codec analyzer?
  209. find ip and port of a radio stream
  210. Would apprecaite tagging help
  211. Splitting a classical album question
  212. DTS/AC3 Multichannel Conversion
  213. How to mirror FLAC to mp3 on Vortexbox Appliance for iTunes
  214. Sorting Compilations by Year - Tag TDRC vs. TDOR
  215. Help!
  216. Embedding artwork and automatic down-sizing
  217. Convert APE to FLAC
  218. FLAC Files not being seen
  219. What tags/practices do you recommend for Flac?
  220. Real time streaming
  221. multiple frames and separator characters, any standards?
  222. Is there a tag program that will do the following...
  223. tracking down "Unable to read tags from file" in log
  224. DISCNUMBER and mp3tag with MusicBrainz
  225. VA wiki page a disgrace!
  226. Upper and lower case tags
  227. Adding tags (not replacing)
  228. WMA Lossless not playing properly
  229. Confused album art
  230. MP3 on Mac for streaming
  231. Manipulating playlists
  232. Conditional transcoding
  233. Sorting problem
  234. Converting from WMA lossless to other format in Linux
  235. Not supported sample frequency
  236. 192kHz ape doesn´t play anymore
  237. Artists & compilation tag
  238. How to manage large DBs 50.000songs+, album art tagging
  239. Software to check/validate mp3 files ?
  240. Getting ready to tag large collection...any tips?
  241. MP3Tag and Album Art-basic question
  242. flac to mp3 trouble shooting
  243. flac compression/size discrepancies
  244. cue-sheets with special Characters/Umlauts
  245. Selective transcoding from flac to mp3
  246. Weird Genpuid Problem
  247. Transcoding/downsample for one Device - How?
  248. Ripping double CD sets
  249. Puzzler
  250. Composer tag just with genre "classic"