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  1. Oh-oh,the ethernet/USB cable dispute all over again ...
  2. New Transporter user - Best digital connection to Dac?
  3. Transporter as Dac, RCA input....word clock options?
  4. For Sale: Transporter with NAV Wheel
  5. Hires AIFF files greater than 24/96, best way to playback on Transporter?
  6. A newspaper article that gets it right
  7. From the "You can't make this stuff up" files
  8. Audiophile download of the day
  9. Meridian's MQA - a few thoughts, possible concerns...
  10. PCWorld (IDG News) Reviews Pono Player
  11. Volume issues with new Transporter (quiet or distorted - pick one!)
  12. Inches to DB???
  13. Last words on PONO...
  14. Multichannel Playback - ideas and music?
  15. KEF X300A's and the Squeezebox Radio's output - A good fit?
  16. Selling my Russ Andrews SqueezePak Power Supply for Squeezebox Touch / Classic
  17. MUSINGS: What Is The Value of High Resolution Audio?
  18. CD's vs. vinyl
  19. Bob Dylan's "Shadows In The Night" - when 24-bit HRA isn't!
  20. Now where's that checkbook..
  21. Moved to Squeezebox way of things... best strategy for my Hires/ DSD/ ISO files?
  22. MEASUREMENTS: Ethernet Cable and Audio...
  23. Squeezebox Touch + Toolbox 3 + EDO = XRUN Buffer issue
  24. Stereophile's "Chinese Wall" between advertising and editorial departments
  25. Reformed Audiophile True Confessions
  26. Another expensive USB cable
  27. A Letter Home in 24/192!
  28. Tidal launch review
  29. Digital Music Systems - track limits!?
  30. Cable burn in
  31. Monday Morning Howler
  32. I am overwhelmed by a tidal wave of goodness!!
  33. Internet Blind Test: Linear vs. Minimum Digital Filters...
  34. Noise reduction with the Corning Optical USB 3 cable...
  35. 10 thoughts on audiophilia
  36. What ever happened to the "AVX/AIX High-Resolution Test"?
  37. PC internal Noise reduction products
  38. uptone audio regen
  39. MEASUREMENTS: Computer USB port noise, USB hubs and the 8kHz PHY Packet Noise
  40. Mystery Solved - The source of this forum's crazies
  41. External clock for my Transporter...
  42. Mark Waldrep vs. "CD Illumination"
  43. AKM4420 vs AKM4396
  44. Why foo (aven audiophile foo) matters
  45. MEASURMENTS: Speaker Cables - Canare, Kimber, and the "Frankenstein"
  46. This time, it WAS the (USB) cable
  47. Piss take or serious?
  48. Is anybody sick of the recent spate of threads?
  49. What The Future Of Audio Might Look Like In A Digital World
  50. How flame wars start
  51. power strips/conditioners
  52. Bootleg Recordings: Soundboard versus Audience
  53. Floyd Toole: Sound reproduction – art and science/opinions and facts
  54. Seeking suggestions for a new term/label
  55. Ars prepares to put “audiophile” Ethernet cables to the test
  56. Question on equipment
  57. Singer-songwriter & musician Neil Young said 7/15/2015 he won’t allow streaming his m
  58. Stereophile.com In depth Double Blind Test of Audiophiles
  59. Cut your speakers in half!
  60. I need a new turntable. Suggestions.
  61. Ars Technica / Randi Ethernet Test Results...
  62. Calling Arny... What do you make of this? (Amir's ABX again...)
  63. MEASUREMENTS: PonoPlayer!
  64. MEASUREMENTS: Audiophile Sound and Operating Systems. (Windows 8.1, Windows 10...)
  65. MEASUREMENTS: Audiophile Sound and Operating Systems. (Windows 8.1, Windows 10...)
  66. Merchants of Doubt
  67. The Case for Ignorance
  68. generating free energy by using chrystal
  69. Once again - does wav sound different than flac?
  70. Marantz NA6005
  71. Amazingly cheap audio upgrade kit !!!
  72. Put on your hip waders
  73. Surprised at sound quality from Transporter toslink to DAC...
  74. Technical Question: Is the amount of jitter a function of the type of connection?
  75. MUSINGS: Meditations on the limitations of hearing & listening.
  76. Audio Woo Checklist
  77. New AKM 4490 DAC
  78. Logitech Transporter replacement
  79. Sennheiser Orpheus successor Sennheiser HE1060/HEV1060
  80. Dithered volume control for Squeezebox
  81. The ideal audiophile accessory
  82. Doubling Down
  83. Post on AudioVero's Acourate...
  84. Newest USB Technology. Trust your ears!
  85. Interesting reseach paper
  86. Windows 7.1 Mixer performance
  87. If you thought mastering was rocket science...
  88. The next 20 years in Audio
  89. MUSINGS: The Wisdom of Simplicity? Another take on recent Stereophile "As We See It".
  90. Too bad it is just after christmas..
  91. For Sale: Transport fully modded Modwright Platinum Signature
  92. How good are the analog outputs on Classic & Touch?
  93. A Look at MQA...
  94. A nice review of the Roon software
  95. Halftime Show Audi Feed
  96. AudioQuest's Casablanca moment
  97. Gravitational Waves
  98. MEASUREMENTS / IMPRESSIONS: PCM 24/192 vs. Decoded MQA using Meridian Explorer2
  99. All day battery power for Touch - £24
  100. Appropriate non sequitur comic today...
  101. Where does it end?
  102. Amazon to be an authorized McIntosh dealer
  103. After vinyl, it's cassettes
  104. Audiostream's "Silent Majority"
  105. Sound familiar?
  106. soundcheck toolbox 3.0 not compatible with TIDAL
  107. Hi-Res or not Hi-Res at Qobuz - this isthe question.
  108. Hi-Res or not Hi-Res at Qobuz - thisis the question.
  109. Audiophile power cables don't just seem like a scam - they actually are.
  110. Guys... Get a load of this! :-)
  111. advice needed: Audiolab m-dac or m-dac plus with SBT?
  112. At lea st audiophiles are consistent
  113. Devialet Phantom Speakers
  114. 16bit or 24 bit DAC..?
  115. How to connect Touch?
  116. OT: Repair of Yamaha amplifiers in Parisarea?
  117. Lost jumper plate/strap for my Cerwin Vega xls 215s- advice please !
  118. Blue Tooth questions
  119. Picoreplayer 24bit over i2s
  120. 16bit versus 24bit versus dynamic range
  121. The return of the Super LP List
  122. RCA splitter cable makes signal quiet ?
  123. Question about Stereophile's "16 bit undithered sine at -90dB"
  124. Interconnects and Power leads. Snake Oil?
  125. Transporter or External DAC - Advice Needed
  126. Does the Transporter get over burdened with 24/96 files?
  127. Study finds ...
  128. Fix for spuriously rebooting Transporter
  129. Overheating Logitech Transporter
  130. Hi-Fi News test of iFi Audio USB iPurifier2
  131. Transporter slow to boot - power supply issue?
  132. New study on vinyl buyers
  133. Cables? How about a Personal Electric Service
  134. Mono vs Stereo
  135. Alternatives to MQA - "Bit freezing"
  136. Peter Belt Morphic Link Paper Clips
  137. Where can I get some kool-aid?
  138. Low budget clean power
  139. Let's build a vacuum amplifier - hell -whi=y not make the tubes yourself?
  140. Stream URL's Request (Absolute Radio)
  141. MEASUREMENTS: Raspberry Pi 3 & HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro...
  142. Extend car audio and video signal
  143. The Missing Octave(s) - Audacity Remastering to Restore Tracks
  144. Deezer remot on Transporter
  145. free upgrade for linux LMS users
  146. The McGurk Effect - interesting illusion how what you see can affect what you hear
  147. Speaker recommendation
  148. Managing Loudness in a Music Library
  149. Transporter vs Airdac or mdac
  150. Samsung note owns Harmon International
  151. Bought a New Dac but had a problem
  152. DietPi now has Roon Install Available
  153. External DAC on Transporter: best output option
  154. MPD / Squeezelite Comparo
  155. worth a read
  156. Software Updates
  157. Chips
  158. Euphony Audio
  159. Analogue or Digital?
  160. So they recommend Cat8 ethernet cables now!?
  161. Interesting read regarding bandwidth of musical instruments
  162. DSP based room optimization
  163. Hifiberry Digi+ Pro
  164. Power failures and brownouts
  165. MEASUREMENTS: Raspberry Pi 3 as USB Streamer (+ CRAAP config & TIDAL/MQA arrives)
  166. Transporter Repairs?
  167. Audiofools - an opportunity for one of you?
  168. Plugin for 432Hz adjustment
  169. Transporter SE does not play from digital inputs
  170. Intona USB thing
  171. Our Music Listening... in 10 years.
  172. Is 24bit/44.1kHz high resolution or marketing BS?
  173. Quick question about DAC "filters"
  174. Unused Transporter SE's on eBay.com
  175. CD WAV vs. HDTracks WAV Blind Test
  176. MUSINGS: Computer Audio Part I: Demystifying "Computer Audio Demystified"
  177. convert.conf command conditional on incoming sampling rate
  178. HIGHRESAUDIO to stop offering MQA
  179. transporter digital loop and digital input selection
  180. Some thoughts on the Audiophile Holy Wars :-).
  181. Hifiberry Digi+Pro + RPi3?
  182. Problems with GUI for Linux LMS after latest Windows 10 update
  183. By-passing SB Touch DAC?
  184. Transporter not playing large (24/96) files properly
  185. "Too loud", "too quiet" opinions: what are the factors?
  186. INTERNET BLIND TEST: MQA Core Decoding vs. Standard Hi-Res Audio
  187. Transporter vs. Touch via digital outputs
  188. Buying a transporter these days
  189. Poor Spotify Sound Quality .......................
  190. FS : Logitech Transporter
  191. Internet Blind Test: MQA Core Decode vs. Hi-Res PCM - RESULTS...
  192. NAS > Transporter > Amp which final connection?
  193. Final MQA Round-Up...
  194. 20 interesting facts about MQA
  195. More info on the intona
  196. What sort of quality do people get when they download so-called "Hi Rez"
  197. Archimago Blog on amp power gets lot of interest on Facebook
  198. Squeezebox Classic and Deezer Hifi
  199. Squezzebox 3: power supply recommendation. other tips?
  200. Transporter switching itself on
  201. Dilemma
  202. Subwoofer recomendations
  203. The myth about filter ringing
  204. TeraDak Power Supply for Touch
  205. The Hilarity Never Stops
  206. arnyk RIP
  207. Hahahahahahahahaha
  208. Best Streaming Hardware For Audiophile and Hi Res File Support
  209. RIP Siegfried Linkwitz
  210. Transporter - no audio for 24/96 Tom Petty file
  211. transporter: upsample files with sox and drop external DAC?
  212. Transporter dropouts
  213. SB3 Picking up a Garbled Radio Static?
  214. Second Hand Transporter - Aberdeen Mod
  215. i need some cash can anybody help me out please?
  216. Transporter + Duet for sale 500 $
  217. Inguz EQ/DRC
  218. Using Transporter TOSLINK output for Bluetooth adaptor?
  219. 32bit WAVE files Little endian do not play on LMS - any tips?
  220. Tidal & Spotty Plugins
  221. BLIND TEST INVITE: Do digital audio players sound different?
  222. DSD extension watch item
  223. DTS Play-Fi
  224. Spotify audio quality question
  225. Transporter newbie
  226. Best easy HIFI alternative to SBT +EDO? With widely compatible sync USB 192k/24b out?
  227. Handling HDCD
  228. levitating turntable
  229. underclocking RPi to reduce jitter by matching clock with standard sample rates
  230. Transporter vs Touch with EDO
  231. Inguz - not working on Radio or Spotty
  232. Khadas Tone Board
  233. Logitech transporter no sound