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  1. Protocol handlers and setting stream format ?
  2. LMS 7.8.1 or 7.9.0? Which way to go?
  3. Building the MacOSX package
  4. Making OPML plugins visible in web ui ?
  5. Multiple My Apps menu entries from a single plugin ?
  6. LMS 7.9 - disruptive changes ahead
  7. Looking for good ideas: scan times on Windows vs. other (OSX)
  8. Best way to create little web interface
  9. Separate music library based on type of content (audiobook, classical, child) ?
  10. control Server by http GET request from smart home system
  11. Opposite sleep problems on Mac OS X (Maverick) between 7.7.3 and 7.8.1/7.9
  12. upnp metadata
  13. LMS Plugin
  14. Empty items in JSONRPC
  15. Developer Debugging Strategy - How do you do this?
  16. New plugin developer needing some help to get started on the HelloWorld tutorial
  17. Development Tool Recommendations - Komodo IDE/Other
  18. Help regarding streaming from local LMS through protocol handler ?
  19. Model identifiers for third party player apps ?
  20. Need a little help updating a plugin
  21. Possible to stream to LMS from https sources ?
  22. Which player models have a permanent uuid ?
  23. ickStream API documentation
  24. nextWindow => "nowPlaying" not working
  25. How to deal with LMS' Perl binaries mess on Linux?...
  26. Subscribe LMS plugin
  27. Programmatically discover players + programmatically switch servers of players?
  28. No item_id for 3rd party Spotify app when retrieving list of My Apps
  29. Is it possible to stream a .mp3 file from internet?
  30. How create my software and application
  31. How create my software and application
  32. Suppress dedicated popup when playing podcast episodes
  33. How to play a remote mp3 from a menu item
  34. Start playing a remote mp3 at specific position
  35. Is it possible to have a bold font in a menu item?
  36. Panic in Scheduler.pm killing SB server
  37. IDtag removed from streams by LMS ?
  38. How to cache multidimensional hash
  39. Is muting broken again?
  40. Deleting Favorites item from CL interface
  41. What is the best way to display an html page in a Plugin
  42. Changes to squeezeplay for >7.7.3 & >7.8 not public?
  43. Best way to make an app / plugin "visible" for users
  44. FLAC update needed to address security concerns?
  45. Cubietruck (Cubieboard 3) armhf, Debian Jessie and Logitech Media Server
  46. How to add Track information to the playing infos
  47. Wrong plugin installed on 7.9
  48. filsize after transcoding
  49. Cross-Compiling Binaries
  50. Need advice on how to approach a new plugin development.
  51. Protocol documentation (Comet, JSON, ?)
  52. Squeezebox as a VFD Display for XBMC info
  53. Memory leak with LMS 7.9.0 nightly
  54. Add list of tracks to playlist?!
  55. CLI - help with "serverstatus" compound query
  56. cometd.js subscribe example?
  57. Need advice: A plugin to let people enter SOX parametrs for upsampling in LMS
  58. SimpleAsyncHTTP Problem
  59. [Perl newbie] How to install an AES crypto module on LMS?
  60. Status - 8 when repeat and shuffle == 1
  61. Clone SB config
  62. Basic question about config file location
  63. 404 new file in theme
  64. How to change file permission at installation
  65. Firewall issue with binary of a plugin
  66. Fetch a file from an URL
  67. Too many redirection
  68. different versions in a repo
  69. how to trigger the getMetadataFor callback in case of new metadata?
  70. What makes a plugin being detected "updated"
  71. Multicast, how detect my LMS in my home ?
  72. Change in AIFF format between 7.7x and 7.9 ?
  73. How to fork in a plugin with LMS?
  74. Encoding for getMetadataFor?
  75. Google Text To Speech and playlist
  76. Retrieve library
  77. Display .mht in another tab
  78. Getting rid of ARTIST contributor role
  79. Spotify & JSON RPC
  80. Stable version for ARM v6 or v7
  81. Spotify library (no, not the .so)
  82. Playlist direct access
  83. Phil's Library plugin, and LMS patch
  84. Display brightness from plugin
  85. Valid options for "response" in CometD subscription request?
  86. More CometD: Subscribe to multiple player notifications?
  87. password for cli
  88. albumart for radio stream and various plugins
  89. SimpleAsyncHTTP and redirect
  90. Disk and folder browsing
  91. Simple entry box + play at toplevel
  92. Can't call method "content_type" on an undefined value.....
  93. Menu handling problem
  94. Constant call to getMetaDataFor
  95. RemoteStream and HTTP redirect
  96. Favorites
  97. Change font/color in menu items
  98. Playing TS files
  99. Possible to use SB IR to IP / web gateway?
  100. Playlist addition in overridePlayback function
  101. sqlite_create_functio n failed with error unable to delete/modify user-function....
  102. Using socks5 in LMS
  103. Various artists - couple of issues
  104. Hash results in CLI queries
  105. Pcm downsampling when the client could not reproduce original samplerate
  106. Problem with cloned plugin
  107. Volume command sent twice ?
  108. JSON/RPC Flickr "slideshow":1
  109. CLI: playlist play
  110. JSON and UTF-8
  111. Squeezebox remote for kodi
  112. How to know if a track is being transcoded ?
  113. JSON return ?
  114. Chromecast audio
  115. Bug in current playlist request (e. g. status 0 100)?
  116. Need help with Plugin
  117. Advertise LMS with Avahi
  118. a bunch of suggestions what a new UI should have
  119. Slightly OT: Android client
  120. Lost execute permission after plugin installation
  121. LMS Path variable: /usr/bin excluded for 3rd part binaries by El Capitan
  122. Artwork resize failed
  123. Applet instal on LMS 7.9 issue
  124. Advise user wait for Plugin to download before restart.
  125. Server restart
  126. How to additems in a player setting page
  127. 7.9 Playlist issues in Web GUI
  128. mad vers mpg123
  129. Acquiring the cover art for a favorite item with the CLI.
  130. Server detection with bash (UDP discovery packet sent, but no answer)
  131. LMS on TinyCore
  132. Redirection limit exceeded in plugin download on sourceforge (new since yesterday ?)
  133. glibc-vulnerability: CVE-2015-7547: glibc getaddrinfo stack-based buffer overflow
  134. Help with JSON RPC and Spotify Search
  135. Way to detect web interface or app requesting a menu
  136. Using SimpleAsyncHTTP in Settings.pm
  137. Server crash always v7.9.0, 1456998726
  138. Controlling Player Sync
  139. Where can I find the CLI documentation?
  140. Webgui "Bigger Icons for Playlistcontrol"
  141. Boom firmware source code
  142. Lua JSON
  143. repo.xml to (Michael H. or Pipin)
  144. Clearing contents of virtual libraries
  145. Subscribe to rescan
  146. Comparing undefined values in perl
  147. IOS Client
  148. What section of a plugin gets called when a URL is triggered?
  149. Spotify plugin(s)
  150. Plugin versions for beta releases
  151. Migrating plugin preferences
  152. 3rd Party Shoutcast-Plugin
  153. "songinfo" on CLI
  154. Special tag to start a YT video at a given position
  155. Access the player/song context from a HTTP-derived class
  156. a fast CRC32 for Perl
  157. update bitrate line after playback has started
  158. Plugin issue only on Jessie
  159. JSON/RPC with MySqueezebox.com in Control Applications
  160. fast forward/reward emulation
  161. Accept on Windows
  162. New install
  163. Perl version per platform?
  164. addRead usage
  165. Strange SimpleAsync::HTTP problem
  166. how does metadata (artwork) update works for players
  167. canDoAction equivalent for volume
  168. Cometd and MySqueezebox.com
  169. Traversing directory tree and retrieving server settings
  170. Any way to trigger a Xilinx reprogramming via CLI?
  171. CLI and TuneIn
  172. Windows, STDIN and Socketwrapper
  173. Slightly OT: Amplifiers
  174. cli changes
  175. Please help a newbie
  176. Trouble seeking into a remote track
  177. Debugger/Data Dumper for JSON/RPC Interface?
  178. 'songinfo' jsonrpc call for Deezer track through ickstream
  179. Buffer threshold
  180. Force transcoding from plugin or have LMS accept raw ALAC
  181. Problem in send an Multicast request and reading the response
  182. Code Explanation Needed: Disable Submit Buttons on WebUI. How to?
  183. Parsing with JSON.
  184. basic.html: not found
  185. sub fade_volume
  186. Retrieving entries from install.xml
  187. SSL terminating proxy for SB?
  188. What determines availability of Slim::Networking::Async::Socket::HTTPS ?
  189. catching volume change requests
  190. Add title / album by ID
  191. path to images in plugin HTML directory?
  192. Developer request
  193. async::HTTP::Server usage
  194. Help with Plugin - How to report track position (time) from ProtocolHandler
  195. API for Home Automation
  196. How do I flush the playback buffer?
  197. Refreshing a setting page in callback
  198. Opinion on architecture
  199. UI change for sync groups
  200. Codec order in 7.9
  201. Subscribing to server events from Python?
  202. Spotify search problems
  203. Sample rate for PCM when resampling
  204. titleFormat - for Jive-like players
  205. Rewrite a URL before redirect
  206. SimpleAsyncHTTP: getting the last redirected url
  207. End of Spotify plugins?
  208. Help: Implementing websockets in a plugin
  209. Plugin update
  210. LMS caching menu item image
  211. Best practice for plugin calling /jsonrpc.js with LMS password protection in place
  212. Help on Audio::Scan 0.9.5
  213. Diialog: Some settings were changed. Do you want to save them?
  214. How to best send asynchronous HTTP client requests in C?
  215. Qobuz and resampling
  216. Getting 'Status' for multiple players simultaneoulsy
  217. MessageBox for UserInteraction
  218. Fusion Research Ovation Music Manager?
  219. Plug-in menu item
  220. Spotify playlists
  221. albums API request - compilation result issue
  222. POST Login via SimpleAsyncHTTP
  223. call a Perl function in an html page
  224. content-type of images from cache (proxy)
  225. hash as a reference is deprecated - InguzEQ plugin.pm
  226. Jsonrpc album artist / order
  227. order of INC
  228. FileViewer
  229. Plugin track playlist state
  230. Notification on sync/unsync
  231. Adding new / overloading existing command
  232. Problem with adding a Page Handler...
  233. Sending the "Default" $params to a non default handler.
  234. Updating Dependencies & Minimum Build Specs
  235. Undefined Subroutinge Data::Dump::dump.
  236. CLI command songinfo bug?
  237. Slimdevices binary download pages compromized?? Trojan discovered! Azden.A!cl
  238. Sending an eMail message after certing server actions, e.g. Scanner finished.
  239. Developing a skin-template
  240. addDispatch problem?
  241. LMS on rtd1296 (aarm64)
  242. item lists in library browsing
  243. iPeng and YT
  244. 'all tracks' in library browsing
  245. spotty and 'all songs'
  246. QOBUZ Plugin buffering/caching.
  247. Multi library and cli
  248. Radio & Touch protocol
  249. Forcing playback state and offset from a protocol handler plugin
  250. Forcing playback state and offset from protocol handler plugin