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  1. Jive/Lua API Documentation ?
  2. Determine that playback failed?
  3. Dynamic popup UI's widgets on a device from serverside ?
  4. Problems with "aude" command
  5. RFC: Change to STATUS.HTML file in SBS
  6. SHOW cli-command at Squeezebox Radio
  7. Issue when building Audio-Scan-0.88 on OpenSolaris
  8. Alternative in 7.6 for
  9. CLI delete favourite
  10. URL for artwork for currently playing song missing
  11. jsonrcp v. cometd
  12. mixermenu query - anybody still using?
  13. Help trying to understand perl scripts
  14. CLI Bug: artists query returns two Various Artists entries
  15. Is third-party plugin access to 'browse' library underonebrowser possible?
  16. a question about SBS broadcasts
  17. Getting MySB account id from applet ?
  18. Really large WAL file, possible causes ?
  19. Unable to restore schema message
  20. Does CLI support concurrent connections from the same client?
  21. Support for asymmetric decryption in applets and plugins, what's available ?
  22. 7.6.1 and SQLite WAL - access from remote machine
  23. applet : how to change defaultSettings of an applet ?
  24. Where are illegals plugins/applet ?
  25. Search Within Words
  26. Commercial solution for plugins/applets, any interests ?
  27. separated wav files with cue
  28. 8tracks ... can someone read this on its squeezebox (xspf/m4a) ?
  29. [lua] shame on me : but how to test if a var is a table or a string ?
  30. Where is ReplayGain implemented?
  31. faad, flac, sox et al
  32. Detecting Play after Pause in plugin
  33. SQLite Open the SBS DB anymore?
  34. Interested in contributing to community project related to music discovery ?
  35. Can an applet register an entry in the "+" menu ? and how ?
  36. Add web pages help
  37. CLI "tracks 0 1 tags:" request takes 56 seconds
  38. Please help: 7.6.1 cache folder
  39. Complex searches via CLI
  40. Presentation and tiny util to import songs ratings from QuodLibet
  41. How to update Touch firmware using SSH from command line?
  42. Converting some SQL from MySQL to SQLite
  43. SBS maximum session count
  44. Suggestion for direct access to a track on the Squeezebox Touch
  45. logBacktrace statement in SqueezeSlave.pm
  46. Multiple .jpg and .txt support?
  47. Filtermusic.net - plugin development
  48. is squeezebox server joining a multicast group?
  49. Memory leak/usage when repeating query ?
  50. Battery Life Engineering Problem
  51. Shell-FM and SBS : it could usable
  52. Spinner in menu item
  53. Is there a place ? is it a good idea ? a multi-usage applet
  54. Where to find Default.map?
  55. apps control via CLI
  56. CLI musicfolder bug (??)
  57. JSON radios/xmlbrowser problems
  58. Fedora service control fumbles after server restart
  59. XBMC as Squeezebox Player
  60. Playdar / Tomahawk : the future of the music ! SB should follow
  61. Reconciling server restart
  62. Perl 5.14.2 binary modules for wheezy
  63. Bugzilla reminder
  64. Not formatted timestamp in log file: stdout-SqueezePlay.txt
  65. Command for a player to show an artwork url?
  66. Client protocol (Back for more punishment)
  67. Arcane CLI encoding issue
  68. scrollInit subverts scroll rate for RSS News plugin
  69. SB Radio: Alarm Window shouldn't be closed when snoozing
  70. SB Radio: Second alarm in alarm
  71. Keep SB receiver line level fixed
  72. Radioio app not meshing with radioio servers.
  73. When is /public/plugins/other.xml updated?
  74. What causes "type:unk" tracks to be added to the database?
  75. Handling of illegal characters in tags
  76. SqueezeBox Touch HELO message capabilities string
  77. CLI command to move to previous / next track
  78. Need assistance with grfe command
  79. Modifying audio capabilities of Radio/Touch?
  80. Getting started with developing on Windows
  81. jsonrpc.js commands
  82. How to access sources via SVN?
  83. SBS get meta data for http streams
  84. Block the volume out of the sq touch to 100%
  85. xmlbrowser issues
  86. is there a way to make plugins auto-reload while developing?
  87. "Simple" Classical Plugin Request
  88. trying to connect via comet...
  89. v7.7.x Broken code in Slim::Player::Protocols::HTTP
  90. Playing a new file type in LMS
  91. Plug-In to extend the arguments list of an existing CLI command ??
  92. UPnP port in LMS server
  93. image/icon support in xmlbrowser?
  94. SqueezeSvr.exe command line switches ?
  95. CoverID v artwork_track_id in CLI
  96. rapidly changing data in xmlbrowser?
  97. Simple LUA commands from home automation controller
  98. How does streaming work?
  99. Squeezebox Apps
  100. What "apps" are enabled using CLI and/or JSON?
  101. CLI "pause" command being ignored
  102. still trying to figure out playlist/playall in xmlbrowser
  103. Problem with socket not returning data on callback in plugin
  104. Cli and Remote Streams
  105. Writing a plugin
  106. Add items to My Music "More" menu?
  107. Edit playlists via cli
  108. SqueezeNetwork Player Reporting Issue (Comet, Long-polling)
  109. How to install "local" plugin?
  110. Determine the current shuffle mode?
  111. CLI Interface - Search function
  112. ProtocolHander's new not getting called
  113. nextwindow => 'refresh' closes menu in iOS app
  114. Server Restart loosing player (WinXP)
  115. Requests made through comet (/slim/request) and JSON-RPC have different effects
  116. Sort order Radiostation (CLI)
  117. Search for radio stations (CLI)
  118. Any server discovery code in Java available ?
  119. Detecting screen saver with now playing 'screen saver'
  120. Using multiple sliders
  121. CLI server messages for synched players
  122. SqueezeBox University
  123. CLI playlist track N ? query
  124. Help With URL & stream_s
  125. Help in identifying svn.slimdevices.com users
  126. Writing Applets
  127. Developer humor..
  128. API - call to specific apps
  129. Firmware Update
  130. Found a bug in Slim::Formats::Playlists::M3U::read
  131. thread.newthread
  132. disable or manual control over HDD quick scan patch
  133. Building Squeezeplay on OS X 10.6
  134. Migration from subversion to git
  135. Invoke screensaver
  136. Geofenced squeeze box issues, Proxied?
  137. Please add JB Hifi Now support
  138. where have jive update messages gone
  139. Cannot login to SiriusXM
  140. Bugzilla e-mail notifications - Have these been turned off ?
  141. my plugin is getting deleted
  142. Patch to enable WMA bitrate limiting for software players
  143. Context / More Menu for Favorite?
  144. plugin info - Working around stream URL changes
  145. CLI: Mapping of Plugin Dotted Item IDs <=> Track IDs ??
  146. Building binary applets for Touch/Radio/Controller ?
  147. github branch checkout question
  148. Using sockets in an applet ?
  149. API to install Plug-in
  150. Possible to play a stream in applet without LMS/mysqueezebox.com ?
  151. Question: searching for tracks
  152. Plugin developer docs
  153. True Stereo
  154. Need help with coding a ProtocolHandler
  155. Best method for extracting artist and album info from LMS?
  156. Rethinking Prevent Standby
  157. Contacts required for Squeezeplay Team - new project
  158. What's going on with the LMS GIT repo?
  159. Wiki not editable anymore?
  160. svn links in bugzilla not working
  161. Any way to run UE Smart Radio software on a computer ?
  162. Announce: Private mailng list/forum for developer discussions
  163. How is metadata (tagging) handled?
  164. SBT fimware?
  165. LMS / UEML version checking..
  166. using git and github
  167. Multi Track Synchronised Start Functionality Needed.
  168. Patch for addition of playlist shuffle settings to alarms
  169. Easiest way to generate playlists programatically?
  170. github problems
  171. CLI on Synology NAS not communicating
  172. Q about lastPlayed column in tracks and tracks_persistent
  173. New simple Applet help for touch to make simple web calls.
  174. HTTP Stream displayed butdoesn't start
  175. CLI - favorites add question
  176. Plugin development: How to tell a client to startplaying a particular mp3 stream url
  177. TCP command to set alarm clock?
  178. Is EVERY track stored in both tracks and tracks_persistent tables?
  179. playlists and the cli
  180. interrupt a stream for announcements?
  181. jsonrpc : don't send reply
  182. General purpose plugin: handling a remote playlist
  183. Compile jive_alsa
  184. What is the CLI command to play song from UEML?
  185. www.oursquezzebox.com: interested?
  186. chipmunk sounds from some streaming sources,using squeezeslave
  187. Log the currently playing song title/artist from an Internet radio stream on request?
  188. tracks being cut off
  189. Where is decode_audio_open called?
  190. Command to display playlist files?
  191. I've said this before, I need....
  192. Info Browser - how to get a very short TTL on news feeds?
  193. Command Line Interface Question
  194. Start dynamic playlist with IR remote control button
  195. New Tunein plugin - anyone ?
  196. Question about ratings with TrackStat
  197. Spotify CLI?
  198. LMS-7.7.2-1 , what is missing to use jsonrpc.js
  199. JSON-RPC Help
  200. How to get a client's size setting, and the line widths for that size?
  201. Play sound without changing playlist
  202. Desparate need for help, strange perl/java issue on OSX
  203. ProtocolHandler that supports http AND https
  204. Need for help with SocketHttp/RequestHttp modules
  205. Feature request for 7.8: Uncomment ALAC section in convert.conf
  206. Registering custom resizing specificiations to be pre-cached
  207. Perl >= 5.16
  208. Command Line Interface help needed
  209. Question about RSSnews plugin
  210. Adding Randomplay songs to current playlist via CLI
  211. Debian wheezy upgrade broke ALAC playback on SB Radio
  212. LMS 7.8 & amd64 version of faad, sox, flac?
  213. "Macro" to switch channel output and synchronisation on two players
  214. finding the directory my plugin is installed to?
  215. Displaying text details on html page
  216. Trying to play a temporary sound and then resume playing of music if it was playing.
  217. Refer to/play LMS song as http url ?
  218. Info.pm+779 causes problem in newer versions of Perl (5.18)
  219. Is there any way to provide metadata for remote streams ?
  220. Any example of a server/PERL plugin calling "web service" and processing XML?
  221. Temporary playlist for display?
  222. edit slimdevices wiki
  223. slimserver with arch and current perl cpan packages
  224. Passing array reference/pointer as menu item param?
  225. Squeezebox Controller app ported to Windows Phone 8?
  226. CLI commands
  227. Non object oriented brain help, small example code request
  228. Querying the database by textkey
  229. Feature: Selective directory scanning
  230. New player class as a plugin?
  231. long-running LMS requests
  232. Help with server webui extra items creation needed
  233. Unable to stream a url, any ideas ?
  234. LMS 7.8 - No plugins...
  235. CLI Brightness command patch
  236. Squeezebox Webserver & PHP Support for Alternative Skin
  237. How to get Radio Station Logos?
  238. LMS 7.8 crashing - removing "What Was That Tune" plugin fixes problem?
  239. Small bug on Random Mix after Sleep
  240. Anyone ever got listen/subscribe working in Python?
  241. Select Internet Radio Stream format via Cli?
  242. CLI playlist play on fragment URL
  243. Triodes Spotify plugin - Some menus miss track/album image when using jsonrpc CLI
  244. JSON-RPC Notes
  245. Vortexbox Beta 2.3 CLI & JSON problems
  246. slimdevices wiki account has reverted to readonly
  247. Problems with controlling my squeezeboces via my homepage?!
  248. Building Squeezebox server
  249. --user option breaks Proc::Background loading binaries
  250. mixerlink