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  1. MusicIP filters in headless mode
  2. Please help me get Spotify Working on my Transporter!
  3. MusicIP - analyse on one computer,serve on different?
  4. [Spicefly SugarCube] MusicIP can be ondifferent server?
  5. [MusicIP headless - Spicefly HeadlessInterface] Archive analysis to tags
  6. Play mood with sugarcube and autoplay using tasker or eventghost
  7. Squeezelite Player 1.8.4-720 on Windows 10
  8. squeezelite on OSX?
  9. add to library for Tidal/Qobuz, et al.
  10. Spicefly SugarCube only picking random tracks
  11. Announce: Shoutcast Plugin
  12. [Announce] Spotify Family for Squeezebox
  13. View Artists/Albums in Playlists???
  14. Announce: Google Music plugin
  15. MusicMagic Server no songs after reboot
  16. ANNOUNCE: YouTube Plugin (API v3)
  17. How to install WeatherTime?
  18. Plugin reboot hell
  19. [Announce] LastMix - Another mixer to feedDon't Stop The Music
  20. BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra now "UK only"
  21. Playlist Generator: Fails in latest 7.9 build
  22. Tidal search via iPeng
  23. Alternative to Smart Mix plugin?
  24. DSTM - Last Mix (Local Music) gives very eclectic mix!
  25. Squeezer Android app not making initial connection to LMS Server
  26. Auto Dim Display no longer working
  27. TrackStat question
  28. Can't Remove Smart Mix
  29. Spotify 500 playlist limit
  30. Squeezelite on Odroid C2 with HiFi shield
  31. Announce: Squeeze-Controller [windows,linux,osx] Alpha, Testers Wanted
  32. Spotify-connect-web
  33. Sugarcube plays only Random Tracks / Can't connect to MusicIP / connect: timeout
  34. Don't Stop the Music, Does
  35. Annouce: Squeeze Control is now available as a UWP app for Windows 10.
  36. Can someone please sent me the Auto Dim Display plugin?
  37. [MusicIP] MusicMagicMixer not starting on Ubuntu 16.04
  38. Can't play many cue files with Squeeze Ctrl
  39. 500 limit in Spotify lists still remains?
  40. LMS in car - Usability issues control/playback software - squeezelite/OrangeSqueeze
  41. DSTM stops with one track in playlist
  42. Sending arbitrary IR Blaster commands via menu
  43. Where are the soundcloud and mixcloud LMS plugins supposed to showup in LMS?
  44. DSDPlay v1.0 output options through touch (downsampling)
  45. BBCiPlayer On Demand streams not working
  46. BBCiPlayerExtra does not play when BASH isenabled
  47. Local Player on OSX (iMac) not working (squeezelite problem?
  48. BBC possible move to HTTPS for content delivery ?
  49. Are updated versions of the AlbumReview and Biograhpy plugins still available?
  50. Spotify through Squeeze Player just skips
  51. 48kbps CBR, AAC streams not working
  52. Webhook / HTTP Plugin - Does One Exist?
  53. Spotify error
  54. Linux audio capture configuring for multiple players
  55. Software player, for Windows, supporting Spotify?
  56. Dynamic Mix Plugin does not work under 7.9
  57. iPlayer "rebuffering"
  58. ShaitTunes2W does not play on squeezelite onMac
  59. [Plugin Request/Offer] Mute or Skip tracks on a Blacklist
  60. SugarCube and MusicIP for music mixing
  61. Support for Microsoft Groove
  62. announce: ShairTunes2W - Airtunes on LMS (forked version with Windows support)
  63. Erland Song Lyrics 1.1.3856 stopped working
  64. Band's Campout-My Collection Not Playing
  65. Can't login to Last.FM for audioscrobbler
  66. Triode spotify family is not renewing playlists
  67. New Pandora plugin
  68. Spotify app + protocol handler - no remembered user
  69. PiCorePlayer Squeezelite HDMI-CEC off?
  70. Spotify changes - confused?
  71. Spotify on Squeezelite players
  72. BBCiPlayer V1.5.2 beta test
  73. OpenVPN Client Player possible ?
  74. SyncOptions
  75. What version of the BBC iPlayer plug-in should I be using?
  76. Apple will require HTTPS connections for iOS apps by the end of 2016
  77. piCorePlayer and arialuni.ttf font for SB Classic
  78. Track info over bluetooth on car display using Orange Squeeze?
  79. Separate subforums for third party plugins?
  80. Bluetooth Pairing with Smartphone/Tablet for Max2Play
  81. Spotify playlists very slow to load
  82. Plugin for trigger external action once a command is received by LMS
  83. Iplayer Extra only working when Dash is Disabled
  84. Syncing Philips Hue Lights with music : plugin needed.
  85. Music & Artist Information Plugin Performance Question
  86. Getting Squeezeplay working on Win 7
  87. Squeezeplay plays music but playlist not showing
  88. Help needed on debugging
  89. Cast2squeeze
  90. Spotify with synced players
  91. Squeezelite integrated in latest MoOde 3.0 release
  92. Problem with squeezeplay and spotify:Problem: files cant be read...
  93. Smart synchronize feature
  94. ANNOUNCE: Alexa voice control (development thread)
  95. Squeezebox server music to iphone without itunes?
  96. squeezelite on raspberrypi=>zero mac address for multiple players=>server screws up
  97. Triode Spotify plug-in stopped working today
  98. Anyone found a good alternative for Smartmix for Spotify Library ?..................
  99. Spotify protocol from command line
  100. Trying to compile squeezelite / jivelite on/for orangepiplus2e/Armbian
  101. squeezelite and local tts working on windows but not on Ubuntu
  102. IQaudio digi+ Experince and Issues - HELP
  103. Lyrics plugin link repository dead - open-net.vm.bytemark.co.uk
  104. Spotify stopped working constant rebuffering
  105. Accents in iPeng
  106. Tunein Premium Audiobooks on Squeezebox Classic
  107. Attention bpa
  108. CastBridge playing BBC iPlayer Radio slow - sounds like record on wrong speed
  109. Napster
  110. Couple of squeezelite on mac questions
  111. Problems with file types on both iPlayer and iPlayer Extra
  112. Dynamic Playlist always plays the same 10 songs from Trackstat ratings
  113. Squeezelite on Odroid C2
  114. WAY off topic, need for slimdevices?
  115. Orange Squeeze removed from Google Play and Amazon App Store
  116. spotify plugin on LMS synology nas
  117. Using plugin to get Internet radio track data from web site
  118. BBC Radio iPlayer new install
  119. BBC iplayer problem
  120. Iplayer problem on Nas4free
  121. Accessing LMS in the Android Auto environment.
  122. Squeezelite only connecting to server after service restart
  123. Error with Dynamic Mix Plugin
  124. Combine spotify family plugin with new Spotify & SPH plugins
  125. How to SyncOptions Plugin writing to Playlists directory?
  126. MuisicIP root directory: how to reset/ change?
  127. Last Mix works on Pogoplug E02!
  128. Running picoreplayer over a VPN
  129. Announce - Song info plugin for FIP radio
  130. Problem with Spotify Artwork
  131. Browser streaming
  132. Problems Triode Spotify Premium
  133. TimeSpeller Installation failed
  134. Software to Unify Squeezebox and Sonos? IPeng? Others?
  135. icons in spotify family plugin library
  136. Mac App to convert FLAC to Apple Lossless (ALAC) and AAC with cover art
  137. Benefit of Triode Spotify Plugins
  138. Spotify connect
  139. Spotify on SBBoom?
  140. Success: MusicIP and Spicefly Sugarcube running on Raspberry Pi
  141. DAC output settings for hrt microstreamer connected to rpi 3 with squeezelite
  142. Play random tracks from playlist
  143. IRBlaster on a Netgear ReadyNas Ultra
  144. BBC IPlayer on older SB2 is slurred / slow
  145. Dynamic Playlists plugin not showing my own playlists on RPi
  146. Announce: squeeze-alexa - DIY secure Alexa integration
  147. Pandora (WITH commercials OK) on Squeezeplay, Picoreplayer, etc.
  148. Spotify not working correctly
  149. Napster / Rhapsody ist not working anymore on Squeezebox Touch
  150. updating hjivelite skins on a physical joggler
  151. The strange case of IR-Blaster and SB Touch Volume keys...
  152. Squeezebox + Airplay + Bluetooth inputs
  153. multiple instances squeezelite - hide one as player
  154. Squeezelite: Play files from local media?
  155. piCorePlayer + USB DAC TeraDak
  156. BBC iPLayer - how to get Now Playing information
  157. Synology 7.9.1 packages
  158. Announce: LCI a plugin to listen to LCI/TF1 programs
  159. Weather, Date, and Time v2.2.2 via wunderground still working?
  160. Spotify Connect on LMS - Proof of concept
  161. Weather, Date,and Time v2.2.2 via wunderground still working?
  162. piCorePlayer Sueezelite stuck
  163. VPN + Asus RT-AC66U
  164. Cdplayer plugin in picoreplayer player for RPi3
  165. Problem with Tidal
  166. Spotify rebuffering
  167. Spotify general transient error AGAIN!
  168. Max2Play's Very Own Multiroom Setup in Bath and Bedroom
  169. Non techy question about 'Spotify'
  170. TIDAL problem.
  171. Customize JiveLite
  172. where is executescript / alternative
  173. bbciplayer, confused
  174. Plugin to move playstate to another player?
  175. Spotify incoming IP addresses for LMS?
  176. Basic voice control using Google AIY
  177. BBC iPlayer Radio pliugin under threat ?
  178. Bands Campout - Error Retrieving My Collection
  179. The Spotty Spotify implementation
  180. Qobuz Squeezebox plugin - Artwork gone missing in favorites
  181. First try on a Plugin: Remote control Home Assistant
  182. [Developers] Getting 'Status' formultiple players simultaneoulsy
  183. Icon for Synchronizer plugin on Duet
  184. Napster errors
  185. Strange BBC iPlayer problem
  186. Announce: BBCiPlayerExtra v2.0
  187. Using Spotify on Squeezebox devices ?
  188. Custom Clock Now Playing Alternative - touch, progress indicator disappeared
  189. Where are my "Songs" via Spotify on LMS?
  190. Squeezeplayer connection dropping/tracks skipping on Android phone
  191. Brutefir filters not working
  192. SoundCloud Plugin Issue
  193. Custom Clock Now Playing Alternative : How to include YEAR tag, if poss.
  194. SqueezeLite ans pulseaudio
  195. Problem with Upnp Bridge.
  196. Motor boating sound when Squeezelite loads in picoplayer
  197. Help installing SrvrPowerCtrl
  198. Pocketcasts
  199. Squeezelite freezing raspberry pi
  200. Help with custom clock NP screensaver
  201. Band's Campout - My Collection no longer working
  202. Official Spotify plugin / Spotify Protocol Handler suddenly no longer working
  203. [Announce] Spotty v1.1.0
  204. IPeng 9.3 not connecting to server
  205. Any up-to-date Android apps?
  206. IPeng, Spotty and remote streaming
  207. Spotty and Family Account - Assign User toplayer?
  208. How to disable player part on picoreplayer?
  209. Guide to installing BBC iPlayer
  210. Announcement: Cursebox -- a terminal interface
  211. EXCITING: New Orange Squeeze 7/19/17!
  212. [Announce] LMSlib2go - library information on mobile devices
  213. Announce: Erlands commercial plugins available for free
  214. Is it possible to show Spotty in Main Menu of LMS controller web interface
  215. Tidal keeps rebuffering
  216. Does Spotty Support Squeezebox Radio Preset Buttons?
  217. Spotty Feature request - Add Songs List
  218. Help moving a defunct plugin to a new LMS instance
  219. Spotify Sort Order
  220. Spotify Sort Order
  221. Pandora shutting down in Australia - best option for SB3?
  222. Adding a hardware button to picoreplayer
  223. Get Link Spotty song / playlist
  224. Installing Max2Play and Spotty on a SD card for the technically challenged
  225. [Announce] Native linux pulseaudio squeezeplay
  226. A simple how to for "Spotty" and pCP
  227. Logfile flooded after starting any MixCloud track
  228. Deezer (free) - Pháp.fr - Institut français du Vietnam playlist
  229. Announce: lms.el - a squeezebox controller for emacs
  230. Spotty Problem: Perl Modul IO::Socket::SSL!
  231. Why does Squeeze Cntrl needs so many access rights?
  232. PcP does not react on Wake on LAN (WOL) package
  233. Mixcloud on Boom (and Squeezplay)
  234. Need help trouble shooting a line out audio problem [More details inside]
  235. Need help trouble shooting a line out audio problem [More details inside]
  236. JiveLite with screensavers (DPMS Issue)
  237. 3 squeezelite players on one pi?
  238. Plugin suggestion
  239. BBC iPlayer - Non-UK - No Listen Again
  240. BBC iPlayer - all stations connecting with 1 min delay
  241. MusicIP Headless not running in Fedora 26 Linux - script/systemd issues
  242. Audible watermarking in Tidal
  243. running MusicIP on MacOS
  244. LMS on piCP FUBAR
  245. Adding favorite album / artist with Deezer app
  246. Spicefly Fingerprint Metadata Extractor (MusicIP can it be reborn?)
  247. how to stream music from NAS to Libratone ZIPP speakers (possibly via iPeng)?
  248. BBC R3 Flac streams
  249. LMS http calls
  250. Spotty on ARM based NAS (Synology, QNAP etc.)