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  1. Spotify Premium plugin not working on ZyXel NAS540
  2. Custom Scan serious issues
  3. Picoplayer Tweaks
  4. LMS 7.7.5 - Triode's Spotify plugin no longer working
  5. Squeezelite to control amplifier power?
  6. Play through Windows Phone
  7. Android Wear support: Is Squeeze Control the only app so far?
  8. Squeezelite and sirius radio?
  9. Convert RAW IR code to Distrete to use in the SBT
  10. Announce: music visualizer for squeezelite
  11. Triode spotify - player unable to connect to helper app
  12. Custom Scan: iTunes import no longer working
  13. The New HSL files on windows PC
  14. RadioTunes (Sky) problem
  15. BBC Radio applet on mysqueezebox.com
  16. Announce: PlayHLS Plugin - plugin to play Apple HLS m3u8 stream
  17. SoftSqueeze not playing the new BBC HLS streams
  18. Spotify - Streaming multi room
  19. RadioFeeds UK & Ireland plugin now listing BBC HLS streams
  20. Questions about squeezelite on mac mini.
  21. Headless music player on Ubuntu server
  22. HLS for dummies
  23. Is the Inguz plugin with LMS working?
  24. VLC as a transcoder
  25. Announce: PlayDASH Plugin
  26. Available HLS Streams
  27. Apple OS X HLS Setup with LMS
  28. InguezEQ plugin is crashing
  29. Windows Phone Player...Please!
  30. How do I get BBC iPlayer to work - I am confused - help please
  31. Dynamic metadata on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra but no other BBC stations
  32. Batch / Mass rating?
  33. Squeezelite on Cubietruck with network bridge configuration
  34. Tidal over ickstream: MP3s play, FLACs don't
  35. Shuffle and Random lock
  36. Share now playing to twitter?
  37. Deezer albums as favourites on mysqueezebox.com
  38. Fix to BBC Radio Applet Listen Again
  39. Last.fm playlist generator?
  40. Looking to replace old Qnap101 NAS
  41. Playing WMA Lossless files on OSX Squeezebox 7.7.5
  42. Napster (Rhapsody) bitrate
  43. BBCiPlayer plugin - a guick fix guide
  44. Orange Squeeze no player connected to mysqueezebox.com
  45. Exit Google Code, stage left
  46. Triodes Spotify app not working on sbt
  47. [inux] Squeezelite not working any more with an usb DAC
  48. Sirius keeps rebuffering
  49. Tidal Lost All Saved Artists, Albums, Everything
  50. WaveInput not working after JRiver installation
  51. Custom Library problem
  52. Android app with intents to start favorite
  53. Having difficulty creating repository
  54. Qobuz plugin
  55. ickstream lost plugin.
  56. BBCiPlayer Plugins - an alternative quick fix guide
  57. Track information logger...is there a plugin that works with Internet Radio?
  58. Squeezebox Controller App User Manual
  59. Setting up TrackStat on a new computer
  60. BBC iPlayer rebuffering
  61. App to play audio from URL (.mp3)
  62. Erland's license manager not updating
  63. [Dynamic playlists] Only artist, no composers in Top Rated for Artist
  64. Announce: Soundicity, Squeezebox Controller App, for Windows 8.1 Tablets and Phones
  65. Squeezeplay - Eksternal dyndns server adress
  66. Song Info & Song Lyrics plugins - Status? Dead?
  67. Questions about WAVIN plugin
  68. EuropaJazz HD
  69. Rhapsody problem
  70. Custom Browse etc without mysqueezebox.com
  71. Good alternatives to Napster?
  72. My way of connecting squeezelite, brutefir and drc (and Kodi)
  73. Triode Spotify Plugin on Synology NAS - spotifyd will not run
  74. Conflict between 'BBC iPlayer' plugun and 'Dynamic Mix' plugin causing rebuffering
  75. Rocki with LMS
  76. [Test] Repo for LMS 7.8.0 on Synology DSM 5.*
  77. SqueezeCenter CustomLibraries (Installation on Synology DS)
  78. [Test] Repo for LMS 7.9.0 on Synology DSM 5.*
  79. SB Player and DSD audio
  80. How to control a pair of Radios as one but stay sync'd with others?
  81. Softsqueeze And 48K Flacs
  82. Repositories on Googlecode
  83. Announce: UPnPBridge = integrate UPnP/DLNA players with LMS (squeeze2upnp)
  84. Jive / Squeezeplay characters
  85. Raspberry Pi squeezelite plays Mickeymouse
  86. Installing Squeezeplug on a Raspberry PI 2
  87. SB Touch GoFlex Home NAS SqueezePlug 4.0 download?
  88. Announce: ShairTunes2 plugin - Airtunes on your LMS
  89. What is the best way to get BBC Radio these days (from the UK)?
  90. How i get the LibraryDemo plugin to work
  91. HAS BBC stopped the stream 320hls?
  92. BBC BERKSHIRE 320 HLS stream down?
  93. Creative use of SqueezePlay, SqueezeLite, SoftSqueeze or Squeezeslave??
  94. Squeezelite playback problems on 24bit flacs
  95. Edimax EW-7811Un WiFi USB not working with Max2Play
  96. Spotify Core - suddenly unable to play albums?
  97. Spotify 3rd party Triode plugin
  98. Is there a plugin that will download all tracks in a playlist through the browser?
  99. Trackstat - last played information
  100. Writing First Plugin: Error on Load
  101. Sirius Radio problem this morning (Thursday)
  102. Custom Browse UNC/service problems
  103. Squeezeplug (2.12) Auto restart internet radio on Internet drops/disconnects
  104. Strange Playback Issue in Max2Play
  105. Control external software such as HQPlayer From LMS
  106. (no subject)
  107. (no subject)
  108. Classical.com isn't heard.
  109. Raspberry Pi with Squeezelite and Shairport_Sync
  110. Squeezebox control from TV? Android stick with remote control?
  111. Triode / bpa BBC iplayer fix - are updates required ?
  112. [OpenWrt] Squeezelite Package Released
  113. Can't progress past Erland's License Manager
  114. Looking for Triode Spotify Plugin!! Need help
  115. Announce: SlimLibrary - new iOS remote control and player for Logitech Media Server
  116. Need a wake-up applet for Touch USB
  117. IP control of power amp
  118. Spicefly SugarCube random seed
  119. Squeezeplay and Windows 10 pro 64 bit - No worky
  120. A Custom Browse menu question
  121. Can someone point me to the most recent Spotify Triode configuration info?
  122. Letter from SiriusXM - September 30th cutoff
  123. Custom Scan/Browse not recognising new Genres
  124. TrackStat - Is it possible to view the actual stored statistics
  125. Squeezeplug 7.50 upgrade to Raspbian Jessie
  126. Using PC vs NAT for Server
  127. BBC Radio Podcast Problems
  128. Prefix of tmp instead of file; Slim::Player::Playlist::url
  129. AudioScrobbler to use libre.fm
  130. Option: Add to playlist
  131. Kidsplay - CLI command to change display?
  132. Rasp Pi - Squeezeslave command line help to play and pause
  133. Is there a plugin to easily add a song to an existing playlist?
  134. Squeezeplug and HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC ES9023 96kHz/24bit Problems
  135. playing flash-embedded content
  136. Announce: Pluzz, plugin to play Pluzz videos
  137. Autorescan Not Available
  138. Changed behaviour for "apps" CLI query?
  139. Triode Spotify App - Test failed, Streaming from spotify failed
  140. His plug in for Logitech ue radio
  141. Squeezelite doesn't work any more ???? Need HELP
  142. Jivelite VU and Spectrum Analyser displays
  143. Beatport plugin?
  144. Playlist
  145. Using FLACs on Dropbox as NAS?
  146. BBC iPlayer stopped working?
  147. BBC iPlayer 'artwork' missing
  148. Announce: SendToSqueezebox Android app
  149. Classical Music menus and Custom Browse templates
  150. BBCiPlayerExtra
  151. BBC Music Jazz through iPlayer plugins?
  152. Announce: CastBridge = integrate Chromecast players with LMS (squeeze2cast)
  153. spotify issues with triode plugin and squeezepad
  154. BBC iPlayer oddity
  155. Using SBT as client to Jriver
  156. iHeart Station list
  157. BBCiPlayer with DASH support - test version
  158. Announce: AcrossTheTracks Game
  159. Radio X Listen again - possible to modify BBC iPlayer plugin?
  160. Ickstream, Tidal or LMS issue?
  161. LINN Klimax Renew with UPNPBridge
  162. Daphile + Erland's License Manager + Spicefly Sugarcube = not working as intended
  163. Pandora IP Restriction Error
  164. squeezelite-mac does not play apple lossless
  165. Triode's Spotify plugin working on a Synology DS115?
  166. Unable to play iPlayer Listen Again
  167. LIRC on PiCorePlayer 1.22
  168. Stream music from Android phone over WiFi
  169. Advice for squeeze player on android
  170. deezer rebuffers via LMS but not via Chrome
  171. Playlist manager - Playlist files path?
  172. Run script when turn on player
  173. quick catalog compare - tidal verses deezer
  174. Trackstat restore only partially restores ratings
  175. Stuck on "Plugin updates are available..." loop
  176. Two Squeezelite instances with front and rear speaker output on one audio device
  177. Someone please pipe Airplay stream as an LMS input!
  178. LMS integration with Dash documentation viewer
  179. Name of this forum on mailing list?
  180. Orange squeeze and Tidal....
  181. Deezer only plays first 20 secs of each song
  182. Need help debugging AutoRescan plugin
  183. Inguz w/ 7.7.5 questions
  184. Fibaro HCT Amp Control
  185. Custom Clock for Jivelite with 800x480 Screen
  186. Subsonic: perfect compliment for Squeezebox
  187. SqueezeLite for Windows -- where to find?
  188. AirPlay bridge: use airplay devices from LMS (experimental)
  189. Seeking plugin: Disable certain players by schedule
  190. BBC iPlayer Listen Again not working
  191. MusicIP/SugerCube and accented characters
  192. Spotify Triode with last libspotify Plugin
  193. Jivelite on Cubietruck
  194. [Announce] Spotify Protocol Handler - play Spotify on all your Squeezeboxen
  195. Multi Library (2.2.3947)/Squeze Server (7.9.0 - 1433513811) on Synology - Issues
  196. Triode Spotify
  197. ANNOUNCE: AirPlay Bridge = integrate AirPlay devices with LMS (squeeze2raop)
  198. Spotify on Squeezeboxes Linked to Spotify Mobile and Desktop Devices
  199. Support for Microsoft's Groove Music?
  200. Spotify Protocol Handler - unable to update
  201. Triode - Helper app not running
  202. [Announce] 22tracks plugin - Play music from 22tracks.com
  203. Controlling your music with a smartwatch
  204. Squeezelite on Raspberry Pi Spoof MAC Address?
  205. Spotify fails after standby S5
  206. "newer" squeezelite answers different when using the cli (on/off instead off 1/0)
  207. Airplay or similar for Android?
  208. Slow startup with BBCiPlayer and HLS stream
  209. bpa, using PlayHLS approach for transcoding multichannel music?
  210. piCore player with 4 inch waveshare touchscreen
  211. IOS Squeezebox Controller App _>W10 Mobile porting?
  212. BBC Radio 2 '50's'
  213. Smartmix Hits, Misses and Foibles
  214. BBC iPlayer DASH - how do I know
  215. Official Squeezelite website?
  216. Softsqueeze blocked by Java security
  217. SqueezePlay not seeing server
  218. CustomScan, Trackstat + LMS9: how to scan ratings faster (only subselection maybe)?
  219. Orange Squeeze & Spotify Search?
  220. [Smart Mix plugin] - heavy on resources orproblem with Qobuz?
  221. BBC iPlayer Extras - problem?
  222. scrobbling problem
  223. Announce: SlimLibrary App for the Apple TV
  224. Chromecast Video not playing flac above 16/44.1
  225. Looking for a way export to text file songs, artists, maybe database plugin?
  226. Is it possible to stream BBC Radio DASH streams directly with VLC ?
  227. [AirPlay Bridge] Device detected but notshown in LMS web interface
  228. Modifying the track info on a Touch
  229. SB Player for Smart TV?
  230. Changing what track info is displayed on a Touch when the track is playing.
  231. Spicefly SugarCube borken after upgrade to LMS 7.9.0
  232. Constant dropping out the music with Spotify
  233. SqueezeLite - pops and crackles when syncing with SB3s
  234. What is Max2Play??
  235. New plugin, where to start?
  236. Qobuz will not stream to squeezebox.
  237. Android TV and sb apps
  238. SImple plugin for JazzRadio.fr - templateavailable?
  239. Band's Campout not updating
  240. ANNOUNCE: Simple Library Views plugin
  241. Triode's plugins
  242. Using crossfade when playing Spotify playlist?
  243. Max2Play on Odroid U3 : nfs mount Synology Diskstation music folder
  244. Announce: Spicefly SugarCube for Android
  245. Triode Spotify Playlist order / sorting
  246. KitchenTimer on Squeezelite?
  247. Jivelite does not appear on touchscreen
  248. Problem installing the 3rd party InguzEQ plugin on OSX 10.11.5
  249. Qobuz plugin - not showing all favourites,bestsellers, ...
  250. Amazon Fire TV Box ( LMS ?? )