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  1. lost my "Advanced Settings" page
  2. ReplayGain Problems?
  3. squeezebox server glitch 6 seconds before end of song
  4. volume ups!
  5. MOG Issue
  6. Show only FLAC if FLAC and MP3 exist?
  7. Skipping ahead to next track b4 current track is done
  8. Pop when changing tracks of different sampling rate
  9. Help with Wireless setup
  10. Just got a SB
  11. Listening to 2 squeezeboxes at the same time
  12. Radio shortcuts
  13. Logging into MySB.com on new Touch
  14. Switching Between SqueezeBox Server and MySB on Touch
  15. Touch chaos!
  16. Touch screen - text colours
  17. Tablet for the Touch
  18. Touch Firmware "Upgrade" ?
  19. Loosing Internet Radio
  20. Zyxel NSA310 Nas Drive and SB Touch
  21. New SBT user
  22. touch power
  23. Touch shows two usb drives connected
  24. A timeless Question
  25. Strange playback issue - 48khz?
  26. Raw PCM Passthru - Qui est-ce?
  27. Replacement power supply for Touch
  28. ripping from PC to Touch USB-attached drive?
  29. could use some starter help for LMS+SBT
  30. Web UI won't load USB-attached drive
  31. Ipad and a Touch
  32. switching between servers
  33. "Screen Off" setting doesn't
  34. Need help finding login on touch
  35. "Stuck" Volume Control on Touch
  36. Asynch USB vs. non-USB
  37. Recommendation on combi touch and receiver?
  38. New SBT owner
  39. "Local music server has been stopped..."
  40. New SBT Owner - Trouble with playlist
  41. mount iPod as USB drive to SB touch
  42. mysqueezebox.com settings have disappeared!!
  43. SqueezePAD url scheme?!?
  44. I cannot read the song en M4a on my squeezebox touch
  45. Bit Rate Changes Causes DAC to Stick
  46. SBT file info/track name lagging on the Touch Screen
  47. Lots of help needed!
  48. Connecting Speakers to the Touch
  49. Utter chaos since update and msb outtage
  50. dropping/rebuffering issue - help!
  51. Which NAS with Touch & LMS 7.7.2
  52. downgrading
  53. Artist name with "The" in it
  54. Formatting a HDD for Sheevaplug
  55. FF Doesn't appear to work on Touch
  56. How To Power Off Via Touch "Now Playing" Screen
  57. Problems with Android app since latest software upgrade?
  58. Date and time
  59. USB eject?
  60. USB disc wifi sharing issue after upgrading to seven
  61. Another " Missing Artist " question
  62. 7.7.2 > 7.7.1 >7.7.2 and connectivity problems
  63. Spotify Premium not playing on Touch
  64. Streaming 24bit Apple Lossless
  65. Announce: Enhanced Digital Output app - USB Dac and 192k Digital Ouput
  66. "Local Music" Problem
  67. Using remote control through My Squeezebox on PC won't bring up Clear Channel station
  68. Sn touch - off clock not showing
  69. Unable to play local vortexbox and spotify one after the otherl
  70. Numeral buttons on Touch remote
  71. Cover art missing on some albums but present on others
  72. FLAC playback fails ad rebuffers after 30 seconds
  73. ALAC (Apple Lossless) files sound slightly distorted
  74. 7.7.2 digital clock screensaver when in standby
  75. How to write udev rules to change SD card label and mount folder
  76. Inguz with Triodes 'Enhanced Digital Output' plugin
  77. Help Installing 3rd Party App
  78. Triode...can you cook up a way to stream 176.4 as well??
  79. Is there a chance to get I2S data stream from SBT ?
  80. Some basic questions
  81. Sometimes problems to connect to my vortexbox
  82. How to roll back software to prior version
  83. USB HDD with SB Touch
  84. Screensaver problem
  85. Questions from new Touch adopter
  86. connection problems - whats going on?????
  87. New purchase, couple of problems: player not found & unable to scrobble to last.fm
  88. How to get the Squeezebox Touch to work with CH3HNAS
  89. Touch prevents PC from sleeping / constantly wakes it up.
  90. Ok. Please make me aware of the proper way to get artwork to display properly.
  91. Player not found
  92. Connecting to Touch running media server
  93. Touch screen faulty?
  94. Logitech Ipad controller app crashes touch with usb hard drive
  95. Simple question: Remote highlight colour
  96. SB Touch won't display correct time
  97. Squeezebox Touch: WIFI or WIred that's my question?!?
  98. Change IP address of the Touch?
  99. Switching Libraries - what is this all about ?
  100. Help!
  101. Please recommend USB hub for use with SBT - Extended Digital Output
  102. Problem with switching between Mysqueezebox and my Squeezebox server
  103. Flac read error skipping
  104. Problem streaming internet radio (MP3) via PC with LMS.
  105. SBT albums have duplicate tracks .
  106. File sharing with linux
  107. Squeezebox Touch Experts-Help me out here
  108. HELP Please - Touch Re-buffers constantly playing 24/96 or 24/88.2 FLAC
  109. lists.slimdevices.com mailing list memberships reminder
  110. Streaming music - through to Squeezebox Touch?
  111. Screensaver problem too
  112. Recording Radio with SB Touch ?
  113. Hey guys/gals... can someone show me the workaround/method to get KEXP???
  114. Help, yep another new member with a problem
  115. I've got a few questions here, please help!
  116. 500 song limit to playlists
  117. DNS Server question
  118. external HD some albums not showing
  119. Can Touch play .aiff 24bit files natively and not transcoded to flac?
  120. Upgrade duet to touch?
  121. HDD Assistance
  122. Squeezebox Touch Wall Mount project and possibly for sale!
  123. Touch stand...... Is yours blue but would prefer a shiny metallic chrome one instead?
  124. Noise on RCA outputs at max. volume.
  125. partitioned 2 TB hard disk
  126. Radio Apps Sound Like Chipmunks
  127. Failed to parse error
  128. Skin for Logitech Music Server?
  129. Audio quality issue
  130. Sync SBT, iPhone with iPeng and iPad with iPeng
  131. Touch and .M4a file format
  132. Touch still is buggy
  133. Can one copy files from the SD card to an attached USB Hard Drive?
  134. Updating Squeeze Centre on NSA310 to Touch version
  135. Squuezebox Touch playing directly from NAS (Synology DS212+)
  136. SBT streaming from Vortexbox dropping out
  137. WHY does my Touch only display My Music and Settings?!?
  138. I cannot connect to mysqueezebox.com!
  139. For Sale: BNIB Touch - 160 Delivered to UK
  140. Audiophilleo1 and bit perfect
  141. My Pandora App is not showing up today.........
  142. WMA Lossless now native!?
  143. Any Chinese user here? internation radio no longer availble?
  144. No such thing as a stupid question
  145. USB HDD implementation flaky. Why?
  146. Wife's 50th birthday playlist and issues - pls help
  147. Internet Radio Menu Suddenly Missing
  148. Squeebox Touch: tagging wav & flac files; conversion of wav to flac; rip CDs to flac
  149. Squeezebox Touch: Can't find SB player or drops out
  150. Touch not playing (some) lower quality mp3s
  151. Trouble synching Itunes updates with squeezebox
  152. Rebuffering on a USB flash drive
  153. Please..talk to me like I'm 5 yo.--Quest re: touch to replace CD collection.
  154. Numpty alert...(Sorry in advance!)
  155. Artist folder not fully loading
  156. Where is the index stored for your Music Library.......
  157. Streaming entire PC audio output to SBT
  158. Over 500 iTunes files not present on Squeezebox Touch
  159. Paying iTunes to have DRM removed?
  160. Powerline Ethernet
  161. Why would the same music Library have different Album Counts........
  162. Library- artist listings. Issues with artists that are on "various artists" albums
  163. Re-ripping protected iTunes files to CD and back to iTunes - Problems
  164. USB drive vs Server (Vortex) - will this improve buffering and other problems?
  165. Transporter vs. Touch vs. DAC
  166. Airport Extreme Base Station Disaster
  167. Play Next function like on Duet remote?
  168. Squeezebox Touch Wireless Connection Problems
  169. New touch - Strategic advice please
  170. Cannot request non-HTTP URL...
  171. Help with non-playing Touch please
  172. Touch scanning media will not stop
  173. Problem with tags, can't fix
  174. Control SB Touch with CD Player Remote
  175. Spotify & Scrobbling to Last.fm
  176. Digital output of the Squeezebox Touch
  177. How to stream DVD sound from Mac to Squeezebox Touch
  178. Squeezebox Touch - Synology NAS / Help needed
  179. Touch's built-in DAC vs DacMagic 100
  180. How customizeable is the Touch?
  181. Is the Touch more stable than the Duet?
  182. no sync option between touch and radio
  183. Tagging my wife's CDs
  184. No external server
  185. Touch at Amazon.co.uk today 18/6
  186. Touch Time
  187. post now playing to facebook wall
  188. HOWTO: Get list of favourite artists on squeezebox
  189. NAS - please help
  190. Sudden loss of Vol
  191. Wall mount?
  192. Upgrading the clocks in the SBT - is it necessary
  193. New to Touch
  194. Accessing Touch over WiFi
  195. Radio & server switching
  196. Daft questions
  197. Slow Motion Playback
  198. LST observations from an IT pro perspective
  199. mp4 audio
  200. How to backup "everything" on SBT?
  201. Screen display on right
  202. SB Touch output usb with midi format
  203. Changing Touch system sounds and noises.
  204. Organising Favourites
  205. can i contunue to use spotify free???
  206. Controlling TinySC from ubuntu?
  207. Oldtimer looking to upgrade to Touch withoutdowngrading to mysb.com
  208. MOG on the Touch in Australia
  209. EQ (Inguz), client/server optimization, in search of decent fidelity
  210. Color Management of Scanned Album Art
  211. LMS won't stay on
  212. Can't get customised wallpaper to show on SB Touch
  213. How to change last.fm password?
  214. How can I rollback software to previous version 7.7.1?
  215. Changes to Touch Screen functions (or am I going mad?)
  216. Trackstat Technical Questions, moving to a new Computer system
  217. How do I add new repositories in Squeezebox LMS?
  218. Duplicate entries on memory card
  219. SBTouch cutting out
  220. can play music from laptop but cant stream radio :-/
  221. 7 inch tablet to replace Touch ?
  222. How to visualize asian Fonts in Squeezebox Touch?
  223. USB drive behind a hub
  224. Infuriating random connection problems.
  225. Touch, NADM51, USB, EDO, Interface questions
  226. Replace Duet with Touch?
  227. Radio Italia 106,7 Mailand
  228. Radio Playlist Addition
  229. Spotify won't play at all on Touch
  230. Who could tell me the reason that the SBT doesn't support the East Asian Scripts?
  231. Player will not advance to the next song?
  232. Controlling touch with duet remote without wifi hookup
  233. Playlist Manager
  234. Half price Logitech voucher
  235. SBT not seeing server
  236. Audio Dropouts with Squeezebox Touch
  237. Coax Connections
  238. Ubuntu as server
  239. coax vs toslink
  240. Squeezebox touch+Triode's EDO applet+Hiface 2
  241. Maximum Data Read and USB 3
  242. can't see playlists in squeezebox touch
  243. Show RSS het SB Touch is 'off'
  244. Disabling Scan on selection of USB Stick
  245. Screensaver problem
  246. Problem with skipping songs in Music folder on USB
  247. Turn off/power down touchscreen
  248. BBC live does not work through DAC
  249. Connecting SBT to an Anti Mode 2.0 Dual Core unit via USB using Triode EDO App
  250. Does anyone know if Musicovery stations can be broadcast through the Squeezebox?