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  1. Play Next for Advanced Search results?
  2. Disappearing/Re-appearing LMS
  3. My LMS is running/not running
  4. No items showing on LMS on my PC
  5. LMS+Tidal Integration
  6. web ui
  7. LMS web interface keeps becoming unresponsive on Debian 10
  8. LMS web interface and Edge
  9. LMS library empty after rescan
  10. New (old) member, track sorting question
  11. LMS 7.9.2 service shutting down
  12. Server Machine Alternatives.
  13. LMS 7.9.2 - Media scan terminated unexpectedly (Scanning Progress)
  14. library rescan seems to start at random times
  15. LMS on pCP sound card setup problems
  16. Announce: Storm, a headless player for the Slim Protocol
  17. Music File Scan stops
  18. Installing PiCorePlayer & Squeebox
  19. Unable to reach LMS web gui after fresh installation
  20. How do I play fom USB stick with LMS and pCP
  21. Missing icons in Radio and Apps menu
  22. LMS on Raspberry Pi4
  23. Sorting Albums by specific MusicBrainz tag "ORIGINALYEAR"
  24. Organizing folders in Logitech Media Server
  25. Adding song to currently playing playlist issue-playback stops before added track
  26. Standby problem with latest 7.9 nightly
  27. Problem with Browsing under 7.9.2
  28. Plugins updating unexpectedly
  29. Search in Radio menu not working.
  30. Search by surname shows no albums
  31. Can't choose (add) library folders
  32. Playing cue files with LMS
  33. Web Interface not updating to reflect working plugins.
  34. LMS 7.9.2 on #WIN10 suddenly UI/CL not reachable
  35. PiCorePlayer (LMS) Cache File Location
  36. Mac behavior when Home folder resides off boot drive
  37. Players losing connection to LMS?
  38. Windows clients opinions
  39. Are there any other Skins for jivelite
  40. Half of web remote control page missing after Windows update
  41. "Cannot allocate memory" error
  42. LMS has lost all it's settings
  43. LMS asks for confirmation to overwrite untitled playlist but theres no untitled.m3u
  44. Perl compilation error: $ipn
  45. LMS server dies at stratup
  46. How can I get "All Artists" to display artists only?
  47. LMS 7.9.2 new install on Windows 7 Pro - troubles
  48. LMS crashing frequently
  49. Alternative wallpaers? Is it possible?
  50. access last LMS tracklist
  51. Ports 3483 and 9000 Failed?
  52. Playlist entry creating duplicate album and track entry
  53. Help! New router isuues
  54. Music "doesn't exist on disk - skipping!"
  55. Bandcamp and Soundcloud via LMS ?
  56. Scanner hangs on artist picture lookup
  57. LMS webinterface not showing left side of screed...
  58. LMS via bluetooth
  59. Question / Problem regarding Picture of Radio Station / Podcast
  60. Can I copy server.prefs from one machine to another? (No connection with firewall)
  61. I need an interface document(API) of lms,who can help me?thanks
  62. LMS Bad (?) Install on armel debian
  63. LMS 7.9.0 cannot see music files on fresh install of OS6 on Netgear ReadyNAS Pro
  64. How can I copy pCP image to another cf card
  65. lms ip address selection on computer with multiple nics
  66. No sound Tidal + LMS + Squeezepad -- fixed
  67. USB Output Directly From LMS Hardware
  68. Best way to pick up iTunes Playlist with LMS on NAS
  69. How to get the track list in LMS CLI?
  70. Player sync issue
  71. Another issue with duplicate albums.....
  72. Is there a way to discover via network LMS Server CLI Port ID
  73. How can I get the music cover picture?
  74. Duplicate Albums
  75. Tidal Catalog through LMS vs Tidal Player
  76. Media scan terminates unexpectedly
  77. Spotty or Tidal playlist gets stuck, manual skip needed
  78. Controller - problem displaying artwork
  79. Tidal on LMS not working....?
  80. LMS on MacOS 10.15 "Catalina"?
  82. Local .rss file to podcasts
  83. Library View/Multiple Folders
  84. Players are loosing sync, but there's nothing in the sync debug log
  85. Save as library view in Advanced Search
  86. two instance of the same player
  87. BBC feeds on TuneIn
  88. LMS stops immediately after trying to start...
  89. LMS thinks audio files are deleted if remote library has been offline
  90. RealMedia Streaming Playback?
  91. Tidal/My Apps option missing (sometimes)
  92. Logitech Media Server and PiCorePlayer on NAS
  93. How can I get all the radios through LMS cli (9000 port)?
  94. Scanner speed on Win10
  95. Can I add a WiFi driver to pCP
  96. Silence from a streaming radio station
  97. Library stored on FreeNas NFS share => possible ?
  98. Allo USBridge Signature Player setup
  99. Coincidence, or Problem with October 21, 2019 update?
  100. Squeezelite settings - Output setting
  101. LMS continuously repeating last track in playlist
  102. Composers in All Artist List
  103. Radio Paradise hickups still ongoing, solution?
  104. Copy playlited tracks to another directory.
  105. update
  106. Easiest way to move LMS from one system to another...
  107. EXTM3U is not respected in a manually created playlist
  108. Non-ANSI file names in server.log
  109. Spotty Plugin Failed To Load
  110. LMS can't connect to mysqueezebox.com
  111. Logitech media server not working without internet connection
  112. "Look for new and changed media fies" refuses to find tracks that were once missing
  113. Synchronization problems, recently
  114. MAX2Play and LMS
  115. I need a very small linux to run LMS on PC
  116. My new Picoreplayer not found
  117. radio stream fails to play on some players
  118. Suddenly web interface redirects to setup wizard
  119. SkinManager error - what does that mean?
  120. Root user on pi. Need to edit convert.conf file
  121. No network and apps not listing in LMS but are available from squeezelite player
  122. Changing Flac file names & moving files around on ReadyNAS Duo from a Mac OS
  123. An unexpected error occurred while validating your my squeezebox.com account
  124. Restore 'New Music' list
  125. Is LMS dying?
  126. Blocked out of LMS
  127. LMS dying and restarting every 5 secs (7.9.2, Debian 10 i386)
  128. I have an amazing difficulty... server freeze every Sunday...
  129. Logitech media server+picoreplayer+TIDAL+ dac= no sound
  130. Logitech Media Server add on for ReadyNAS duo V2
  131. high CPU on a Pi3B+
  132. No ReplayGain on dumb streamer?
  133. Will LMS run on Ubuntu 18.04/20.04?
  134. Cannot save new Playlist
  135. Revert 7.9.2 nightly ?
  136. active/inactive plugins have gone..
  137. Fedora Install from repo
  138. Server Won't Start on Reboot
  139. 3rd party plugins missing
  140. Songs Will Not Play
  141. Slim::Control::Request::renderAsArray (2233) Error: request should set useIxHashes in
  142. Stream.flc ?
  143. Random albums
  144. How to change Wifi SSID LMS on RPi?
  145. Remote streaming password security
  146. cover is not displayed if ALBUM is empty
  147. LMS 7.9.2 - unable to use remote controls
  148. LMS Prevent Sleep - macOS Catalina
  149. Anyone else having problems with Slacker and Pandora today?
  150. LMS 7.9.2 performance issues on intel avoton atom host
  151. Fedora 31 aarch64 on Pi 3 B+
  152. Daily Reminders of LMS Updates (Mac)
  153. Artists not showing in menus
  154. Finding all tracks with nothing in their "Album" mp3 tag
  155. What are the rules for LMS for merging albums from different subdirectories?
  156. Multiple Msgs: Ignoring request to get player info from mysqueezebox/com?
  157. Question about stopping a stream
  158. Merge library views?
  159. Eco Friendly LMS Survey
  160. LMS won't open. Please help
  161. Maximum songs on playlist using url Spotify?
  162. Error with latest LMS update on Pi -- "not a debian format archive"
  163. How to find browser interface for local LMS server
  164. Getting playlist name from CLI
  165. problems with 192khz files
  166. Duplicate albums
  167. Unusual Server Behavior with Genres
  168. Can't remember where the build downloads are
  169. Playlists are all empty
  170. Error message when launching LMS from desktop icon
  171. scanning / removing deleted files
  172. Would it be possible to use tunein alternative?
  173. Dynamic / SQL Playlists Error
  174. Squeezelite 1.8-2. How to start it
  175. Force LMS mono output
  176. Music Service Integration
  177. System recently unstable - needs frequent restart
  178. Freedb.org will stop on March 31, 2020
  179. Logitech Media Server RSS feed not valid
  180. Touch cannot connect
  181. LMS 7.9 on CentOS 8, not working
  182. mounting more than one usb drive?
  183. State of AARCH64 support (including popular plugins?)
  184. Some of your servers block russian IP's!
  185. No Artwork-images using ordinary navigation in music folder
  186. Random Songs is only getting tracks from a tiny subset of library
  187. LMS not seeing files with non-Latin characters in the filename (Windows)
  188. LMS only accepts wrong password oldfor mysqueezebox
  189. Problems with LMS v7.9.2,1577548976 on Fedora 31
  190. Artist Name Sorting Anomaly: "Alan"
  191. Running LMS and Sqeezelite-x on same computer off network
  192. Running LMS from git on WIN 10, getting silly ...
  193. Issues with scanning new music
  194. Browse Discs and folders problem
  195. My LMS Raspberry Pi 4 projects
  196. [WIN] From 7.9.1 to 7.9.2-1578727069. Server not starting.
  197. Qobuz Dropouts
  198. Cant Play next track
  199. LMS 7.9.3 Congratulations
  200. Logitech Media Server 7.9.2 released
  201. LMS 8.0 Plugin Incompatibility?
  202. Changing Media Server from ARM based QNAP to a Windows Server
  203. Can You Fix Contaminated New Music List (by Updates To Older Files)?
  204. LMS' "installer" name
  205. update issue with LMS 8
  206. Getting "Error: Slim::Web::HTTP::protectName() is deprecated - please use Slim"
  207. TIDAL playback in LMS 8.0 only MP3
  208. LMS internet radio issue
  209. Announcement thread LMS 8.0 - what are the differences?
  210. New Install on Windows 10 Machine - Permission Denied
  211. Getting the year right with Musicbrainz Picard
  212. Possible bug library scan + OpenVPN
  213. LMS failimng to start with perl version error
  214. Remote streaming with Synology NAS (pinkdot/lmsupdate)
  215. Loss of albums after scan
  216. LMS not starting after Debian 10 upgrade.
  217. UPnP/DLNA Media Interface plugin silently stops (server disappears)
  218. LMS Not Running on Windows 10 PC
  219. Could LMS ever access music files stored on Dropbox Cloud
  220. Double entries in playlists
  221. LMS Crashes when I Browse the Library on my PC
  222. Random album menu item (from Michael Herger?)
  223. Sonos users' info for LMS on Raspberry Pi
  224. [LMS 8.0.0] TuneIn Radio is only sometimes available?
  225. slim backup alarm
  226. Problems with Split Artists / Albums
  227. LMS 7.9.1 scenario to sync 3 Player - issues......
  228. LMS / Spotty error message / not working anymore
  229. LMS closes down unexpectedly
  230. Upgrade from 7.7.6
  231. LMS 8.0.0 Questions
  232. LMS - variable locations of (custom-)convert.conf !?!?
  233. Inguz plugin not loading with LMS 8.0 on Windows 10
  234. Tidal + LMS+ picoreplayer + mysqueezebox = not working suddenly, need help diagnosing
  235. Mount NAS share on macOS
  236. Query about pCP and USB Dac
  237. Lms ram
  238. Is there a problem with lastest .deb 8.0?
  239. Could LMS be configured to stream to my LG WK9 XBOOM Smart Speaker
  240. Switching one sychronised player from standby to off causes the other(s) to get stuck
  241. Media Server Install on Centos 8
  242. Can't start squeezeboxserver service - OpenSuse Tumbleweed
  243. Problems With random Play
  244. LMS stops when scanning
  245. Claim: "retrying in 86400 seconds" but trying it 30s later instead
  246. LMS stops playing after 30 seconds or so when synchronizing
  247. LMS 8.0 repository problem
  248. SQL problems with install
  249. Squeezebox Touch stops playing a track after about 30 secs and goes on to next track
  250. History and favorites