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  1. Checkbox at Media Folder settings
  2. Support for Dark Mode on MacOS 10.14?
  3. Raspberry PI for LMS with network storage for PC and Mac?
  4. Sox 14.4.3 in LMS 7.9.2 doesn't seem to support Windows file paths ?
  5. LMS Volume control
  6. Imported iTunes playlists coming up empty/not working using LMS CLI?
  7. Wrong radio artwork being shown
  8. Grouping players (virtual groups)
  9. Regular freezes and other bugs
  10. Stream LMS music to Ipeng mobile phone when outside wifi coverage?
  11. Help! LMS keeps asking for a restart
  12. Buffering File
  13. LMS on pCP nightly updates failing
  14. DareToShare: My custom-convert.conf for WMA WMAL WMAP, DSF, DFF on-the-fly
  15. LMS Google Music Plugin - not authenticating
  16. December 10 Windows build ok? Got some really strange things going on
  17. Audio Scan version 1.02
  18. pugin update notification gone?
  19. Install: Fehler beim Ersetzen einer vorhandenen Datei
  20. Spotty activated -> LMS will not start
  21. Why are all files in the server deb dated 2009-08-03 11:14
  22. PAUSE doesn't work correctly for DLNA sources when BrutefirDRC plugin is activated
  23. Slacker continually Pauses/Stops
  24. Fix for SQLLite??
  25. Assign a player to a specific server
  26. Odd new behvior w new Windows 10 PC
  27. Req: report all listening interfaces on LMS settings>info page
  28. Cannot migrate LMS docker container - can anyone help?
  29. Transporter Internet connections
  30. LMS could not reestablish any USB connection after USB Dac is disconnected
  31. Library scan problem
  32. NAS installation
  33. Issues with Danish versus English menu items
  34. Corrupted EXIF data in folder.jpginterferes with LMS operation
  35. Associating Volume Adjustment to Playlists or Random Mix
  36. Squeezeplayer on Android gets 'stuck' playing via on SSH
  37. Alarm didn't go off!
  38. Save Group OF Synced players
  39. Change browser settings windows explorer
  40. Media Server keeps stopping
  41. Buffering issues on a wireless SB Classic LMS 7.9.2 - 1545144292
  42. Don't Stop the Music not working
  43. LMS becomes unresponive when using podcastplugin
  44. Odd problem with radio presets - how ro delete??
  45. A "how do I...."/feature request - hide players from LMS
  46. Library permissions problem - files can be read by LMS but rescan fails
  47. LMS vs SSD
  48. Issue with international characters in filenames
  49. LMS 7.9.2 does not start on Readynas ultra pro 4
  50. 7.9.2 - 1547616941 and "live" coverart
  51. ALAC files converted from FLAC won't play
  52. Lyrics help
  53. Trying to create a modified interface that would include a player...
  54. Pandora Premium
  55. Jump to within Artists is gone
  56. Looking for a NAS compatible with Logitech Media Server
  57. Netgear Ready Nas Duo
  58. New in 7.9.2: Presets editor
  59. Last 3 7.9.2 refuses to start
  60. Not all Music in available in Database
  61. Not all Music in available in Database
  62. Certain flac folders no longer play
  63. Advanced Search: can't find field prefs in recent LMS 7.9.2
  64. Can't mount network drive (cifs).
  65. LMS hangs on full scan
  66. Release date of 7.9.2 beta
  67. Playing files located on google drive?
  68. Is it possible to exclude a genre from "Don't Stop the Music"?
  69. Bug since the last update in the Random Mix options on Squeezebox
  70. Help for UPnP mobile player
  71. DSD extension watch item
  72. Cant Log on To LMS
  73. search doesn't do
  74. How to delete old player
  75. CLI doc typo
  76. Multiple files per cue sheet
  77. Change proposed to disable crossfade on single track playlists
  78. How to create a play list ?
  79. Album grouping buckets
  80. Music panel on LMS no longer shows the music
  81. Spaces in Player names?
  82. Loging on to Media Server
  83. stream.mp3 and buffering
  84. LMS on EX4100 prompts for update
  85. Radio streams stopping after a bit
  86. Server / Chromecast / I'm confused
  87. uPnP/DLNA Media Interface: playlist stops after one song
  88. Clicking throughout music
  89. LMS can't rescan my music libraryafter I relocated it
  90. How to play (in surround sound) 6 channel [5.1] surround sound flac files.
  91. Playlists have disappeared
  92. LMS / Max number of players and how to reduce latency
  93. Vortexbox upgrade failure
  94. I CAN NOT figure out why LMS sees this as two albums
  95. Excessive DNS queries to "jive.squeezeboxnetwork.com"
  96. Random Mix Started Resetting
  97. switch player to different library - web interface
  98. No Longer Doing Database Optimize
  99. Podcast Plug in Questions!
  100. Scanner.log has lots of refs to playlists and missing wavs from .cue files
  101. Logitech Media Server as a DLNA/UPnP server.
  102. Replacement for Logitech Media Server - Roon?
  103. updated win7 to win10 - media server 7.7.5 - what issues..?
  104. Any way to alter video mode
  105. Only streaming from Internet is not working; all else ok.
  106. Problems with http://lms:9000/stream.mp3
  107. Double Scrobbles
  108. transferring to new machine
  109. Synchronization and power on
  110. Custom browse failing
  111. LMS / Get list of playlists from Openhab
  112. Update library on file system change?
  113. LMS 7.9.1 Differences
  114. LMS does not start after moving to new USB disk on piCorePlayer
  115. Search not working
  116. Some WAV files are not detected during scan...
  117. Server No Longer Starts
  118. Alarm Stream Switching to Disco at the Same Time Every Morning
  119. LSM on Raspi is running but Website not reachable
  120. Advanced Search: Artist (composer) does not contain comma
  121. New LMS web interface on 7.9.2?
  122. Icon inconsistency?
  123. LAME on macOS 10.14
  124. http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nightly/?ver=7.9
  125. Crossfade by playlist?
  126. Player Preferences File Location?
  127. Why can't I get a list of ALL artists (and no other roles) ?
  128. Multiple instances of LMS devices on networked machines.
  129. Migration of LMS installation to another machine
  130. New Layout?
  131. Fixing loud digital click/pops/cracks by sending "zero" samples ?
  132. New option to allow for correct sorting
  133. Help, LMS does not work anymore on Qnap
  134. Fade out and in during pause and restart
  135. LMS on QNAP TS-112 with Debian and OMV
  136. Which streaming service working 100% HQ
  137. Playlist conversion plugin?
  138. QLogictechMediaServer
  139. Albums showing up split
  140. LMS incomplete on Microsoft Edge (left hand pane is blank)
  141. LMS on Debian. Quick search problems and content scan dying
  142. What version does LMS report as available new?
  143. DBI Exception: DBD::SQLite::st execute failed: database disk image is malformed
  144. Logitech Media Server local player crashing after 24-36 hours of playing.
  145. Logitech Media server local player stopping and not recognized after 24-36 hours play
  146. Squeezebox Preference pane MacOS
  147. ReferenceError: SqueezeJS is notdefined[Learn More]
  148. Musepack on LMS on a Raspberry Pi
  149. Does LMS use IPv6 at all?
  150. Powersave: sometimes no sound after restarting playback
  151. M4A suddenly stopped working on Synology
  152. Direct vs proxied MP3 streaming
  153. Tracks Removed and do not come back
  154. Request: Webinterface button for Spicefly Sugarcube
  155. Filter FLAC tracks by samplerate, samplesize
  156. Tidal Login Issues!?!
  157. Time one hour off on all boxes
  158. Tidal and audioscrobbler
  159. How does streaming actually work?
  160. Crossfade for streaming media
  161. Favorits tumbnails missing...
  162. Is it possible to surpress the update notification on LMS homepage
  163. 7.9.2 don't like Rescan Media Library?
  164. Rescan Library
  165. squeezebox.com
  166. Browse sort errors
  167. Is it possible to change language of SB2 Screensaver?
  168. Pandora Station Limit
  169. Pandora, any chance of getting working in Europe?
  170. Local Radio Location
  171. Controlling LMS via http requests (or otherwise?) for siri shortcuts?
  172. CUE Support
  173. Streaming URL's stop after shutdown
  174. "Various Artists" position in lists
  175. Help tracking down either a network, or server issue
  176. LMS on Raspbery Pi 3 B running raspibian
  177. LMS/slimproto and squeezelite volume control issues
  178. LMS library shows duplicate albume - file paths for tracks different
  179. Unable to upgrade with Vortexbox images
  180. What is correct settings for fstab for ntfs usb drive?
  181. 2nd Stream to mix into the main stream
  182. LMS nightly on Mojave
  183. LMS 7.9.2 on Synology looses clients, lms stops working after 10-20h
  184. Help: LMS Players lose connection
  185. Pause specific Squeezebox at scheduled times?
  186. Can't connect to server
  187. Moving LMS to a new location
  188. Basic questions - which LMS is most current for RN312?
  189. would it be possible to protect setup part of LMS via PIN or password?
  190. CLI command for adding current track to playlist
  191. 7.9.1 Upgrade Killed My Server.
  192. Perl 5.28, general dpkg update woes, and a new problem with Trackstat?
  193. How are videos streamed (Why are my MKV not playable)?
  194. Administrator Privileges
  195. LMS will not scan
  196. Upgraded to 7.9.2. Library/My Music won't play any music.
  197. 7.9.2 hangs mounted share/stops scanning
  198. Can not validate mysqueezebox.com account error from LMS
  199. LMS not showing SDT screensaver and has constant asterisk on screen
  200. Issue with logitechmediaserver_7.9.2~1559133196_amd64.deb?
  201. Lost connection to LMS, think port 9000 is blocked
  202. How can I shuffle the play queue this way?
  203. "Problem: no saved playlists folder. Visit server settings to fix this."
  204. I keep getting kicked off Shairtunes
  205. How do you uninstall a plugin without the web UI (Linux)?
  206. Drag & Drop file size is not adjustable
  207. LMS Running/Not Running
  208. LMS wont run (Mac OSX 10.13.3) - There is already another copy of LMS running - help!
  209. Can't start LMS on Mojave Mac
  210. Directory scan aborted
  211. New and changed scan deleted items
  212. LMS internal "software updates" function - how to make it pick up 7.9.2?
  213. Help upnp:rootdevice
  214. Can I import my favorites from a Windows-based computer to a Macbook ?
  215. Automatic LMS update notifications
  216. Ubuntu 18.04 "Logitech Media Server died. Restarting." Perl?
  217. Need to set LMS back to defaults.
  218. A new version of Logitech Media Server is available. (Click here) then page can't dis
  219. LMS hard wedge when plugin repos not available
  220. Albums not showing up
  221. WebUI: Custom browse menu with umlaut not accessible (but it is with Material)
  222. Unable to set time for daily Rescan Music Library since pCP 5.0.0 update
  223. LMS using Squeezebox 3- lost and confused
  224. Cover art not displaying consistently either in LMS or iPeng app
  225. LMS 7.9.1 clean install missing albums/artists with 'special' characters.
  226. Tracks not showing up in the playlist
  227. Todays LMS Nightly not starting on Windows 10
  228. V9.2 does not work on ReadyNAS i386
  229. Mac: Squeezebox.prefPan is not optimized...
  230. Whole interface is different now.
  231. Looking for a Docker container that contains audio-scan 1.0.2
  232. Unable to authenticate Tidal on mysqueezebox.com
  233. Audio webstreams that hangs LMS
  234. No Left Hand [Nav] Pane in LMS Web Interface on Micrososft Edge
  235. cannot open web control interface
  236. serach not working
  237. Weird problem with one album, tracks are all truncated...
  238. problem with remote
  239. How to create a playlist via webGui or Squeezer app?
  240. Tunein Radio options missing in Web GUI
  241. Scanning problem
  242. Several Questions
  243. LMS in other devices
  244. If native playback fails try playing transcoded version first before aborting - how?
  245. New server - quieter streams?
  246. Customize WebGui of LMS (Or: Adding folders to favorites)
  247. Disabled LMS webserver - Can I re-enable from CLI?
  248. What can I do without a LMS server?
  249. error message attempting to stream flac file
  250. podcasts just stop at random