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  1. How-To Clear cache of discovered players, and the ramifications of doing so
  2. Can't browse by albums
  3. Database optimization fails
  4. Smart TV's Web Browser not able to load LMS Web Control Page ........................
  5. Adding media from network drive to 'My Music' in LMS
  6. Mac 10.13.4 & LMS update.
  7. downsampling files beyond 96/24 on the fly
  8. Can't search a particular album with Tidal or Spotty
  9. Drops in sound when playing Apple Lossless
  10. Filtering & ordering
  11. search doesnt find "3 letter" artist
  12. CLI does not see LMS's proper IP?
  13. Opensuse Leap 15 & LMS
  14. LMS 7.9.2.-168.0011 don't start on NAS Synology 214se
  15. Android APP not capturing broadcast from Player
  16. Problem with Pandora and Chromecast
  17. Squeezebox server fails to start on new laptop runnning ubuntu 18.04
  18. 7.92 has changed my Artists listing
  19. Player not found
  20. Searching by Publisher field possible?
  21. Converting Itunes Artwork to LMS ? ...............................
  22. update LMS using github
  23. Scanning takes ages...how to solve?
  24. Web UI: Can I get classical albums to sort differently than other albums?
  25. Install LMS 7.9.1 on DS 710+ results in
  26. Playlists disappeared from 'My Music'
  27. Tidal Problem "Connection Reset by Local Host"
  28. Running LMS as a service
  29. Can't add any 3rd party plugins
  30. Web UI search function with unicode, again (And with Squeeze Control for Win 10)
  31. Radio plugin - stations no longer playing
  32. Clicks between MP3 tracks
  33. LMS stops after 2 tracks
  34. ickStream Plugin
  35. Squeezebox Classic hanging consistently when trying to access Plugin
  36. Denon Heos 5 via UPnP/DLNA Bridge plugin
  37. LMS Behaviour with duplicates and compilation tags
  38. LMS does not see some flac files
  39. LMS pausing when streaming Spotty and LastFM
  40. Network port number changes back to default after restart
  41. Specific podcast fails to open
  42. Ultralight LMS skin v0.3.2 released
  43. Relocate LMS files to another disk
  44. How to view the output sample rate from LMS
  45. Scanner terminating unexpectantly
  46. Scrobbling to sth else than Last.fm
  47. How to avoid music skip interruptions?
  48. Ignore Lyric tag when searching
  49. LMS and McAfee
  50. Unable to add or remove plugins
  51. mp3 playback cut off at the end
  52. Most stable version? LMS
  53. Standalone reliable LMS config recommendations?
  54. Can't open iTunes files
  55. Installing on a NAS
  56. How to make Windows 10 wake up out of sleep?
  57. LMS troubles
  58. Android LMS control app which can use second screen on LG V20?
  59. LMS does not work after full restore—-please help!
  60. I inadvertently broke MP3 playback...
  61. LMS scan does not detect MusicIP mixable tracks
  62. Accessing VLC music stream on LAN with Squeezebox
  63. Fine grained album sorting - ideas anyone?
  64. Podcast streams are interrupted every ~10m recently. How do I diagnose the issue?
  65. Artist Listed Multiple Ways
  66. Port mapping between LMS and piCorePlayer
  67. Emby & LMS: sharing media folders
  68. Track missing from playlist display
  69. Can you display more than one album cover
  70. Dropped packets on server
  71. Possible to get "Radio.com" working?
  72. Anyone have LMS running on Zotac mini pc?
  73. CSV extract from LMS library
  74. SqueezeSrv.exe won't stop and can't be killed
  75. Order of menu items in LMS Home page
  76. Is there a way to do a mic input to the server so can play on devices?
  77. Recording played music
  78. New pCP 4.0.0 install with LMS 7.9.2 - LMS won't start after last night's update
  79. BBC high-quality Radio 3 aac-lc stream won't play
  80. Strange volume issues
  81. Orange squeeze...where is Rasp Pi?
  82. Is it possible to boost radio stream playback volume?
  83. Bizarre LMS gui behaviour displaying live stream artwork
  84. With corrupted audio files the LMS player gets stuck in the middile.
  85. UPnP/DLNA Bridge Plugin - FLAC issue
  86. First Linux install attempt - server consumes all available memory and system crashes
  87. My server locked up with playing from WavInput.
  88. Warning in server log
  89. Missing tracks
  90. Random songs
  91. Custom Browse Main Artist Sort
  92. LMS 7.9.2, reverts to previous playlist after restart
  93. How does LMS cope with sudden powercut / harddrive disconnection ?
  94. LMS 7.9.0 > 7.9.2 daily didn't work
  95. Convert FLACs to MP3s?
  96. All BBC radio stations fail to play
  97. 44.1 kHz MP3 radio stream decoded as 32 kHz
  98. Live stream artwork WOES - again
  99. Filter scan by file type
  100. Playlist Manager web request possible?
  101. Why no transcoding wav & flc on stdin?
  102. LMS - Qobuz and playlists
  103. LMS and SSL Encryption (Valid Certificate)
  104. Documentation for the LMS scan process?
  105. Documentation for the LMS scanprocess?
  106. Why do all my file paths start with tmp:/// ?
  107. Prevent different versions of sox, flac etc being overwritten on update
  108. Manually installed Plugins folder
  109. My Apps list empty
  110. Squeezecenter Digest, Vol 118,Issue 49
  111. Adding the BBCiPlayer app to LMS
  112. Synology LMS v7.9.1 -168 Beta Not Recognizing Duets
  113. Multiple Albums
  114. Can't locate auto/Linux/MemInfo/autosplit.ix
  115. Radio vs. Tunein Radio under 'My Apps' ?? ......................................
  116. DSD support in SOX
  117. imageproxy.db size
  118. Error when attempting to Open LMS control panel
  119. Squeezebox server wont stay started
  120. LMS & Pi3 - Max # of Clients?
  121. LMS 7.9 won't run as Admin on the first bootup.
  122. How to disable LMS 7.9 Windows Update Nag?
  123. Adding Radio Stations as presets
  124. What's rhe score with image/artwork?
  125. LMS DLNA client not working correctly
  126. Custom Browse - Menu not saving
  127. LMS crashes very often
  128. Favorites - Names, Icons, Caches?
  129. Avoid macOS System Preferences dialog from stealing focus
  130. LMS on HDD, max playlist size 100
  131. html/docs/xml_skin.html is gone
  132. Feedback DB upgrade: Scanning time down by 15%, size of persist.db down by nearly 20%
  133. Streaming Line Audio
  134. LMS 7.9.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.5 keeps ignoring media folder with umlaut
  135. LMS 7.9.1 does not start automatically in windows 10
  136. Slim::Plugin::UPnP::Events::error (323) Subscribe/unsubscribe error: 412 Precondition
  137. LMS default UI: left hand side of screen no longer loads using edge on Windows 10
  138. Playlists / media scan / ipeng / cleanup
  139. LMS 7.9.2 nightly update succeeds but LMS & pCP insisting same update requires instal
  140. Set Proxy for a few, not all, streams
  141. Server taking 12-14 hours to start...
  142. Request: Rename "check_update.pl" to "lms_check_update.pl"
  143. Mac OS 10.14 Mojave and LMS
  144. Can't connect since updating server machine
  145. Favorites / Play Lists / Ratings
  146. Latest Windows 10 update seems to have partially broken LMS GUI on Edge
  147. new user seeking some guidance
  148. Abort Scan not working
  149. Tried this in the beginners section but think maybe it sb in here.
  150. "custom browse" plugins skins have errors when displaying play list?
  151. Can't play an AAC stream on Squeezebox Boom + LMS 7.9.1 1521438894
  152. Investigating LMS 7.9.1 crash on restart
  153. Search for a podcast
  154. How to Mount Synology NAS on Picoreplayer LMS
  155. squeeze ctrl, bayeaux and the connection type "streaming"?
  156. Delayed mail: Squeezecenter Digest,Vol 122, Issue 4
  157. LMS Stops Playing with Short Tracks
  158. SB Radio only playing 1st track in playlist...
  159. Latest versions?
  160. View contents of a single folder in album-like format
  161. Browse Music Folder oddity
  162. Upgraded to 7.9.2,now can't connect
  163. Sorting by year, album seems not to work
  164. LMS, Run as administrator
  165. LMS Scan Missed a Song
  166. Foobar as "controller" for LMS: is possible?
  167. JSONRPC::requestMethod (455) request not dispatchable!
  168. Problem playing very large files
  169. server remains in "The server is starting" on MacOS
  170. Which ports / protocol is lms/pcp/spotty using?
  171. Error installing LMS on piCorePlayer
  172. LogitechMediaServer stuttering on Windows 10?
  173. Local 'ogg flac' stream no longer plays after update to latest 7.9.2 nightly.
  174. Shortcut to Spotty album within main LMS library
  175. Prevent System Standby not working
  176. What OS to host LMS on a HP N40? (it would replace Ubuntu 14.04)
  177. Tidal stream issues with some tracks on some devices
  178. SB Radio/Touch WOL Magic Packet
  179. Logitech Media Server died. Restarting. Mint 18.3
  180. Latest LMS nightly (10-19-18) not working - port 9000 error
  181. LMS fails when trying to rescan the media library for new files
  182. LMS startup goes from seconds to minutes under macOS Mojave
  183. LMS on AWS?
  184. Is there a FreeNAS plug-in?
  185. Transporter display help
  186. Customize Web Remote Control
  187. LMS non responsive after clocks go back
  188. LMS rescan problems
  189. LMS scans twice
  190. Skip songs on tidal
  191. Menu Bar Controller for Mac?
  192. Force squeezeboxserver to bind to specific interface using Linux named netns
  193. Album Sort - WebUI
  194. Additional Browse Modes | Only flacs are shown
  195. SDT screensaver not showing on 1 SB
  196. Tagging issues?!
  197. Performance tab set server/scanner priority
  198. Now Playing Information resets periodically
  199. Would it be possible to have audio settings for pcp
  200. Browser-based player
  201. Strange Problem - can't find my Players through the (old) iOS Logitech App anymore
  202. uPNP for a complete novice
  203. Tips for frequent Connection / Disconnection NAS Synology LMS and Duet
  204. Cannot synchronise Radio playback: audio stops when synchronise
  205. Plugins
  206. Can't play WAVs using LMS 7.9.2 installed on Synology NAS
  207. Slim Server
  208. How do I set up uPNP ?
  209. Favorites Subfolder Possible?
  210. Random Albums
  211. Blocking explicit tracks
  212. LMS via NAS326 - modify the LMS web UI
  213. Shuffled playlist and don't stop the music
  214. LMS won't recognize music folder
  215. Error: Can't connect to remote server to retrieve….
  216. Touch clock
  217. Boom Time after update
  218. Help me get the LMS working again under MacOS Mojave
  219. Wavepack (.wv, iso.wv, or .wv+.cue), and SACD ISO support in LMS
  220. How to add another Picoreplayer to LMS?
  221. LMS CLI Subscribe to Single Playlist Events
  222. Some new errors in the latest nightly
  223. "Total Time" display in web ui
  224. ALAC / AAC on aarch64
  225. LMS Won't Play MP3 Exported From Audacity
  226. Random album list with some search criteria
  227. perl 5.28
  228. Reinstall LMS/Squeezebox on Boom with OS X High Sierra currently LMS v7.7.5
  229. Sleep/Power Issues with LMS 7.9.1 on macOS High Sierra
  230. Including operators in Advanced Search UI
  231. Case Sensitive Player MAC with wget but Not HTTP?
  232. Playing tracks in with different sample rates in radom mix
  233. Problem with hiding lossy duplicates
  234. LMS 7.9.2 sometimes hangs after waking Windows 10
  235. IP addr assigned to LMS
  236. Intermittent problems with recognising bitrate for live radio streams
  237. Finally installed Windows 10 - which version of LMS?
  238. Unable to get a full scan under freshly installed linux ( debian and Mint)
  239. Problem playing flac files on Slimp3 (but only when sync'ed)
  240. Protect Library Views?
  241. LMS will not auto start
  242. Squeezebox classic with Foobar
  243. Troubleshooting Podcast Halting Error
  244. ReadyNAS BBC Iplayer Extra lack of IO::Socket::SSL
  245. Noob wanting to change old pc into LMS Dedicated server. Best solution?
  246. No local music and errors when scanning
  247. How does Advanced Search work?
  248. Odd AAC/M4A Issue
  249. Secure Remote Streaming to Mobile Player
  250. Checkbox at Media Folder settings