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  1. LMS 7.9 no longer sees my NAS Files, when hitting Browse Button, but they play fine ?
  2. Issues with SETTINGS in LMS 7.9
  3. Compilation Album grouping problem
  4. LMS always sending bitrate 48kHz to my DAC
  5. Identical tagging showed differently
  6. A thanks for Virtual Libraries
  7. lost settings page after reboot
  8. Ignoring *.sync-conflict-* files?
  9. Raspberry Pi mit volumio & LMS -> LMS is di
  10. Live Music Archive stopgap - seeking feedback/guidance on how to help
  11. Guess Tags Format options
  12. Questions about LMS 7.9
  13. How to Save Advanced Search Library so it is playable
  14. PDF Catalogue
  15. Poor sound quality out off AAC open.fm streams
  16. Feature request: Auto synchronization
  17. Exclude folders from scan?
  18. Server Port always open
  19. Error in the command line interface
  20. Album art and progress on next track slow to show after 7.9.1?
  21. LMS streaming video timeout after half an hour
  22. Cannot Set Sleep Timer from LMS for a Player?
  23. Logitech Media Server, Duet and Podcasts
  24. Player connection issues
  25. "wide characters" in LMS
  26. Password problem for LMS
  27. Before I go use the code, can someone tell me about Virtual Libraries with the CLI?
  28. Transporter: Volume display alternative view/layout
  29. Alarm
  30. Has Songs & Search Songs returned to the main menu yet (or, where can I get 7.5.5)
  31. LMS scan yields 0 results, while my music is still present on my QNAP NAS
  32. LAME (FLAC -> MP3) and plays as FLAC
  33. media server no longer working sbs2003
  34. 7.9 serious bug
  35. flac/faad errors
  36. When/how did my web interface change?
  37. Web interface broken with MS Edge in Win 10 Creators update
  38. Warning message in log with heavy cpu usage
  39. Scan terminated unexpectedly
  40. [Stupid issue] Can't gain access to LMS anylonger due to security tab setting
  41. ISsue with "extended Permissions" on QNAP NAS
  42. Apple Lossless sound quality comparison between AppleTV and SqueezeBox 3
  43. Can't add any 3rd party plugins
  44. commonand for alarm snooze?
  45. How many sync'd players are realistc?
  46. Use --nomysqueezebox when starting from System Preferences on Mac
  47. Using headphones when you have one-sided hearing loss - convert to mono
  48. Is "Play all" sorted on year instead of albums possible?
  49. New iMac but No Music Anymore - OK now
  50. How to search for songs
  51. SB Touch connection issues with LMS 7.9
  52. Web UI My Apps -> Podcasts is missing.
  53. interface issue
  54. Mobile web UI
  55. Logitech Media Server unresponsive, debug help please
  56. Full Text Search also finds matching bitrates
  57. Bad repository - Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor
  58. Feature Request: Add BPM to Advanced Search
  59. LMS won't start anymore
  60. LMS on ClearOS?
  61. LMS Windows 10 - Your player was not found
  62. logitech media server error loading playlist
  63. Album Art suddenly not showing in Now Playing
  64. Covers do not appear in the TIDAL plugin
  65. LMS v7.9.1 nightly update and piCorePlayer
  66. Le Tour and Podcast
  67. [slim] iOS11 upgrade - squeezeboxcontroller app no longer working
  68. LMS Interface keeps switching from Classic to Default
  69. Why Flash in LMS?
  70. TIDAL Reporting Incorrect number of tracks
  71. Sort order in tag "Genre"
  72. Album Art seems to pick a random jpg
  73. Scan Aborts Prematurely
  74. Perl 5.26 support?
  75. LMS suddenly very unresponsive
  76. Copy settings from old (dead) Squeezebox 3 to new Squeezebox 3
  77. Squeezebox Radio stops playing alarm track after ~10 seconds
  78. Library Order Inconsistency
  79. Manually editing M3U - changes not reflected in LMS
  80. Where is Music Information Screen config stored in the LMS?
  81. Server stopping when internet streaming only
  82. How to get Right and Left Channels to work separately?? (Output Channel mode)
  83. Spotify sync issues
  84. Why aren't all artists displayed
  85. Boombox Time Zone
  86. Transporter/Squeezebox won't play some tracks
  87. LMS on PcP, normal or audio?
  88. Random switch-ons and Asian characters in web UI
  89. Moving LMS to new hardware
  90. Need help - "play all songs by artist"
  91. How to disable MySqueezebox.com connection in LMS 7.9.1
  92. TIDAL only streams in MP3 not FLAC
  93. Does a sox (?) DSP plugin make sense?
  94. Disappearing search box in web interface
  95. Scanning issue
  96. Cover art
  97. Two LMS on one network possible?
  98. Can't update to LMS 7.9.1 - (squeeze svc) insufficient privileges error
  99. Process status : not running (crashed as PID 19525)
  100. library scan 'stops unexpectedly'
  101. Media Server not connecting....need to get this sorted urgently....HELP!
  102. Need some help retrieving a large playlist
  103. upgade to LMS 7.9.1 Problem with SSOTS
  104. "Can't connect to server" =(
  105. How does Random Mix actually work?
  106. Latest update - icon issues & strange error
  107. Playlist and favourite persistence
  108. 7.9.1 Scanner Crapping Out on Audiobooks
  109. Does LMS 7.9.1 dislike SB Radio?
  110. LMS 7.9.1 on PcP, do i still need LAME?
  111. Spotify playlist slow to appear or timesout on Squeezebox
  112. Has LMS new bug with german "Umlaute" at top folder from library?
  113. Web interface
  114. DNS network issue
  115. Streaming radio - buffer display info what does it mean?
  116. Latest QNAP update removed LMS!
  117. Fedora 26 Upgrade issue
  118. Home Screen setting
  119. What OS do you recommend for the LMS
  120. mono audio setting possible in LMS
  121. Podcast list loads very slowly
  122. LMS problem with applications from MySqueezebox
  123. LMS option --playeraddr?
  124. Media scan terminated unexpectedly
  125. how could we preserve plug-in's when support of dev stops
  126. High CPU usage during playback at the beginning of each song
  127. How to disable LMS from Twonky?
  128. LMS runnign on mysqueezebox.com on my touch
  129. SqueezePlay - No Logs? Well Logs but empty
  130. INTERNET RADIO does not show up all the time
  131. LMS no longer converting 24-bit files to MP3
  132. Media scan terminating unexpectedly after tag updates (SBS 7.9.1)
  133. LMS, pCP. Raspbery, & Spotty... playlists help needed!
  134. Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::Players::_player s_error (368)
  135. TinkerBoard Problems
  136. Problem with LMS plugin Qobuz not loading at startup
  137. Problem with LMS plugin Qobuz not loading at startup
  138. LogitechMediaServer-7.9.1-1502118993.exe Not installing correctly
  139. Database corrupt and refuses to clean
  140. power failure, SD card corrupt, reinstall....
  141. raspberry pi3 issue
  142. Only the usb drive is running music nothing else this morning
  143. Please help me fix this!!
  144. Squeezelite freezing with out of memory
  145. Spotify playlist URL won't play in Favorite in LMS
  146. Performance using network drive for music storage? (LMS running in virtual machine)
  147. Controlling contributors in All artists view
  148. Interesting map of Squeezebox users
  149. Security reminder! Don't open your Squeezebox up to the internet.
  150. uPnP/DLNA rendering issue
  151. Force 128 kBit/s mp3 for one player only?
  152. How is search button supposed to work
  153. Genre problems with 7.91
  154. Problems playing 2 synced SBTs at the same time - new problem just recently.
  155. Can't change player i EDGE webgui
  156. restarting LMS via Terminal on OSX El Capitan
  157. LMS 7.9.x seems having problems with IPV6
  158. Unable to load TrueType font support
  159. Sync Group - force leader ?
  160. LMS plays track that is not in playlist. For next tracks it shows wrong track playing
  161. LMS is stuck in "Starting" on OSX El Capitan
  162. iTunes Media Folder on External Hard Drive on iMac Inaccessible as Source in LMS
  163. Houston we have a problem...with LMS!
  164. LMS 7.9.0 Stopped Working
  165. Scanner crashes during MusicIP import: Schema.pm line 899
  166. where are my apps?
  167. 7.9.1 just installed, and crashes
  168. tagging issue
  169. Random short disconnects from Squeezebox 3
  170. Does LMS 7.9.1 support Wavpack DSD playback?
  171. Look for new and changed media files scan not detecting genre changes
  172. LMS 7.9.1 playback issues
  173. LMS Scanning Issue - increments possible?
  174. Unanalysed files MusicIP
  175. How to install LMS 7.9.1 on a Synology NAS?
  176. Cannot get LMS 7.9.0 or 7.9.1 to work with Raspbian Stretch
  177. Raspberry Pi 2 - maxxed out cpu
  178. Bought QNAP TS251+ and alreay regret it...
  179. Nightly build server down!
  180. Which nas to buy??
  181. Cannot listen to radio or Qobuz
  182. sleep your player from the web interface
  183. How to build from source?
  184. Don't Stop the Music?
  185. Which server operating system to choose now?
  186. Deezer family profile issue
  187. FadeInSecs inconsistent with URL randomplay://tracks?
  188. Backup settings and reinstall
  189. Error - what does it mean?
  190. Random play from tracks in a specific playlist?
  191. strange DNS problem using LMS on Windows 10
  192. How to uninstall from Win 7?
  193. Kill music between 20:00 and 7:00
  194. Logitech Media Server 7.9.1 hangs on Artist picture lookup
  195. Server scan terminates unexpectedly after long loop.
  196. Audio::Scan: 0.93 in LMSUpdate 7.9.1 for Synology DS 216play
  197. Dissapearing apps from My Apps
  198. LMS skipping the music when syncing multiple end points and playing hi-res music
  199. Mac OS High Sierra & LMS problems.
  200. SSL error with 7.9.1 on 219+ (1/2 podcasts don't work now)
  201. CLOSE_WAIT after restart
  202. All Tidal songs do not show up on the albums/playlist...
  203. How to upgrade on Linux
  204. Digitally Imported not playing
  205. Connection to Players gets lost when LMS is restarted
  206. My fix for IO::Socket::SSL error with LMS installed on QNAP ARM NAS (219P+)
  207. Do you have to have the internet to run PiCorePlayer.....
  208. Squeezebox Classic Not Powering Up
  209. 7.9.1 bug reporting?
  210. Spotty playlist problem: audio drops near end of track
  211. Access to 'Calm Radio' feeds
  212. How to monitor the status of a player
  213. Link for 7.9
  214. VPN Question - Connecting to LMS - Netgear Nighthawk Router
  215. 7.9.1 ó SB Radio and Touch says there's a software update available
  216. Running LMS on an non-rooted android device
  217. Not showing on my 'Media Devices'
  218. Squeezebox suddenly starting all songs at 2:56 and no audio comes out
  219. Tidal not showing under My Apps
  220. Squeezebox over VPN
  221. Error message
  222. Cant updpate plug-ins
  223. LMS 7.9.1 can not change tracks on one 192/24 FLAC with cue sheet
  224. Pre-flight checks before updating to LMS 7.7.5 from 7.7.2 on QNAP TS-112P
  225. iTunes Home Sharing Enabled causes LMS to shut down?
  226. Cannot access localhost:9000 on new iMac
  227. LMS 7.9.1 installed on Windows10 can not be found on network
  228. Spotty doesn't appear in my plugins
  229. Not all favorites are displayed in Tidal app
  230. Can LMS listen on multiple interfaces
  231. Windows 10 1709 is quarantining LMS 7.9.1-1508251793
  232. Display of Tracks for Album Error
  233. LMS fails to run on xubuntu 17.10
  234. rescanning media library problems - removing deleted files ??
  235. Buffering problem
  236. Run w/o database?
  237. LMS Player Names in Settings/Advanced/File Types? Possible?
  238. Anatomy of a Synology LMS .spk package
  239. Missing flac to pcm on a remote URL in convert.conf
  240. Another Windows 10 problem
  241. The folders of my media library are scanned incompletely
  242. Is there a genius out there who can put together a working LMS7.9 QPKG for QNAP NAS?
  243. Canít start in macOS 10.13.1
  244. Media scan terminated unexpectedly
  245. Discnumber higher than 254
  246. cant play mp3's after upgrade to 7.9.1
  247. Linn Kazoo
  248. Lyrics!
  249. Advice on disconnected server with Boom?
  250. How to downgrade a plugin?