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  1. Playing music via USB on Touch; can't control from LMS on laptop?
  2. Building from svn on FreeBSD 8.2 amd64; where to copy built artifacts?
  3. MacOS X Mountain Lion - LMS 7.7.3 won't stream Rhapsody
  4. LMS SliMP3 sync to recent players broken
  5. Converting Flac files to PCM/Wav format on your PC rather than at your player .
  6. Running LMS on my PC prevents me from watching movies streamed from my NAS
  7. LMS wont stream using mountain lion!
  8. Music Player
  9. Problem with More function in Logitech Media Server 7.7.2
  10. 7.7.2 Log Errors
  11. Slim::Utils::Cache::cleanup (265) Cache purge: FileCache (7.6.2) - disconnection
  12. Problems syncing old SliMP3 with Touch/Radio using recent LMS
  13. SoftSquueze doesn't send WOL magic packet thing!
  14. Same album, two different file paths?
  15. 7.7.2 install error
  16. SB3 filenames with decomposed accented character when running LMS on Mac
  17. Various Artists Albums Won't Show Under Various Artists
  18. Media Scan Problem
  19. LMS experience on BDP-93 Oppo player
  20. Touch constantly drops out and rebuffers! HELP!
  21. SB Touch
  22. LMS on PC can't scan music on NAS
  23. LMS won't recognise new music files.
  24. LMS doesn't detect new cover art...
  25. Two LMS instances: one behaves properly, the other insists on synchronizing volume
  26. Missing album art
  27. Logitech Squeezebox Android app - Can't control music volume of multiple rooms?
  28. Goal: retardation
  29. Server won't play broadcast wavs with date metadata
  30. Redirect to media URL
  31. Bad performance and response times (reasons?)
  32. Setting up LMS on a new Vortexbox
  33. Remote streaming- allowed IP address problem
  34. Can't find player
  35. LMS upgrade effort
  36. Same band names
  37. Logitech media server
  38. At every server restart player configuration is lost
  39. Version 7.8
  40. Tunein - plugin vs. app
  41. blocking IP addresses (Settings->Advanced->Security)
  42. CBC Music Channels
  43. logitechmediaserver V 10?
  44. Is the rescan interval editable? The Wiki seems to indicate it is?
  45. Sacnner artwork warning
  46. Wake On Lan (Over Wi-Fi)?
  47. MacBook sleeping while music playing??
  48. cannot connect to server using iPhone wi-fi
  49. last.fm radio
  50. How to add Wikipedia search link in LMS?
  51. Transcoding problem on ARM machine
  52. LMS issues with itunes update plugin - can anyone help please
  53. Browsing "artists" doesn't reveal "B.B. King"
  54. 7.7.2 - r33893 Library Scanning Issue (logs inc)
  55. Upgrade problem. Assistance requested
  56. Squeezebox LMS functional issue
  57. lost all internet sources...
  58. Windows 7 + Squeezebox Server + Duet = no music
  59. iTunes tracks keep pausing / rebuffering ?
  60. LMS ignoring "Articles To Ignore When Sorting" ?
  61. Possible to fix double artist tag from Spotify?
  62. LMS 7.8 - latest nightly build - stalling on G drive scanning for new/changed files
  63. Ubuntu 10.04 / LMS = server not found
  64. Downsampling on Touch passthrough where source > 24/48
  65. server.log overflow - /var/log/sqeezeboxserver/scanner.log fills /var
  66. last.fm audioscrobbler
  67. Problem with audio enclosure handling with a podcast
  68. Squeezebox Touch freezes with Vortexbox player
  69. New router, no love for my Squeezeplay
  70. Can't access new files
  71. Does LMS work on Apple OS 10.8 Mountain Lion?
  72. The ultimate version of LMS
  73. What does upgrading RAIDiator on ReadyNAS NV+ do to LMS 7.7.2 as add-on
  74. LAME for SBS on Readynas
  75. Glitches when resuming a paused track after a long pause time... normal?
  76. Missing iTunes Playlists
  77. Missing album artwork in LMS running in WHS (Ripnas)
  78. Squeezebox Server and Files Saved by iTunes
  79. Connecting to LMS
  80. Basic Settings Question
  81. Thecus N2800 and LMS installation
  82. LMS on Synology NAS
  83. AAC streams on LMS on 64bit Linux (Archlinux) doesn't play
  84. Musicip with lms. Small mix?
  85. Suddenly AVG thinks LMS is a virus
  86. Raspberry Pi / Raspbian Support
  87. "Now Playing" Screensaver output reversed
  88. LMS 7.2 can suddenly no longer see my Duet - help please.
  89. Setting up LMS on Windows Home Server (WHS)
  90. LMS Stopped working cant open webpage - Please Help !
  91. Mac firmware directory
  92. LMS problems on daily rescan with TrackStat
  93. Importing playlists from J River Media Jukebox
  94. CLI Interface - Setting server preferences (pref cmd) for array values (mediadirs)
  95. Playlists with FLAC files appear empty when added to favorites
  96. Touch Can't Connect to LMS on NAS - HELP Please!
  97. LMS, latest nightly build, for Windows
  98. CLI automatically enable "listen 1" when connecting
  99. Does "status" work in CLI 7.7.2 r33908?
  100. LMS overriding network connection? Help.
  101. Configuring iTunes Server on ReadyNAS Duo: the Definitive Word
  102. Change stored Names of Favorites - where to find preference file of LMS 7.7 on my PC
  103. Can you Transfer or Automatic Sync mysqueezebox.com Favorites to Local SBS (LMS 7.7)?
  104. Project: Better alternative for Logitech Media Server on SheevaPlug/any plug PC?
  105. start audio delay setting only works for mp3?
  106. Raspberry Pi + SqueezePlug: Ultimate Solution for running Logitech Media Server?
  107. Cuesheet not playing right on Synology. What am I doing wrong?
  108. trouble running Server on G4 PPC Mac Mini 1.25GHZ
  109. Transitioning LMS to a new computer
  110. LMS won't play stream with transcode settings
  111. Problem scanning library: LMS disconnected!
  112. Small Green Computer Vortexbox running LMS?
  113. how to I access LMS on Synology Diskstation DS212J?
  114. Error: While trying to run function coderef [Slim::Control::Commands::playlistXitemCo
  115. Update error
  116. Issues with scanner logging
  117. Help: LMS sorting is giving me grey hair
  118. Logitech Media Server behind Proxy Server requiring Authentication
  119. one server to run them all
  120. New Mac OSX non-op for L-Server?
  121. Missing Icon Artwork
  122. Convert stream URL to playlist type which Squeezebox accepts
  123. LMS Wouldn't Scan And Now Won't Even Start!
  124. iPeng won't play next track
  125. Open Folder Capability / Plugin?
  126. LMS recognised audio tags
  127. BBC Radio - Listen Again .... programme repeats ???
  128. Question: Why are m4a files with video track ignored
  129. logitech dual action
  130. squeezebox media scan terminated unexpectedly
  131. Synology NAS & Hi-Res Files
  132. Any way I can Delete All Playlists ...
  133. Problems connecting to a particular stream
  134. IPhone app doesn't refresh "New Music"
  135. LMS crashes every day
  136. LMS and Replay Gain Inconsistencies
  137. NAS Server and MusicIP
  138. Play not working on LMS
  139. Mobile web interface? "Onebrowser"? ??
  140. 1x Boom, Multiple users and libraries??
  141. Browser missing the player object
  142. Added second Touch
  143. Wrong language with date in display
  144. LMS Compatibility Windows 8
  145. Issues with LMS on a new ubuntu install
  146. Unable to add last.fm account
  147. Fork of LMS
  148. Scan fails
  149. Scanner fails on 96KHz/24bit ALAC M4A files
  150. accented letters alphabetical order
  151. Wake on Lan on OSX Mountain Lion
  152. Can't resolve IP address for www.mysqueezebox.com
  153. finding URL and port for media server
  154. Logitech Settings
  155. JSON RPC interface - Setting mysqueezebox.com login credentials (username & password)
  156. LMS and WIn 7, 64-bit
  157. New Dell PC as music server need setup help please!
  158. Logitech iPhone/iPad App Display
  159. Lost all my music!!
  160. LMS doesn't pick up Google Drive
  161. No longer playing some of my .ape files (monkeyaudio)
  162. new freenas instal issue
  163. Cannot log into server
  164. Jump to next track, half way through listening to track, all by it's self ...???
  165. Can I use a DLNA speaker with the LMS?
  166. Need A Hand Getting Media Server To Run Correctly
  167. how to add album art to folders already containing flac files ?
  168. New & Changed Rescan - prolonged due to change from DST
  169. Lost all music?
  170. WHS 2011 and logitech media server
  171. SBT with USB-HD & SDHC setup question/help!
  172. Ideal LMS server
  173. Ubuntu 12.10 ... LMS 7.7.2 Scan Stopped Working
  174. Screensaver never activated when in Now Playing track list
  175. Upgrade to LMS 7.7.2
  176. Tip to solve streaming & rebuffering problem
  177. Ubuntu - clearing the cache
  178. remotely starting server.
  179. Clear and rescan failure
  180. CBS880 audio stream is distorted, sounds like an android.
  181. LMS doesn't start after installation
  182. Do you run more than 1 LMS at a time? Reasons to?
  183. Can't find playlists
  184. LMS will not start on fresh install
  185. Logitech Media Server 7.7.2 doesn't see flac files
  186. What is the least buggy version of LMS or Slim Server or Squeezebox Server?
  187. LMS - "FATAL: There is already another copy..."
  188. No more networkplayers
  189. Alarm Broken
  190. Squeezebox disconnects
  191. LMS 7.7.2 using IE9?
  192. Is lms on mac only 32-bit?
  193. m4a
  194. Exclude parts of the music library from albums/artist/genre lists
  195. Monkey's audio APE format is not searchable?
  196. LMS Linux - Select Network Interface
  197. Media scan on LMS verses Google TV ?
  198. LMS/Web UI: accented chars and 'song' sort order
  199. LMS no longer working
  200. LMS can not sucessfully tune in internet radio
  201. LMS extremely slow to load
  202. LMS does not find any files
  203. Connecting 2 computers to the Touch
  204. qnap update 3.8
  205. Force English UI in player possible?
  206. Select listen IP on Multi-IP-PC
  207. Incorrect IP address reported by LMS & by SB player
  208. REST Commands
  209. LMS on mac
  210. Playlist Scheduler
  211. Now that the logitech media server devices are dead what of the Server?
  212. 504 gateway time-out in Spotify search function
  213. Problem with SBT and Squeezeplay on multiple LMS running on VirtualBox(es)
  214. System tray icon
  215. Sending native m4a (i.e., without transcoding)
  216. Is it safe to upgrade?
  217. Some advice please x 2
  218. Problem playing Random Songs from music library in LMS
  219. Squeezeox Server current release on Synology nas mismatching musical genres
  220. Can't find LMS on Readynas Duo
  221. Too many open files - Server Hang
  222. Alternative gui LMS control
  223. player not found
  224. LMS hangs when playing WNYC
  225. Setting Corruption
  226. Plugins Tab under LMS settings won't load
  227. SDI::Util in .tar.gz missing
  228. disable download
  229. Persistent “Now Playing” Song Location
  230. Fix for multiple artists scrobbled from Spotify
  231. Default gateway, DNS server
  232. Sony Blu-Ray Player Won't Connect To LMS - Please Help!
  233. Playlists have disappeared after UG to iTunes 11
  234. LMS contacting Squeezebox
  235. Force LMS to use specific squeezenetwork.com servers / spotify app issue
  236. Computer goes to sleep when Squeezebox is playing.
  237. LMS not displaying properly
  238. LMS on WHS reinstall, won't see music files
  239. How to setup Media Server to use iTunes Database on WHS2011
  240. Upgrading really old firmware
  241. Ghaa! Server keeps clearing and rescanning
  242. Media Scan not working
  243. Playlist shuffle conundrum
  244. Wrong Cover is selected (embedded and .jpg available)
  245. new files don't appear in database
  246. iPeng seeing no covers from Squeezebox Server
  247. Make Logitech media server invisible for television ?
  248. VortexBox 2.1 time issue
  249. Songs with special characters in 7.6.2 or 7.7.2 not included in playlists
  250. Not seeing .flac tracks