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  1. Controller as player disappears
  2. Loud squeal during Rhapsody buffering
  3. Controller buttons dim when in charger
  4. Does your duet just stop working?
  5. Squeezebox Duet Receiver is not connecting to Airport Extreme
  6. Duet Screen Issue
  7. White light on front dim while playing sometimes
  8. Newbie with a NAS question
  9. SBC Roaming (Allegiance is too "sticky" to the wrong AP)
  10. Use the Linksys WRT160NL router as Upnp server
  11. couldn't resolve IP address for: www.squeezenetwork.com
  12. Internet Radio only when computer is on.
  13. Deleting content from Rhapsody library?
  14. Keep having to rescan my library every time I power cycle my computer
  15. Can't turn on (or tune in)
  16. Feature request: inhibit LED when SBR manually switched off
  17. problems With Duet
  18. Can you customise screen
  19. Rhapsody doesn't play
  20. Strange Track Order in Controller-as-Player After Update
  21. Connection Issues and general Request for help from a Duet neophyte
  22. Puase Issue
  23. Distorted Sound
  24. I really want the Duet!
  25. Rhapsody on headphone jacket
  26. SBR Firmware Question
  27. Duet Controller Languages
  28. save pandora stations to favorites?
  29. controller&ipod with ipeng,which one has stronger signal?
  30. Squeezebox Duet + Time Machine
  31. Use of the bridgeing function
  32. Flickr
  33. My Duet seems to be stuck on 7.4 r5580
  34. Multiple users of Vista on duet remote
  35. Duet Controller fails to select music source
  36. Squeezebox Receiver DAC supports 96K sample rate, why only rated at 48K max?
  37. Missing Artists
  38. Noise/squeal when songs aren't playing
  39. Is my Controller Brokwen?
  40. Controller keeps restarting
  41. Application to configure receiver independent of controller?
  42. where to start...
  43. Questions Regarding Beta 7084 Firmware
  44. Help!
  45. GAH! Can't find Party Mode?!?
  46. Controller out of control
  47. Controller Functions Poorly With 7.4.0 R7115
  48. Duet wheel stops working
  49. Warning about using 7.4 beta and update remote control
  50. Using the Duet controller to control Windows Media Center
  51. Charging - battery ?!
  52. Controller connection problem
  53. Wrong coverart on wav-files only
  54. Duet doesn't play on SqueezeNetwork
  55. Need help....Duet upgrade
  56. Favorites and Playlists
  57. Connect Duet to squeeze network
  58. Controller and SqueezeNetwork
  59. Only half of my music shows up on Duet
  60. For Sale: Logitech Duet - brand new-sealed, $120 including shipping
  61. whats the best price in uk
  62. Basic question (playing in two places at once?)
  63. Squeezebox Server 7.4: Invalid mysqueezebox.com username or password
  64. Unable to scan all Folders(maps)!
  65. Album Artwork Missing
  66. Internet Radio problem
  67. Can SqueezeCenter be used to play music via your computer sound card?
  68. Router crashing when start playing
  69. Bridged Network, Don't get the option like manual says i should
  70. How can I start playing halfway of an album?
  71. Controller's WiFi is Different Subnet - SqueezeCenter Server NOT on port 9000
  72. Squeezebox not connecting after computer sleep.
  73. Squeezebox duet + Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 6000 Speakers?
  74. Controller Firmware version 7.3r6038 stops!
  75. Receiver Setup?
  76. Please Help - MySQL DB is gone away
  77. What do I need to do to force the controller to connect to my router?
  78. Where do I find me PIN
  79. Strange Controller Behaviour (attempts to connect to mysqueezebox.com)
  80. Squeezebox Controller--headphone jack? [BETA FEATURE]
  81. jump in playlist restarts song!?
  82. one more try then its going in the bin!!!
  83. Raising volume on SqueezePlay
  84. duet and QNAP
  85. SqueezeBox Receiver Player name changed
  86. SB3...is there danger in it getting fairly warm?
  87. Receiver SSH tunnel to SBC ?
  88. Sickly duet receiver
  89. Missing Artwork Browsing Albums
  90. Controller Sound
  91. A Controller-Dependent Boom
  92. No WAV on Server 7.4
  93. Song Skipping Problem
  94. Updates for Meridian IR Control (and for anyone that wants to borrow changes)
  95. Feature request: balance on Receiver and controller headphone jack
  96. Controller asking for update
  97. Squeezebox lost internet radio
  98. Buying a Spare Controller Charger
  99. Duet and Pandora?
  100. How do I test wireless network and router
  101. squeeze controller can control windows home server?
  102. Controller screen keeps going off
  103. Squeezebox Duet working with 802.1X-Autentification?
  104. Duet Receiver "Updating Squeezebox firmware" forever
  105. Squeezebox duet controller not working as a player
  106. Squeezeduet integration with Harmony1000
  107. Squeezecenter as "receiver"
  108. Player not found after reboot
  109. Controller makes loud click and loses connectivity
  110. LED brightness on receiver
  111. Controller Wireless Access
  112. Receiver without Controller
  113. New Duet Controller Brightness very low!!
  114. can't add IP address in "other server" menu
  115. controller not charging and forcing it forward didnt works
  116. Just got my Duet
  117. Where does the Controller look for album art?
  118. The lyrics plugin
  119. Verizon Firewall settings
  120. Is Squeezenetwork down today?
  121. 2wire365 U-Verse Router drops SB
  122. Problem with 2Wire/ATT DSL modem solved
  123. How do I move on from "Stopped" on the controller?!?
  124. Good news! Duet is getting better!
  125. Vista "Starting Squeezecenter .." after installing 7.3
  126. Disable albums
  127. Controller settings menu - user guide or wiki?
  128. Applet Installer missing on Controller
  129. Can Controller Automatically Turn on My Receiver?
  130. net::UDAP discover not working wirelessly
  131. Problem coax on receiver?
  132. Multiple access points -- a problem for the controller?
  133. Step back from SlimP3
  134. My experience - an internet article
  135. New Duet -- many questions
  136. Controller Not Working (White screen)
  137. Poor SB Duet controller display
  138. Search by Title on remote???
  139. Local files vs. Internet radio (squeeze network)
  140. Router
  141. Computer locking up after squeezecenter install
  142. Inside view
  143. having to reset controller
  144. LastFM help on duet
  145. Favorites -- Delete Issue
  146. Adding Radio Stations
  147. Coaxial Cables for the Squeeze?
  148. Controller Headset Jack - Again
  149. Controller as autonomous musicsystem?
  150. Missing Artwork in Squeezecentre
  151. ethernet laptop to receiver
  152. Multiple Music Accounts?
  153. Dim Screen
  154. Drag and drop or move items in list via Controller?
  155. Capacitor at DAC input
  156. Duet and 24/96 problem, where's SoX?
  157. How do you set a fixed IP address?
  158. To all people currently listening to music via Controller
  159. Problems with MPEG-4 files
  160. Internet Radio Icons
  161. New router - Duet not working
  162. Transporter delivery issues
  163. Lost Receiver Contact
  164. Duet and Volume regulation
  165. Network control protocol Docs
  166. Duet frozen
  167. Artwork on Controller
  168. Mac Conflicts with Squeezebox
  169. Help: My Duet cant find my reciever
  170. Screensaver when using digital input on Transporter
  171. Battery Life
  172. Unstable Squeezebox Duet
  173. Upgrade to 7.3.3
  174. Controller Display quite blocky
  175. SBC player went from great to unusable
  176. Screen broken
  177. Hebrew support on Duet
  178. after controller update, controller can't connect
  179. Volume goes down to zero after every use
  180. Controller can't skip to next track
  181. How to switch from Wireless to Ad hoc mode?
  182. Another Ad hoc question
  183. Controller playback - bug.
  184. wireless 802.11n
  185. Local music by song titles via Duet?
  186. streaming problem - static over speakers
  187. Multiple Duets and remotes conflict over the players control (is it a BUG?)
  188. albums won't play in track order
  189. Duet for Sale - as new, UK
  190. SB controller and reciver on different subnet
  191. SB controller and reciver on different subnet
  192. Centre lost Mac OS...help
  193. Low Volume Setting - is it possible?
  194. Love the Controller
  195. Newbie, duet, happy - then sad. Static IP to the rescue?
  196. Controller Charge Length
  197. Does Duet Receiver read Itunes Souncheck?
  198. SqueezeCenter Stuck Starting...
  199. last.fm and synchronisation
  200. Will SD use 5 GHZ bandwidth?
  201. Missing Songs (v iTunes library)
  202. Duet Connection to local HD
  203. 24 bit FLAC on SqueezC and Duet
  204. Problems with Duet
  205. Can you buy a Squeezebox Controller Recharging Cradle?
  206. Consider Duet for Whole House System
  207. Duet Controller Clock wrong
  208. Can not start server..
  209. Problems with CDs ripped to FLAC
  210. 7.4 Upgrade, now cannot log in.
  211. Logitech bricked my Duet
  212. Please read if you are having Duet problems following todays upgrade
  213. My Duet system is competely FUBAR'D
  214. Can I ignore the upgrade?
  215. Confusing Upgrade Process -- what order to upgrade the 3 Duet Parts?
  216. Anyone else got active speakers attached?
  217. Where is 7.4 Release for WHS?
  218. 7.4 Upgrade questions
  219. Is a pc necessary?
  220. Really Dark Display
  221. Upgrade to 7.4 gone smoothly for any Duet owners?
  222. Can anyone view pictures from Facebook & Flickr
  223. Viewing pics from Facebook or Flickr?
  224. Pls Help! Server will not start!
  225. scanner.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close
  226. Napster Issue with 7.4
  227. Volume, FWD and RWD
  228. Adding radio-items to the "My Favorites"-menu & praise to new update!!!
  229. 7.4 Confused - What happened to Extras Podcasts ??
  230. Squeezebox Receiver Dropping from Network
  231. Press and Hold Issues
  232. Volume level weirdness x2 with upgrade
  233. Play All option missing from iTunes playlists (after 7.4)
  234. 7.4: no way to turn a Receiver off with the Controller?
  235. 7.4 and MusicIP on Controller
  236. 7.4 controller buttons issues
  237. 7.4 controller ui: font too big
  238. Cannot get internet radio unless PC is switched on
  239. What I Saw in upgrading to 7.4
  240. Using Facebook
  241. 7.4 --> Embedded album art is not shown
  242. Customization of menu items
  243. "No music library configured" 7.4
  244. Overlapping Content in Certain Apps?
  245. 7.4 Controller Home Menu settings not sticky...
  246. Pretty Album Art -- how?
  247. Setting favorites in 7.4
  248. No straightforward way to connect back to mysqueezebox.com with 7.4
  249. Duet Receiver unable to connect to mysqueezebox.com
  250. How to read mp3 song's comment tag in Duet?