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  1. Syncing Controller as Player, with SBs
  2. New Duet User - Sound Quality Issues
  3. Player unresponsive, simply streams on...
  4. Audio Quality of Controller as Player
  5. How to show classical tracks on the remote controller
  6. Stop Firmware Update
  7. Everything works but...Won't play entire album
  8. Where to purchase replacement battery...
  9. SBC not respecting Menu order from GUI
  10. This player is already registered to another user.
  11. Duet & HP MediaVault Server
  12. New Duet user - impressed
  13. Bricked Receiver?
  14. Firewall Issues - Kaspersky
  15. Some questions
  16. Controller Power Management Settings
  17. no music folder remote control
  18. Controller not charging
  19. Display always on when in charger
  20. m4a playback - problems with faad
  21. controller freezes on start up
  22. Controller and Receiver, how are they connected?
  23. Headphone port not working?....
  24. Controller as player, SN isn't listed under 'Music Source'
  25. Audio below audible out of speakers
  26. Can I list album/year under artist?
  27. M4A/AAC files Not Playing after switch from XP to VISTA
  28. Red Wireless Icon on Controller
  29. Di I Need To Install LAME
  30. Duet problem - won't play
  31. I want to display the year of the album next to the album title at the controller
  32. Which dual bay NAS for SC/Duet?
  33. Default SC Setting for "Repeat"?
  34. Controller Brightness problem
  35. Controller Failed
  36. Controller screen showing wrong song info
  37. General Flakiness/Dependability Issues with Controller
  38. Controller playback / headphones / SqueezeNetwork
  39. Saving a Playlist
  40. Is the duet as good and reliable as an SB3?
  41. More Info Details Are in Amazon Option!!??
  42. Controller stopped working
  43. Zune Integration - Duet
  44. Controller Not Displaying Album Art
  45. Spontaneous controller Reboots / Logs attached
  46. Duet Controller (SBC) will not Start Up which is the biggest problem
  47. Duet loses one channel of audio?
  48. Receiver stuck - resolved but ...
  49. Sirius
  50. recommended plugins for the duet?
  51. Squeezebox Controller Problem
  52. Controller not playing and radiostation problem
  53. Wireless N vs. G ???
  54. Charging cradle
  55. Squeeze Network
  56. Controller Feature Request : Browse to Artist from Album View
  57. Strange behaviour with last.fm
  58. Driving me crazy!!
  59. SBC save/restore settings in SC ?
  60. Problems with 'music folder'
  61. changing the playback order on a playing list
  62. Firmware upgrade
  63. Effectiveness of Mods for Duet
  64. duet napster problem
  65. Volume controller on the controller
  66. Napster Issues
  67. Duet volume lower on optical outputs?
  68. Does the Duet Controller talk to the squeezebox reciever or router or both?
  69. controller stucks in artist list
  70. More backlight on the screen of the SBC
  71. browse by artist shows no title
  72. playback by least played
  73. Wired connection to PC, wireless to SqueezeNetwork?
  74. To re-buffer or not to re-buffer
  75. How to move a song up the playlist order
  76. Do I actually need the duet controller, can i use softsqueeze and soundcard?
  77. Can't connect SB receiver to router.
  78. deleting favorites
  79. Simple one hopefully
  80. PlayList questions. Adding while active
  81. Controller needs restarting
  82. Howto type a web URL to retreve player status?
  83. I think the controller could pick up a signal from the moon..
  84. Sync delay with Software Player & Hardware Player
  85. 404 error-cannot connect to steam-Radiotime favorite
  86. file on SC but not Controller
  87. What have I done now???
  88. Duet Controller. unable to connect to SN
  89. Bigger Screen?
  90. Asian letters on the Controller?
  91. Do Player names need to be unique?
  92. What is a Normal Shutdown?
  93. Receiver turns on when I turn off computer and vice versa
  94. Podcast plays but no sound
  95. Random occasional missing album art on duet controller.
  96. How do you update the receiver firmware?
  97. How to update Receiver firmware
  98. last.fm loving and banning
  99. Should I be able to see squeezenetwork as a source when using controller as player
  100. Setting up Duet with Onkyo TX-910 Amplifier
  101. Squeezebox Crashes when playing audio
  102. How Does Duet Switch SN <-> SC Work
  103. Which wireless network am I on?
  104. How good is 7.3.3?
  105. 7.3.3. Controller issue
  106. Beta test 7.4 ....
  107. 7.3.3: From where does the controller get its firmware?
  108. Assigning static IP to Squeezebox Duet receiver and controller
  109. Got the ITouch with Ipeng and Loveeee it!!
  110. I little buggy, or simply faulty?
  111. Radio Dropouts start when Duet Receiver Added to stable system
  112. Controller Memory Leak
  113. Battery replacement
  114. Radio station art on SBC! SqueezeCenter 7.3.3-27044!
  115. Extension Downloader Does not Show
  116. Amazon option in Lastfm plugin
  117. Lost album art
  118. Screen Still Going Blank!!
  119. a short "How to" to setup SBR as wlan bridge
  120. what's the latest firmware of the receiver
  121. New FW, great expectations...
  122. Connecting to ...... Controller Hanging problems
  123. Please help with wired ethernet setup
  124. Audio Playback - Order of devices
  125. Router Issues
  126. Playing windows sounds through duet
  127. Very bad performance (since 7.3.3?) - ReadyNAS Duo
  128. How can I connect to SBN using aircard on laptop?
  129. Issues with Duet remote
  130. Internet Radio Menu Items missing.
  131. Headphone Jack
  132. SBC no longer screen saving when in dock playing?
  133. Bug in latest duet firmware?
  134. New firmware doesn't install on Duet Controller
  135. Controller Hangs
  136. Using windows mobile 6.1
  137. SBC = slow response from remote and slow display update. Help!
  138. Back to Duet
  139. Controller just "lost it"
  140. Receiver Autoplay
  141. The answer to all your DUET remote problems!!
  142. duet controller as remote for onkyo 605
  143. Can't connect to player
  144. Controller keeps getting disconnected from Squeezenetwork
  145. How to setup time on SqueezeController
  146. Squeezbox playing 30 seconds
  147. No radio logo's in controller w SC 7.3.3
  148. browser-based Controller options
  149. SB receiver with Auto-sensing amp???
  150. receiver LED cycling all colors!
  151. bill zelinka
  152. Router Rate Query
  153. Viewing Song Lyrics on the Duet
  154. connect by SSH to the Controller
  155. Controller disconnect/powersave
  156. Audio Quality
  157. lost in the set-up - wired connection... but
  158. MP3 tags updates not visible on duet
  159. Duet controller hangs system
  160. Headphone jacket and SD-card
  161. Poor Setup for Controller
  162. Is the duet 12V tolerant?
  163. Stylish clock is not in Dutch.
  164. Problems width Swedish character's in artist or album name...
  165. All work and no play...
  166. squeezcenter not loading properly...connecting
  167. Network connectivity issues
  168. Weird behavior when pressing the pause button
  169. No thumbails when searching from Remote
  170. Using Duet remote to power boombox
  171. Struggling with Duet
  172. Dual logon connectivity issues
  173. VOTE NOW in T3 awards '09 to make Squeezebox Duet gadget of the year...
  174. SNR vs %, how do they relate?
  175. Squeezebox receiver not responding at all
  176. Well excuse me Duet works now!
  177. Manual Playlist Ordering
  178. SD card for the Duet
  179. Unable to log in to Squeeze Network !
  180. Squeezebox controller now cant find wireless networks
  181. Multiple Players - music pauses for a bit (no rebuffering message)....
  182. Finding "Choose Player"
  183. Grey "<<" button?
  184. headphone amp for squeezebox duet receiver?
  185. Cannot upgrade my Squeezebox controller
  186. Compilation Albums
  187. SB Duet not sending WakeOnLan-Packets
  188. Last.fm
  189. Playlists
  190. Fast forward / rewind - buggy?
  191. Keep the Duet Controller On 24x7 or Not?
  192. Settings Won't Open
  193. How to change from WLAN to ethernet
  194. I managed to make my Duet work ! ! !
  195. iTune Playlist Import
  196. Browse PDF files coverinformation
  197. Controller not displaying album art after "beep" alarm
  198. Duet cannot find PC device
  199. SuperDateTime Screensaver on Controller
  200. 'Folders' item removed from Music Library menu in SBC
  201. Any experience with D-Link DIR-855 router (and the Squeezebox Duet) ?
  202. Do all/any outputs work at the same time?
  203. Duet Album List Order
  204. Changed reset trigger for SuspendTimer / SuspendTimer only half the configured value
  205. Fault playback from flac - internet radio is fine...?
  206. CD track order
  207. Squeezebox Duet Stability
  208. Nothing shows up under "Artist" section of music library
  209. Second Receiver in Bridge Mode
  210. Controller headphone output dead
  211. General setup advice
  212. Duet stops playing at the same time every day
  213. controller without receiver ?
  214. SBC Charging
  215. SqueezeCenter 7.33 Problem !
  216. Adding Lyrics to a "Duet" for a new user !
  217. Run Away Volume increase/decrease
  218. Squeezebox controller for 119.99 on Amazon
  219. Cover art loads slooow and incomplete since FW 7.4r5580
  220. "Recent Searches"?
  221. really basic newbie question
  222. Sorting by band issue
  223. Removing "Composer" from remotes when sorting by Artist
  224. Easier way to access a large library
  225. Second Receiver won't Connect
  226. Can't connect to Deezer
  227. New Music
  228. Hello from new Duet owner
  229. Problems
  230. NO AUDIO from SBR, everything else works!
  231. Sync Controller and Duet
  232. Controler sleep, wakes up and charging problems
  233. Album Art file format
  234. Network
  235. Duet controller getting stuck at end of track
  236. Small Controller Bug, switching on/off
  237. Location of Music Library
  238. Change SBR Server without Controller?
  239. Scroll once option for SC ?
  240. ?s re going to Multi-Room
  241. More stable Controller
  242. wired vs wireless.
  243. Duet will not work after loading on new computer
  244. iPod and iPhone
  245. How customize my music library ?
  246. new controller fails to charge??
  247. Controller not seeing any networks!?
  248. windows 7 and duet?
  249. Duet Controller Skipping
  250. Music Library - Can you list your music collection by the "song titles"?